3 Digital Marketing Tactics For Your Business Growth

3 Digital Marketing Tactics For Your Business Growth

Marketing on the Internet is no small feat. If you’ve any doubt about this, then you may even ask many small and medium business owners who have deserted the idea of online marketing because they were outflowing their hard earned money without observing any results from their online promotion campaigns.

But, at the same time, there are lots of ecommerce stores and small businesses that are quietly generating decent earnings only from their digital marketing efforts. Whether you are responsible for the marketing strategies for a business or you own a business, you certainly understand the significance of a digital marketing strategy.

In this post, I am going to confer 3 digital marketing strategies that will assist you with your business growth:

1. The very first step of every digital marketing campaign is to recognize your target audience and determining the digital platforms they are using. Reach to your target audience and make it simple for them to find you.

At every phase in the buying cycle, you can easily reach your target audience through various digital platforms:

  • Online: It is possible to reach your potential and current customers with the help of targeted advertising and retargeting. Through online marketing campaigns you can strengthen your brand, provide special offers and educate your audience (in terms of your services and what value you bring.
  • Social: Pick out the platforms that are compatible with your overall business goal and brand voice e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram etc.
  • Mobile: Never underestimate the significance of mobile platforms. Mobile usage is high and is continually rising. Overlooking mobile platforms is a huge missed opportunity.
  • SEM/SEO: Make it as simple as possible for those who are looking for your service or product to discover you through paid or organic search on the most popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

2. Secondly, it is vital to educate your audience, offer value and establish a relationship with them. Always reward your loyal audiences by providing them beneficial information and incentives to use your service or product.

  • Make A Blog: Sharing helpful information, tips & tricks with your audience will help then to find out that you are a reliable source for information regarding the product or service that you are providing. If they find you trustworthy, they will be more likely to come back to you when it is the time to buy.
  • Social Personas: Undoubtedly, social platforms give the business a special edge and encourages communication. Two way interaction makes your audience feel connected to you in a manner that traditional advertising cannot do.
  • Email Campaigns: Establishing constant communication with your audience gives you an opportunity to share unique offers and valuable information.
  • Web Presence: It is vital to ensure that your website precisely symbolizes your business and the value you bring to your customers. At the same time make sure your website is indexed in search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo etc.). If people cannot find your site, then how will they know your value?

3. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, create measurable & clear digital goals that line up with overall business goals and are traceable, as this will make ROI measurement more achievable.

  • Google Analytics: With Google Analytics, you can track website URL, identify & quantify traffic patterns and referring sources for free. However, many other companies offer paid services like Omniture, Webtrends and Adobe that provide more detailed reporting.
  • Facebook Analytics: Tracking user engagement, likes, followers, post shares and total reach helps to easily scale the efficiency of your Facebook interactions.
  • Sumall.com/Sprout Social: These tools integrate metrics from various social platforms and display them in an easy to understand layout.

While planning your digital marketing strategy, always make sure to focus on your audience. Discover your current & potential audience and give them an incentive or some really worthy information to keep in touch with you. At the same time make sure you can measure all of your digital marketing efforts.

Following above mentioned tactics will help your business grow and will help strengthen the bonding with your audience.

How custom mobile development is making world a better place

How custom mobile development is making world a better place

In today’s world mobile phones are becoming major marketing tools. Business owners and marketers uses various mobile applications to promote their business. With the evolution of 3G and smartphones most of the businessmen think to promote their business through mobile development. Advancement in mobile technology pushes the demand of skilled developers to great heights. Wheather they are iphone applications or mobile apps business owners are leaving no stone unturned to promote their products and services through custom mobile applications.

Let’s take an example of our daily life where online banking to ecommerce is possible through mobile phones. Various mobile apps are available for carrying out banking transactions so the need of building custom mobile applications is increasing. Apart from this various ecommerce giants like eBay and flipcart have made their custom applications for their business. If the current trends persists, in the upcoming years mobile application development platform will overtake web application development.

