Essential WordPress plugins that every site should have

Essential WordPress plugins that every site should have

WordPress(WP) is one of the most popular blogging tool. It’s an open source content management system which helps professionals and bloggers to find ease in building up websites loaded with various functionalities. Various plugins have been used for giving different functionalities. Optimizing your website with the help of these plugins helps you to increase natural traffic. As a result of this your chances of getting leads will increases to many folds.
Although there are many wordpress plugin available but some of them are simply fantastic.

1) All in one SEO pack:It’s an WordPress plugin for optimizing websites or blogs from the search engine point of view. How this plugins work? It ads a search engine box at the bottom of your post writing area to include text to help search engines to find your website and blog. Doing this way, there will be improvement in traffic and brand popularity of your business also increases.
Basically it lets you write up what you want search engines to find and what keywords people might search for. This is a great plugin to help get your blog more visibility.

2) Jetpack: This plugin is awesome in itself and comes with a lot of fantastic options. It has social media sharing capabilities integrated with it. It reduces your hassle of sharing content on different social platforms(twitter, facebook, linkedin). By activating this plugin you need not to login to each social media site and post over there.

3) StatPress: If you have established a blog for your website , it’s most likely that you want some sort of counter who can keep track of your visitors coming to your website, statpress does the same thing. This plugin is dedicated to the management of statistics about blog visits. It collects information about visitors, spiders, search keywords, feeds, browsers etc. Once the plugin StatPress has been activated it immediately starts to collect statistics information. Using StatPress you can see what posts are most popular and will eventually start to see what topics your visitors are most interested in. StatPress is easy to install and use and comes with enough data to help you improve and create valuable content for each of your blog visitors.

4) Editorial Calendar: This wordpress plugin allows you to see all your posts and drag and drop them to manage your blog posts. This plugin helps to easily schedule your entries. You can schedule a bunch of general entries at a time and space them out with the help of this plugin.

5) ProPhoto: It might be clear from the name itself that it is related to design, but it’s an paid plugin which helps you to fully customize the details of wordpress blog. Design any layout as per your business in photoshop, your blog will be ready without knowing any code after you activate this plugin.

6) Contact form: This is another great WP plugin which is fast and secure. This plugin allows your website visitors to send you an email. Apart from that, this plugin blocks spammers and there are no templates that you need to mess with. It is easy to use and greatly increases the functionality of your website.

Why Should You Hire a PHP Web Developer For Advanced Web Applications

Why Should You Hire a PHP Web Developer

With the advancement in technology, there is a dire need to create such applications which are reliable and cost-effective. Loads of businesses choose PHP for advanced web applications. The reason for choosing PHP lies in the fact that PHP has numerous benefits. In order to get best benefit out of this venture you need to hire experienced PHP developers for your business. One who can customize your application according to your business needs.

Here are some points which makes PHP flexible for advanced web applications.


The flexible nature of PHP made it suitable for most of the applications. It’s easy to use this platform. A professional can use various platforms like code igniter, cake PHP & YII PHP framework to make advanced web applications. Their simple and user-friendly interface makes them stand in the market.

You Get Less Heat on This:

I know you may think that hiring a PHP web developer for your advanced web application involves your money so you are always on the heat. However, it is not a fact. When you outsource the development of advanced web application to an expert, you can take care of things that you are good on. You can concentrate on lead generation, or write the content or strategize business outcomes. This is a peace of mind when you know that an expert is handling your web app.

These Services Are Affordable:

You may be thinking that these sorts of services will put a hole in your pocket. No, they’ll not. They are pretty decent and justified. The best part is that they are affordable too. As the development includes the advanced web apps, handing these developments to an affordable web app development services will keep you at peace.

Open source technology:

The open source nature of PHP makes it prominent and is highly preferred by web programmers and developers. There is a community for PHP developers, programmers. If there were a complex situation or an unresolved problem, a PHP developer would have an access to other sources from this community.

