An Adroit Communicator

An Adroit Communicator

An Adroit Communicator

“Boost your Communication for a Great Career Rooter”

To be an expert communicator, be an active listener and be a valuable speaker. Success in the business lies in achieving customer’s heart by satisfying their requests,needs and their concerns.

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to the completion”, said by Thomas Hardy.

Communication is not only the way one usually talk to others, it’s about how one communicates and interact with others to make them realize the importance of their thoughts. There should always be a valuable discussion between both communicating parties. It’s an imperative skill in every aspect of business, social and family life that should be promoted.

Communication is all about the way of expressing your thoughts and concerning others. Expression of ones’ thoughts and opinions must be clear and precise implicating encouraging words. An active listener effectively listen the other person who communicates, grasps his thoughts and reacts appropriately towards his expressions.

One can assure the trust and confidence in the business to the client only through effective communication skills and for the good practice to be an adroit communicator one needs to know the keys as listed below.

  • Show Entire Interest: One should pay full attention to the speaker and try not to intervene in his speech. Be aware and when given the opportunity, try to ask questions to the client to demonstrate your sincere interest towards his business needs and related concerns. A descriptive question such as, “If I receive you correctly, you’re saying…Is that right?” could be asked to better approve your suppositions rather than risk a miscommunication.
  • Active Listener: The control of silence is much important for outstanding communication and necessary for a great communicator. It’s all about “What to Say” and “When to Say” with positive attitude. The valuable speech gives the audience a reason to listen and one should remember what he has said. Try to Agree cordially and disagree gently. A great communicator should be smart enough to change the message when significant and carry on the discussion smoothly.
  • Say the other person’s name: To attract any business acquaintance it’s good to remember his or her name. Dale Carnegie once said, “A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, greatest important sound in any language.” When one meet or talk to the customer for the first time, do say like: “It’s a pleasure to meet you John.” It would be great to appreciate customer at the end of conversation saying his name: “I really enjoyed meeting you John.” Or “It was nice speaking to you, John.”
  • Don’t interfere or change the subject: Always give chance and enough time to other person to fully express their thoughts or ideas. Try not to interrupt the one who is speaking, as changing the subject or this may discern their negligence and let the other person think you are trying to put words in his or her mouth. Be factual about the subject of communication as inaccurate information is always meaningless, so if you’re not sure about something you’re saying, either don’t say it or at least permit that you’re not sure about it.
  • Be Precise: Specificity is better than uncertainty 11 times out of 10: Learn to communicate with clarity. It is always better to be humble and brief rather than being complicated and unclear. Time has never been a more expensive product than it is today. Always communicate to win other’s heart meeting their needs and expectations, adding value to the discussion. The enthusiasm to discuss with an open mind matters much more than one’s opinion and learn from the conversation carried.
  • Always Clarify: Every person belongs to one or the other background connects through different words, idioms, unlike body language with different meanings. Do ask for simplification if there is any confusion. It is always better to ask “What do you mean?” is not only a good way to get things clarify instead is also a great vehicle for moving conversations headlong.
  • Listen with your Eyes: Listening with your eyes is just as supportive as listening with your ears. Observing other’s gestures, signs, and use of space, counted as powerful non –verbal communication elements, one person can determine easily how someone is getting his message, and then adjust accordingly.

The achievement in business is greatly obstructed for better or worse by the way in which we communicate. Losing the strength to empathize with your business colleagues, you drop a huge part of your golden touch. Communicate in a way so as not to be misunderstood.

4 Useful Things Mobile Application Does To Take Small Businesses to Heights

4 Useful Things Mobile Application Does To Take Small Businesses to Heights

Mobiles these days are be all and end all. It not only tailors to all our needs but also enhance the thinking power and communication skills. Whether it’s creating and sharing presentations on the go or buying a favorite shirt from the online stores, the ubiquitous computing has assisted the consumer to make life simpler and better. Pervasive computing has acted as a catalyst in realizing the large businesses the need to develop a mobile application. This has helped the large businesses to reach its potential consumers and hence revolutionized their businesses. While all this has been happening, the market share of the small & medium retailers has shrunk and they are struggling to find a way to their success.

Mobile and Business are complimentary and supplementary to each other. If mobile and businesses are amalgamated the results could be exceptional. Let’s find out how the amalgamation can prove to be fruitful for small businesses.

