From the CEO’s Desk

Hello Seasians,

With the incident that happened in Beirut, floods in Bihar and Assam, fire in Middle East countries, and Hurricane Isaias in the East Coast of the United States, 2020 is the worst year after World War II. With such chaos in the canvas, good things are too happening, which we must look up to. These good things are like the light at the end of the dark tunnel. The Russian COVID-19 Vaccine has given us a hope that the light at the end of this tunnel is the end of all bad things. We must remain positive because this is crucial. Nine vaccine trials are in their final stages. When you check the history, we never created vaccines with such speed and finesse. Believe me; it’s not the Endgame as they are articulating in all media houses. It’s an opportunity: an opportunity to evolve, to heal nature, to self-improve.

We must understand this. With so much happening around us, which is clearly out of our control, we must focus on self-improvement. This is something bogging my mind for quite a long time. We, humans, are like atoms. We have a positive side and a negative side, just like an atom. When you work on self-improvement, you learn to balance the forces within you. Too much positive energy will make you susceptible to the negative, and too much negative energy will, well, simply destroy you from inside. That’s why you need a balance—a balance like an atom. See, an atom organizes with other particles in such a perfection that it creates perfect systems that are all around us. My mind says that if an atom can do that, why can’t we. Once we achieve self-balance, we can create perfect organizations that can really make the world a better place for all of us.

To ensure such balance in your life, we are always working on giving you programs that can help you tackle stress and other detrimental elements.

Keep working on self-improvement, and we will find the end of this dark tunnel, which is beautiful and full of delights. Take care, my fellow Seasians.