User-friendly applications:

A highly skilled professional can create user-friendly and easy navigation applications. Apart from this, they can give you recommendations regarding which should be implemented in your project depending on your business model. At the moment, there are loads of PHP web developers on the Internet, which gives you a selection at the time of hiring your own PHP web developers. Considering the amount of competition in the market, you can actually get a developer at a competitive price.

Server-side scripting language:

PHP is a server-side scripting language used for creating dynamic web pages.

Platform independent:

PHP can run on several diverse platforms like UNIX, Linux Windows, and many other platforms and is even compatible with IIS and Apache.

Easily integrated:

Several important and vastly used applications like Ajax and Flash can easily be integrated with PHP.

Support for databases:

PHP supports several databases like Oracle, My SQL, and many others.

Memory optimization:

PHP has an inbuilt memory optimization. It also enhances the processing speed of servers.

No need for plugins:

An external plug-in is not required while developing a website using PHP. Hence working with PHP is much easier.

Hassle free troubleshooting:

Troubleshooting with PHP is a hassle-free task.

SEO Friendly:

Websites that are developed using PHP language, are much more SEO friendly than the other programming languages.

  • Thus with the advancement in technology, web developers find PHP best option for developing websites.
    If you are an employer, then you must take chance to hire a PHP developer for your business. The reasons are as follows:
    PHP developers can make your business run as per your requirements.
  • You can easily find an experienced developer, as most of the developers prefer to work on PHP nowadays.

A website reflects the true image of your business. Your website will actually speak about you. So only a good PHP developer can know the INS and out of PHP, which helps you to create better applications. The right choice of web developers can give you significant traffic and revenue at the same time.
Hiring experienced PHP developers incurs you one-time cost & your ROI (return on investment) increases in the long run. Instead of having a half-baked website, you must just invest a bit since this would guarantee results at a later stage.
So, lets loose all your worries; hire an experienced PHP developer, and wait to see how wonderfully your website can turn out to be!!

Big Data as a Boon

Big Data as a Boon

“Big Data is heaps of data that exceeds the processing ability of conventional database systems. Big data is too big, moves rapidly, and doesn’t accommodate in the structures of database architectures. To gain value from this data, we must choose an alternative way to process it. Big Data compliments velocity, volume, variety and veracity.”

The meaning of this statement varies for different organizations as each interprets Big Data in an entirely different way due to varied technologies and market pressures. However the populace is that an organization that uses Big Data is able to benefit from extracting value from data that would have previously been considered ‘dead’ to a certain extent.

For Example,

  • P&G turned to Big Data to Predict Demands: Latest products, fresh markets and increased economic uncertainty have created pervasive volatility, and today’s supply chain requires technology to access and analyze as much information as possible to successfully forecast consumer demand. P&G used big data in the Wal-Mart’s to find out how many consumers visited Wal-Mart in summers to purchase Sunscreen creams.
  • Obama’s campaign Used Big Data to rally individual voters: Team Obama was able to predict who were going to vote online. They could identify people who were going to vote via mail. They could select volunteers. In the end, modeling became something way bigger for them in 2012 than in 2008.
  • Delta Airlines Identified Customer Pain Points and solve them: All airlines know that a primary concern for passengers is lost baggage, especially when they are on a flight that’s delayed and missed connections involved. Delta Employees looked further into their data and created a solution that would remove the uncertainty of where a passenger’s bag might be. To tackle this problem, they developed a solution wherein customers can snap a photo of their baggage tag using the “Track My Bag” feature on the Delta app and then keep tabs on their luggage as it makes its way to the final destination. Even if a bag doesn’t make it on the bounded flight, passengers could save time by tracking via application. Finding a new way to put big data to use for the benefit of their passengers put Delta out front in a competitive market.

Big Data is niche technology worldwide; however many MNC’s in India have already adopted it to improve efficiency, decision-making, and sales. The biggest challenge companies are facing is to integrate the data technology into existing systems/business models, recognizing what data to accumulate, and ability to nab the data from all areas of the business.

In future, Big Data will present a vast opportunity for businesses to unfold important insights by applying principles of statistics, artificial intelligence and mathematics. Big Data analytics can assist in discovering hidden patterns, develop innovative products, enhance customer intimacy, and improve supply chain effectiveness.