1. Consumer Involution

With mobile application in possession, small businesses are more likely to engage with their potential customers in real time, by location and complete their profile information. With their involution they could pick up their shopping trends and share with them their choicest products. If this is done in the right direction, they can subsequently be turned into revenue generating ones.

For example, Kraft’s iFood Assistant mobile application offers more than 2000 recipes most of them using Kraft Products with shopping lists, coupon features and intriguing deals to incentivize the shoppers. Apart from this the application allows to share the recipes socially with friends on various
social platforms.

2. Showcasing Products & Services

The application could be used as a canvas to showcase the products or services your business offers. Within the app, business owner can keep updating the products catalog or services every once in a way. Users using the app will have instant one-stop access to the products and services.

3. Consumer Service & Support
Consumer service and support will smoothen up the contact process; it is an efficient and simpler method to get in touch with the company. You could offer them tools to make their life easier while using your products or services.

Digital Federal Credit Union, based in Marlborough, Mass., has launched an app called Mobile PC Deposit. The iPhone and Android- mobile application allows user to do important money related work while they are on move. This makes the consumer’s life easier and enriches their banking experience.

4. Responsive Websites

The other option for the businesses not willing to spend hefty in the development of mobile application is to go for Responsive or Mobile Friendly websites. Responsive websites will work well in their budget and also solves the primary purpose of reaching to their potential consumers, increasing their revenue and grandstand their products or services.

There are many examples where small and medium enterprises have extended their offerings to consumer who wants to shop on the go or look out for child care or health care services. If you are a service company, you can capture a large share of the market just like Drop box did. The only step to reap huge benefits from your small or medium business like large businesses did, one needs to think of creative ways, enrich the user’s shopping experience, entice people to buy and there you reach the pinnacle of your business.

Key Ingredients for a Good Mobile App

Key Ingredients for a Good Mobile App

Few years prior, everyone was avid to make desktop applications. These days you are old fashioned; in the event that you are not constructing a mobile application and website second. There are few indispensable fixings that ought to be the piece of your application; which doesn’t make a difference what sort of business you run. Considering the fact that you are ready to get an application developed for  your business or idea, please deal with take into account the following points:-

1) Intuitive to use: – One of the real perspectives in the mobile application ought to be that the client interface ought to be intuitive and intriguing. This is the fundamental feature that ought to be remembered for each mobile application development unit. It might be hard to reach, however the result is worth the trouble – clients will have no motivation to move to an alternate application. Whatever the operability – the easier it is, the better for the app company. The whole substance ought to be in easiest way. Let the customer perform each activity with ease and you won’t lose them. This is the peculiarity that keeps mobile applications going and makes them mainstream in the business.

2) App OS (Android and iOS):- iOS and Android stages are vital for each mobile application according to the most recent patterns. Both, to a great degree are prevalent and utilized worldwide as a part of portable business sector. Moreover, it is not hard to download the application from Google Play Store and iTunes.

3) Performance: – Performance is the key factor for each app industry; if you have taken care of other less important features and missed this one, it is garbage. The switching between the different elements inside the application should be crisp and fast plus the data load time should be in fraction of seconds until or unless it contains too much of data.

4) Security: – “At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.” There’s a very common problem with mobile apps these days relating to security being weak. Eventually, personal data could be hacked. This is one of discussion topics; between end users and software developers.

5) Offline work: – Apps fully rely for its main functions on Internet connection, but at times when the connectivity is not seamless or internet goes offline, there ought to be a way to store the recently entered data in the system.

6) Support and Updates: – To build a prominent app, one needs to think of providing day in and day out support. Servers should be updated regularly, to ensure that the content is made up with the latest and relevant information. Also check the vital updates required for the app.

7) Feedback and contact means: – Be open to everyone and involve clients or end users into mutual communication. Let them leave suggestions, rating and reviews. The application should be integrated with “tap to call” feature for user’s convenience. Make the communication as simple and quick, with a minimum number of taps and minimum data input.

8) Personalization options: – Personalization is definitely loved by every app user. Flexible setting options, font settings and color options are necessary add-ons for the app. Let the user make the app look the way they want to.

9) Easy Search: – Integrate native features of search filters. Search comes in handy when there is heaps of data in the application. But by any means create every page and every package easy to find.