Now various offshore mobile development centres have been established with the emerging growth of mobile development. Mobile development experts are responsible for handling custom development projects to meet the client deadlines. Having a competitive edge over your competitors can be made possible through custom mobile development.
Outsourcing or offshoring mobile application development work to some Indian companies can save your resources and cost at the same time.

Some tips for custom mobile application development.
Here are few tips for making custom mobile apps:
• Have a clear map in mind before you offshore work to some other company. This helps them to better understand your requirements and accurate TOD (Time Of Delivery) can be determined.
• While making custom applications one must not go for overdesign as it will hamper user experience and creates difficulties in marketing your app itself.
• Mobile app developers must check that developed application must be light weight so that it will be easy for users to download them.
• Go for multi platform mobile development, ensuring that your target users are using major operating systems.
• Being updated with latest technologies in the software field is not sufficient, one must be updated with the hardware development in the industry. This will results in increase of your user base and credibility in the market.

If you still have not thought about mobile development, it is high time you do so as this is the future of branding and marketing campaign.

Latest technologies in mobile development

Latest technologies in mobile development

Rising demand of mobile applications forces developers to come up with technologies which are trending and robust. Industrial and commercial marketers achieve benefits from mobile market by following latest trends. Providing mobile applications to users involves a unique set of challenges and choices. Let’s discuss latest technologies in mobile development.
While delivering mobile applications, fundamental consideration is their vast number and different platforms it supports.
Types of applications for mobile: In order to make successful mobile application one needs combination of skill set and technologies. This works in the same way where diverse skill set together with understanding of mobile landscape works well to provide business solutions in this accelerating time.
There are two main approaches to delivering business solutions over mobile.
Web: Over the past few years mobile web has undergone several changes. The use of mobile web has been increasing day by day. And there is nothing wrong in assuming that this number keeps on increasing day by day. According to recent survey it has been found that about one third of UK population is using smart phones and they will continue to increase in near future. Though internet speed in most countries will improve as the 4 G kicks in most of the countries but at this moment connectivity remains serious constraint.
Mobile apps: These are software solutions employed directly onto phones. Somehow these applications are connected to internet via GPS. One of the main advantage of mobile apps is that they provide us deep level of interactivity that is suitable for device hardware.
However, the mobile landscape is still in a state of change and there are other players including Windows and Palm – it would be unwise to make any predictions about how market share will look even in a couple of months .
Developers have to upgrade new technologies as a result of this microsoft have replaced windows mobile system with window 7, Although Microsoft currently seems shedding its position in terms of market share.
While talking about technologies used while making mobile applications, the list goes on. Commonly used languages while making mobile apps are java, Android, C & C++.

Android: This is one of the promising platform by Google and occupies around 1/3rd of market share .Initially this platform is of great interest to geeks only. Apps available through the Android Market is also subject to very little control, which produces a great deal of variety and flexibility.

Iphone: Iphone itself is in a dominant position and is tremendously remarkable. The focus of business users has been shifting towards blackberry, both iphone and blackberry have make their space in the market.
Our experts of web and mobile application development are suitable for developing complex applications. Depending upon your business model, Seasiainfotech has expertise to provide bespoke and comprehensive solutions for your business. It not only enhances communication between us and clients but also productivity at the same time.