Some of the interesting technologies that are applied to the handling of big data are:

Apache Hadoop – Apache Hadoop is the key technology to handle big data, stream computing and its analytics. The major advantage of Hadoop technology is non-reliance on high-end hardware and the ability to detect and handle failures at the application layer.

Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) – Also known as “loosely coupled” or “shared nothing” system. MPP processes the program by multiple processors coordinating with each other. The processor makes use of its own operating system and memory and works on different parts of the program.

Distributed File System – Also known as “Network File System”. The client nodes are allowed to access files through a computer network, as a result number of users working on multiple machines will be able to share files and storage resources. However, the client node access to block storage is prohibited but the client nodes can interact through a network protocol.

Data Intensive Computing – Data Intensive Computing is a class of parallel computing application that uses a parallel approach to process big data. This works on the basis of the Principle of collocation of programs, data or algorithms used to perform computation.

Stay ahead in business by choosing right mobile application development company

Stay ahead in business by choosing right mobile application development company

In today’s life the innovation and discoveries have started at a fast pace in mobile development. It is difficult to select the most appropriate company for mobile applications  . So we need to consider various factors before hiring them for our business. Below mentioned are few points that will help in finding best mobile application development company.

1.Experience and expertise in App Development: It is worth to do some basic search (like relevant experience, reviews, portfolios etc.) about a company before selecting them to develop your mobile application. The company should have good reputation and can provide best services according to customer need. It is necessary to go through their track record and portfolios to see their success rate.

2.High quality services: The Company should have good experience and high quality work. They must be able to deliver whatever they have promised on timely manner. They should be up to date about new trends .The Company should achieve real result of budget and must follow a suitable procedure that concentrate hard on several crucial aspects like creating a very good user experience. The design and applications developed by them should enhance the usability and user experience as well.

3.Function with various platforms: The Company should be able to work on various platforms like windows, iPhone and Android etc. because it makes no sense to develop android version of an app with one company and Windows version with other company. They must be capable to work on all given platforms with ease. All the platforms have different requirements, so the company should be capable enough to provide good result on timely manner and they must be capable to meet all your needs while developing your app.

In addition to this, If you have such professionals who can convert your website into an IOS application that fulfil your vision, then this will surely impact your business in a positive way.  Likewise you can upload this iOS application to the apple store and let your customers start downloading the new app. Make sure that the application you uploaded in the app store meets all of your customer’s requirements and should be easily accessible to users.

Now these are some qualities which your outsourced company must possess. Apart from this you should consider various factors before deciding your outsourcing partner.

 Preparing the project requirements: Before handling your project to some developer you must do some homework regarding what you need and how you need it to be done. You can do this simply by making presentation and communicate your ideas clearly to the prospective developers. This will saves time in development phase.

Budget: Deciding on your budget is very important before you plan further. It’s not necessary that high remuneration would be able to deliver the goods. Looking into the past projects and experience should be your deciding factors while outsourcing your projects.

Taking all these things into consideration, you will be able to find reliable outsourcing partner who can work beyond your expectations.

Cloud Hadoop First Azure Service Running on Linux

Cloud Hadoop First Azure Service Running on Linux

Microsoft has already rolled out an Azure HD Insight version that runs on Linux (Ubuntu). It is cloud Hadoop distribution – that runs on Ubuntu. It was announced at Strata Conference. Though Linux instances were readily available on Azure Cloud – IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service), however this is the first time that Microsoft has managed to enable Azure to host a service that runs on Linux. It is Microsoft’s Apache Hadoop-based service in the Azure cloud. It looks like a great business opportunity for the software and mobile outsourcing firms across nations.

As we all know that most of the Hadoop’s deployment runs on Linux, and now with Microsoft efforts that has put HD Insight in a place where more and more developers will get attracted towards Hadoop experience. The firm has also put in efforts in making Hadoop a bit more Window friendly from what we had back in 2012, where Microsoft first proposed to improve Hadoop for Windows Server and Azure to Apache. Hence the announcement was perfectly aligned with their promise.