10) Analytics: – Vital as air, this feature allows tracing users and getting the full information about their behavior. On the basis of this information you may realize, in which way to upgrade the application.

11) Social Media Integration: – With the help of Social-Media, your potential clients/users receive your business link or information as references, which make you the best obvious choice, when they need any services that you propose.

How Open Source Technology Advantages Scores Over its Disadvantages

How Open Source Technology Advantages Scores Over its Disadvantages

In order to lessen the dependency of customers on closed source vendors, incredible “Open Source” system came into market. The system comprises of the source code that is open to the general public free of charge as a computer program for use and/or modification from its original designs.

“Open Source Code” is generated as a collaborative effort in which programmers improve upon the code and share the changes within the community. The Open Source aims for better quality, more flexibility, high reliability, low cost and peer production.

Open source as a development model sponsors a universal access via free license to a product’s design or, blueprint and documentation through internet. This design/ blueprint and documentation are redistributed to the public for enhancements.

The Linux, Firefox, GIMP are some of the examples of Open Source software. The code of Linux is free to use, modify and reallocate. Android can be easily distinguished with Unity platform as Android’s source code is open to the public but not that of Unity as it has to be purchased with license.


Low or Free of Cost
Open Source software is much cheaper as it is easily portable and does not require much investment for the use and modifications.

No dependency
Open source code is still available in the market even if the originating company ceases to exist. The open standards being used could be easily accessible and hence is available in compatible formats.

High Quality
Being continuously analyzed by large community of programmers, the open source code becomes less prone to the bugs leading in high quality, secure and stable product for efficient use. Likewise, when you utilize this sort of programming, the source code is accessible. Al the things make it to a great degree prevalent with associations.

No license
The open source code is available free of cost and user need not buy any license or anti-piracy measures for it as that of proprietary systems. Besides, these top of the line advances empower clients to coordinate and consolidate server, application, administration and workstation administration, which brings about productive organization.

Competitive Edge
A business sets benchmark only when it allows its data to be used effectively, viably and deliberately. Ordinarily open-source programming wipes out basic disturbances and impediments that standard programming presents, and hence takes into consideration better ease of use and a speedier moving organization generally.


Less User-Friendly
One needs to learn a lot to use the system integrated with open source code. A thorough analysis and understanding of requirements is to be done before using the open source system.

No Free Support
There may be less backup in terms of support available when code fails or breaks – open source programming has a tendency to depend on its group of clients to react to and fix issue.

Higher Maintenance Cost
As the source code is openly accessible over the Internet, there will be more user recommendations for bug fixes and patches. This might lead to various patches, which makes source code less intuitive and conceivably raise structure quality issues. Eventually, any structure issue results in higher expenditure of upkeep.

Things to Consider

In light of the way it has been cooked, open source programming can require more specialized expertise than business restrictive frameworks, so you may need to put time and efforts into preparing people to the level expected to utilize it.

What Happened During an Hour in the Hour of Code

What Happened During an Hour in the Hour of Code

A) Hour of code was an informatory session giving a brief description about the importance of coding.

B) It started with emphasizing the importance to learn coding at early stages of schooling, which can be achieved through one of the famous web portals such as “”.

C) It illustrated the stories of various coders/programmers who turned out to be successful entrepreneurs in the info-tech business due to their early coding skills.

D) No sooner the former finished, everyone was asked to sign-up on the as a student and start with the preliminary coding test, which consisted of 20 levels.

E) These levels were framed in such a way that one could only move to next level after s/he completes its predecessor.

F) After halfway stage, a very basic and brief description about “html” was delivered.

G) It gave us an understanding of html, its requirement and a very a basic understanding of the html syntax.

H) The test was resumed with the coding test; subsequent levels were to be solved till the level 20, on completion of which, an online certificate was issued by

I) Thus, the session was concluded on completion of the coding test and gave an understanding about the usage of coding in everyday life.

Future Of Mobile Development

Future Of Mobile Development

Achieving a given target is not so hard but achieving a moving target, definitely is. Establishing a market space in this tight technology is even harder. Since the market is so much moving towards the end user’s pick and simultaneously beating up with the competition amongst the similar or high end products, it has become next to impossible to create or come up with a hit product. The nature and the shape of the market are always morphing, as the number of people who own and use cell phones continues to grow tremendously.