Elements of mobile application development

Elements of mobile application development

What is mobile application development?
In today’s world there is a growing need of mobile applications. So eventually the need of application developers has been increasing day by day. Since the people have started taking immense interest in mobile apps. Nowadays people not only use mobiles for making calls only, but for carrying out various activities. We can create mobile applications such as web browsing, fax, email, games and wireless information services etc.
In order to create mobile apps, various elements are involved. Now the question arises that whether mobile applications are being developed in India , OR they are equally important in abroad ? Many companies outsource their mobile development work to India. One of the most popular mobile software solutions includes mobile game development, mobile web development and mobile application development in Java and .Net. There are certain elements that are decisive in deciding what kind of a mobile application one should make. Things to consider while making mobile application or outsourcing mobile application development work.
Platform: Mobile applications are different for different platforms, as one application can’t be made to run on all platforms. Every mobile application is unique and made to run on specific platform. For example an iPhone application can’t run on android and blackberry.
Customer base: While developing mobile applications it’s important to have an estimate of exact time (ET) and costing of application being developed. This is one of the important elements to be considered. In order to have an exact time estimation you can research competitors about their strategy followed. In order to get maximum return on investment it’s also important to launch application at the right time. You must ensure that, mobile development work should be outsourced to right people.
Some benefits of opting for mobile software development include:

No need of 3rd party people

    : Client will get all things in one place if he outsource mobile application development work to an outsourced company.

Interactive medium

    : Hiring an agency provides you interactive medium i.e. You can communicate with your customer base. It is an interactive medium and mobile application developers can design, develop and customize the applications as per the client’s needs.

Cost effective

    : It is also one of the most cost-effective ways of communicating with one’s target customer base.

World-class software mobile application development is possible due to the expertise in technical and functional areas provided by the Indian companies who have in-depth knowledge of various industry verticals.

What exactly can make your website click?

What exactly can make your website click

In every organization there is an constant upgradation strategy related to their business. Big organizations hire agencies who takes care of their online reputation and overall branding.Doing this, they satisfy their original marketing agenda at the same time.
Now you might get confused that how these organizations manage to maintain their digital presence?? Here’s the answer for your question.
They generally don’t dig into implementing the digital marketing techniques rather they prefer to redesign the website in order to improve their SEO potential .This will promote their products and services at the same time.
Application of individual strategies might bring results for short period of time but eventually visitor strength will decrease over time. Their Strategies should be like that they bring long lasting results.
Now, we look into each and every digital media marketing aspects through which your website can be impacted and how a well-designed website can bring tones of visitors to website everyday.

  1.  SEO OR Search engine optimization: This can be important reason for a website to be redesigned for. Your website ranking may fall in Google and in other search engines. Redesigning website taking Google consideration into account make your website to rank in major search engines.
    After affects of panda update: Post panda update penalizes duplicate content and those organizations having duplicate content have started redesigning their websites.
    It is highly likely that duplicate content can be found on a) News pages
    b) Blog page. In case of eCommerce websites you might have similar pages for different products. So in that case your website content can be automatically duplicated .
    Solution: For a) Follow no follow tags in offending pages.
    b) Another problem can be solved by taking care while designing the base infrastructure itself.
  2. Branding: Branding seems realistic in itself but it’s not easy to improve and maintain branding of one’s business. Branding accounted for whole things like your business search engine, social media and local presence .A good user experience and other designing aspects helps to improve branding and whenever we see any site, we create a general perception in our mind regarding its purpose. We wish to identify it for a particular reason. Therefore, during website designing it’s important to keep note of the perception you wish your users to experience when they come to your site. This means from the logo, to the base color and its typography, everything needs to be accounted for.
  3. User interface: A user interface is very important for your website to rank well. There are mainly three things which user wants while visiting any website.
    Navigation : Another is navigation capability; your site should be easy to navigate for users because it is ultimately made for users.
    • Ease to use : Your website must be easy to use in all aspects from filling contact form to visiting any page.
    Page load speed: Your website must load within seconds and website loading speed must be checked before launching it. Slower websites creates poor user experience and increased bounce rate for your website. In some cases business owners give their node to programmers in their attempt to make the website attractive. They use high pixel images and videos which negatively impact your website loading speed. Use of compressed images is advisable for better search engine ranking.
  4. Pay per click marketing: PPC marketing can be done to promote your business for specific keywords you have bided for through landing pages. This helps you in increasing the conversion rate and hence increased leads.

Above mentioned points can help to achieve maximum clicks and hence chances of getting leads will also increases.