In accomplishing this Microsoft has also involved the effort of Hortonworks – a leading enterprise Hadoop distribution vendor. So it is a Big Data Hosted Solution presented by the collective efforts of Microsoft, Hortonworks and Ubuntu. HDInsight will now offer Hadoop on Azure, running on Ubuntu and supported by Canonical, running parallel with our other computer services.

Another possibly big new competency is ranging Linux-based Hadoop clusters sitting in consumer’s own data centers to Azure and using the same Linux tools, templates and documentation across both environments. The customers can now evaluate all types of data with fast and cost-effective scale on demand. The service supports and is scalable of an Azure hosted service, paired with the Linux ecosystem. Moreover it has programming extensions for the web and mobile developers so that they can use their favorite languages.

Why Ubuntu? Describing the reason, T.K. Rengarajan, corporate vice president of Data Platform at Microsoft wrote that due to the obvious popularity of the enterprise distribution of the Linux and on the top of that it is the leading scale-out Linux. Supporting the vice president’s statement, Corey Sanders- director of program management at Azure, said that the firm will also provide support for HDInsight on Azure.

Sanders also explained that the Customers can utilize the same skills and tools they use for their Linux Hadoop deployments on premises and migrate to Azure platform or even create hybrid deployments without bothering themselves about managing the infrastructure of the service.

He added that the Azure cloud VM service fully technically supports six Linux distributions. According to Sanders, one out of five customer VMs deployed on Azure run on Linux. The web and mobile developers have become very effective at building insurance so that each server under their watch would run in perfect accordance with their policies.

Microsoft has been gradually changing its old reputation of a stuffy software giant opposed to open source. The service is presently available in four Azure regions – two in U.S., one in Asia and one in Europe– however the software would be outsourced in all regions in coming several months including India as well.

Now Use Facebook at Work with Facebook at Work

Now Use Facebook at Work with Facebook at Work

The wait for all social networking enthusiasts, Facebook freaks is over as the giant releases the iPhone and android app “Facebook at Work” today. With this release Facebook aims to become part of user’s professional work as well. The application allows the businesses to create their own social networks amongst their employees that will look and work like Facebook itself but in different manner. There will also be a feature provided for this to be accessible from the Facebook web application.

The concept isn’t afresh in the market with big players like Microsoft, LinkedIn have already launched applications like Yammer, Socialcast, Convo to tackle the social enterprise network space. With nearly 8M user base of Microsoft’s Yammer, Facebook is sought to have tough competition in surpassing the Yammer’s user space but on the same side its already hit social networking platform will give it an edge and act as a catalyst in making employee favorite.

Lars Ramussen, the engineer director at Facebook who is heading the application, says that Facebook has effectively been working on Work for the last 10 years, because it is based on what Facebook’s own employees have been using to communicate with each other, pass on news, plan meetings and share documents. That long-time use and Facebook’s familiarity to all of us are part of what makes Facebook confident that it can carve a place for itself in a market that already is very crowded. Facebook at Work’s strength is that we’ve spent ten years and incorporated feedback from 1 billion active users, he says. All of that is embedded now in the same product but adapted for different use cases.

Let’s see the couple of key points about the service that Facebook has to offer:

a) Pricing

The detail on pricing however is not confirmed yet. In most of the cases enterprise apps work on the paid model, but in my opinion, Facebook will keep it free and drive its revenue from the ads the way it has been doing till date. By giving it free of cost would add more users to its wider network. To remove ads from the application, there could be a chance that the enterprise might have to shell out bucks from their vault.

b) Working

The working of the application will have the traditional method wherein employers will create separate log ins for their employees to user with their work accounts or can associate the app with their other profile to access everything in one place. This enables them to login in both the application at the same time and the beautiful thing is that the content won’t intermingle with both accounts.

With such a large number of web application providers rivaling, both at home and at work, Facebook was left with no other choice but to enter to the enterprise. The organization has demonstrated an unbeatable capacity to wire individuals’ close to home lives and online lives. In the event that it can do same for our work lives, that is no less than eight more hours we spend stuck to Facebook. Which is precisely what Facebook trusts we’ll do.