Earlier, the technologists used to come up with a rudimentary idea they want to develop and then that was projected as a growing need for the end user, these have become the stories of the past.

Now, the users have become smart. Everyone wants to surround themselves by the latest technology. Everyone wants what others have or something better than that. However the focus of the developers has always had been the same, making the life of the user simpler. The gap between the developers and users has shrunken to minimal. The users want everything in their hands, from banking to shopping and from social networking to booking everything
that can be booked online.

This has obviously created a pressure on the future of the mobile development. The mobile developers has to look upon everything for instance, the dimension of the phone, placements of the keys, hardware to use, processing speed, memory, screen resolution, the battery, development cost and much more. The developers have to look upon the target audience before coming up with any innovative design, app or software. It is not just about manufacturing a handset; it’s about creating a part of one’s daily life.

Undoubtedly, the future of the mobile and the app development is very bright. But then the developers should have to have a step ahead in terms of technology. As the data and stats speak for the business, the mobile application industry will grow tremendously to match the demand and keep up with ever-evolving technologies.

We can see a growing trend in the movement from native apps to Web Apps. Where native apps are engineered according to the platform, the web apps are cross platform based. The web apps are written in web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, hosted on a web server and then run across multiple platforms and devices.

The future is not only bright for consumers but also bright for those working in the technology and application development fields. Since the market
has not matured and we don’t have any major players or brands to run the mobile application market, so everyone who can create an app can
showcase him. Hence there are a lot of opportunities in the Mobile Application Development and it is to be considered one of the most promising careers in the market.

Tips and Tricks While Using Selenium IDE

Tips and Tricks While Using Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is a Firefox Add-on developed originally by Shinya Kasatani as a way to use the original Selenium Core code without having to copy Selenium Core onto the server. Selenium Core is the key JavaScript modules that allow Selenium to drive the browser. It has been developed using JavaScript so that it can interact with DOM (Document Object Model) using native JavaScript calls. There are a few facts that one should keep in mind while creating any scenario based script using Selenium:

  • Tests should have a starting point.
  • Tests should not rely upon any other tests to run.
  • Test should only be testing one thing at a time.

Although these rules apply to any form of test automation but they need to be adhered specially when creating tests using a user interface. To start selenium IDE, start Mozilla Firefox > tools / web developer drop > selenium IDE. Once loaded the IDE is ready to record the testing event (make sure the record button is engaged). Following are the steps to be followed to create a script:

  • In record mode, navigate to starting point for example: www.
  • Perform the action to be tested.
  • Stop recording and play the test, once successful, the  test may look like this:

Jmeter can be used to test and record the performance of any web application. While running any recorded Jmeter script, the components/ recorded files are loaded virtually and end user scenarios are not replicated. Hence to replicate user scenarios, one has to make use of Selenium Webdriver through Jmeter. Following are the steps required to configure Jmeter with Selenium Script:

  • Open Jmeter from command prompt.
  • Right click on the test plan > add > select thread group.
  • Right click on Thread Group > Add > Config Element > Select jp@gc- FirefoxDriver Config.
  • Right click on Thread Group > Add > Sampler > jp@gc- WebDriver Sampler.
  • In the Script section we need to define the selenium script in Java script format.
  • Add the listerner for reporting purpose, Right click on Thread Group > add > Listners > View Results Tree and Summary Report.
  • Now Save the Test Plan as .jmx file

Generatingselenium reports using TestNG-xslt through Ant is quite easy.TestNG-xslt relies upon apache ant to Generate selenium reports.Apache Ant is a Java library andcommand-line tool capable to drive processes described in build filesas targets and extension points dependent upon each other. Primaryuse of Ant is the build of Java applications. Ant supplies a numberof built-in tasks allowing to compile, assemble, test and run Javaapplications. Ant can also be used effectively to build.

Gaming And 3D Mobile Apps

Gaming And 3D Mobile Apps

Is it stupid to realize if some app is controlling and tracking on how much am I supposed to run to keep myself in shape? Well! That’s debatable. However we cannot ignore the fact that it is improving our lives. The adoption of technology is faster in today’s world.

