Dear Seasian’s,

I hope you are safe & healthy.

As concerns about the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) have increased, so do our apprehensions about our social interactions, our family life, our communities, how we work, function & survive.

I share my gratitude to each of you for the ingenious and synergetic ways we all together have stepped up to support our company & customers. Times like this remind us that each of us has something to contribute, and together we build a community.

I’ve been observing for the last couple of weeks the great work across our company, thereby presenting to the world our conviction to delivery under all conditions setting an impressive business continuity example of disaster Management, for that I would like to thank our consultants for their exemplary commitment to work 24X7, and our Leaders for leading from the front. I have no words to thank our families who are supporting all of us for work continuity. Please pass my gratitude to the extended families of Seasia.

We heard much of public gatherings, but please be cautious of family gatherings as well. Prevention must be our focus, so we are encouraging all colleagues, families, and friends to take every precaution necessary to stay healthy! As a company and as an individual, we are committed to positive actions during this time. We will continue to send updates if needed as the situation evolves.

Above all, Stay safe, healthy and calm. This Shall also pass!


CEO’s Desk