Set Beacon

SetBeacon is a next generation digital advertisement platform that allows businesses to establish a direct and futuristic communication with their customers. Using SetBeacon, businesses can create a virtual boundary and send notifications to the customers who pass through this boundary.

By providing users relevant and accurate information, you can look forward to increase the footfall which enhances your brand value, promotes sales and tighten the customer relationship.

The SetBeacon mobile app displays the information to customers regarding the dynamically changing deals and promotions of your business.


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  • Retail

    In today’s competitive Retail age, there are two key factors for getting more business and maximizing the ROI: Targeting relevant customers and Engaging tactics. SetBeacon works to engage the users by offering them deals and offers on particular products or section within the store.
  • Mall

    SetBeacon helps you in targeting customers and engaging tactics and give a personalized shopping experience to your customers by invite them through offers and promotions at various stores within the mall.
  • Museum

    Beacons can be used to trigger proximity-based, hyper-targeted updated to artwork lovers as they move around your Museum. Enhance the journey with the feature information that enriches the users’ experience of viewing the great work of arts.
  • Café and Restaurants

    Cafés and restaurants have been greatly benefited with the application of beacons in their places. They have been using it to increase the customer interaction by providing deals and coupons through the beacon technology on food stuffs.
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