Everyday things around us are only getting smarter by time. By “smart”, I mean intelligent and beautiful.  The continuous evolution of technology is a true evidence of the human nature. As we seek to lead more comfortable lives, innovators continuously endeavor in achieving those goals through new developments in technology.

The era has changed and it’s changing really fast. The world has shrunken and technology is the backbone of that.  The emerging technology promises a world where everything will be tech-connected. The world of the “Jetsons” isn’t so far off any longer as more and more devices become tech-connected and artificial intelligence continues to advance to the point where it can be used in almost everything.

Likewise every area, the area of entertainment is also evolving towards consumer-oriented products. The two trends really driving the uptake in mobile technology at the moment is the move from 2D to 3D design and the shift of the PC games that can be used via mobile devices.

Gaming and 3D apps are omnipresent now-a-days and there’s a wide variety of mobile game applications for enthusiasts. Most of these mobile applications are very easy to pick up but difficult to put down once you get your hands on them.

The 3D apps out in the market today are meeting a huge variety of functional and business needs. Both Gaming and 3D apps are converging for quite a while. The 3D effect in the mobile gaming makes the mobile gaming experience more tangible, interactive and engaging. Emphasize on improved 3D design tools and mobile apps are tipped to be the most significant trends driving mobile development. For instance Critical Mass- a 3D puzzle game, where the players add the cubes to a mass rotating in space.

Companies like Toyze are moving with technology and it seems the best example of making business out of another business. The company makes mobile application that combines gaming with 3D printing. Now if you choose, your favorite mobile gaming characters are able to be personalized and then by paying a small amount you can also get those characters 3D printed and delivered at your door-step. The games like Talking Tom Cat, Cut The Rope and Pou are live examples of the same.

Now that we have motion sensing already breeding around us, what could be the next step! While playing games, we often thought of controlling it with our minds or eyes. Well, it seems to be becoming possible. The technology is already emerging where our eye movements will be tracked to control games.

Google Analytics An Ultimate Traffic Tracking Tool

Google Analytics An Ultimate Traffic Tracking Tool

There are many ways to track website visitors and their behaviours. Google Analytics is one of the widely used and efficient tools for tracking. It allows the user to track the behaviour of the visitors based on different attributes like location, browser, operating system, age group, education and what keyword they searched for. Also, it is always advisable to track the behaviour of your website visitors to draw marketing plan to get more revenue. Strong web tracking analytic tool will definitely help to target visitors which will ultimately improve sales.

How to Setup Google Analytics: It’s 2 step process. You need to have full access to the website to setup Google Analytics code. A Google registered email account is required for it. At first visit and signup for your analytics account. Google will ask you to setup your website property. They will ask you to provide website URL and name to set it up. Once you setup everything, Google will generate unique tracking code for your website. You will be required to copy that code and place between header tag () of your website. It is highly recommend putting the code to every pages of the website for fail proof analytical tracking.

More user friendly insight options in Google Analytics

Demographical Review
– Demographics and Interest sections let us know complete reports based on Age, Gender, Education and their Interest. This is basically help of administrator to know more about their users. Also help us to understand the audience interest. This option is highly usable for e-commerce or product related websites that are selling their products based on Interest, Gender & Age.

Geographical Review – Geographical section let administrator know the exact location of the user coming to the website. You can easily categorize traffic based on continents, countries, states and cities. Google Analytics also provides option to set custom variable to track most profitable countries for your website. You can easily identify the language of your website visitors by using Geographical targeting option. Administrator can generate more flexible reports according to their requirements.

Behaviour Review – Behaviour section allow reviewing the returning visitor vs. new visitors of the website. It also helps to track visitor’s behaviour. For example, on what page visitors landed to. What was their next step etc.

Technology Review – A great flexible report can be generated in technology section which allows webmasters to know exactly what kind of audience is used to review your website or blog. That helps to know the browser and operating system compatibility. It help administrator keep their website up to date with the latest technology eras.

Many more detailed options are there in analytics account to filter report more deeply. You can easily setup Goals & Funnels to track conversion which is another advance feature provided by Google, with which you can easily track daily/weekly/month/annual conversion value of the website and the way visitors are purchasing your products. Other tracking tool like Webalizer, Open Web Analytics, Stat Counter, Site Meter are available in the market but they are relatively less flexible to track your website visitors. Google Analytics allow website owners to make insight report which help them to review and identify the website visibility.