How to get Apple Music , prevent paying after the free trial

How to get Apple Music , prevent paying after the free trial

Apple has recently launched Apple Music service and it will be available free for the first three months. But On  September 30 Apple’s free trial will officially end for early users.They will start charging them with a monthly endowment through their credit card. This is done through the service’s auto-renewal system. Most users don’t know that there is a way to turn off auto-renewal. This will be a good for those users who have no intention to continue using  Apple Music as a paid endowment service. After three months free trial Apple will charge $10 per month for a single user endowment  and $15 per month for a family endowment once the three-month trial period is over.

There is no way for Apple users to end the free trial in an attempt to evade an Apple Music membership but can simply avoid getting charged  by doing some very simple steps using Apple device.

Five Steps to stop auto-renewal after the free trial :
1) The iPhone user needs to access his profile in the Apple Music and then click the user icon found on the upper left of the display.
2) They need to see their Apple ID, which is displayed on the Account page and requires  to key in their Apple ID password.
3) They should go to Account Settings and tap the Manage button found under the endowment section.
4) Then they will have to tap “Your Membership Apple Music Membership.”
5) User can switch off auto-renewal by clicking on the button that says “Turn Off.” On this page, they will also see the date when his free trial ends.

Turning off the auto-renewal of Apple Music can be the safest thing to do particularly for those users who have the aptness to forget when a free service is about to end and then start charging their credit card automatically .They can go back to this page and “turn-on” auto-renewal back  if they changes their mind and decides to become a paying member of Apple Music.

Swift: It’s Importance & how it will affect the IT industry:

Swift: It’s Importance & how it will affect the IT industry

Swift is a powerful programming language for IOS, OS X & for watch OS. Nowadays developers ditching their nose to objective C language and their focus has been shifted to swift .Apple announced launch of this programming language and surprised all its users. Now the question arises what are the motives behind introducing this new language and how it will affect IT industry.

The code of swift is really fast and expressive at the same time .The best part is that it can work side by side with objective C. Swift generates faster code both for build and debug fields too .Compiler of swift language is faster and gives run time suggestions .

Comments of swift code can be shown by Markdown syntax   allowing rich text and images to add in Xcode quick help. Another assistance of apple is providing header like view .

Reason for introducing swift: While introducing swift apple emphasis three things

ie safe, modern & powerful. By modern and powerful we mean that swift is built to be fast using incredibly fast LLVM compiler. Moreover syntax and all libraries of swift s tuned to make the most obvious way to perform well.

  • First of all C is difficult to learn as comparison to swift. Even experienced developers claimed this thing and express their happiness on launch of swift.
  • Secondly apple wants IOS &Iphone users to stick to it and merely working with C is not working . Realizing this thing apple decided to bring something new which is robust .
  • Swift uses the same LLVM(low level virtual machine) compiler & run time making the code to go online side by side within the same application .


Error handling model: Advanced error handling model of swift provides clear syntax for removing errors. Custom error types can be created to describe error cases, as a result of this it becomes easy for developers to relocate and remove errors .

 Syntax improvements: You can write more expressive code with swift programming language. New objective C features have been employed such as generics and nullability annotation to make swift code cleaner and safer. Here are some syntax improvement highlights:

  • Powerful control flow with do, guard, defer and repeat.
  • Keywords naming rules unified separately for functions and methods.
  • Various protocols extensions and their default implementation.

Availability: Using latest SDK you can access the latest changes, notifications &   documentation.

Displaying outputs in real time: Swift utlilizes many time saving features like displaying output in real time & instant feedback on errors are important functions , this way developers gets saved from creating additional amount of code .

Open source: Swift is an open source programming language means source code is accessible to general public. Developers can inspect the code and modify it whenever they want to.

Apple will release swift source code which interact with LLVM (low level virtual machine.)

All these features makes swift a standalone language. So create application with swift. All you need is to drop an idea here & we will work for you.

Apple Pay : iPhone payment service

Apple Pay : iPhone payment service

Apple Pay is a new mobile payment service offered by Apple in which Apple phones( iPhone 6, 6 Plus) and Apple watch owners can make payment for goods and services using NFC(Near Field Communication) with their devices. Apple Pay is extended to the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s with the Apple watch because it is required to pay with one of these devices which has necessary NFC chip. Apple Pay also lets users make one-tap purchases within apps that have adopted the Apple Pay API. All the devices contain NFC chip where the “Secure Element” of Apple Pay is located, keeping customer information secure. To keep transactions secure , it uses a method known as “Tokenization” which prevent actual credit card numbers from being sent over the air. The upcoming Apple watch will use continual skin contact to ensure payments are secure. Apple Pay will work anywhere NFC-based contact less payments are accepted and the aim is to replace the wallet and prevent the people from digging through a purse/wallet to find credit cards.

How Apple Pay Works :
Apple Pay can be set up in the passbook app where “+” icon in Passbook will allow users to add a credit or debit card . Credit cards are verified in just a few seconds, but some cards require a phone call, app download, or an email to verify a card before it can be added to Apple Pay. Once a card is verified, it is immediately available for purchases both in stores and within apps. Eight cards can be registered with Apple Pay at one time. Each credit card added to Passbook is listed , along with information like billing address, email, and phone number. Tapping on a card offers specific information like last digits of the card number, last digits of the Device Account Number that replaces the card number in transactions, and it also provides contact information for the bank that issued the card.

In a retail store, when approaching a point-of-sale system compatible with Apple Pay, the screen of the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus will light up and open Passbook automatically, where a user can tap on a credit card to be used or pay with the default card. A payment is made by holding an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus near a checkout system that includes NFC, most of which look like standard card checkout terminals within stores. A finger registered with Touch ID must be kept on the home button for a short amount of time, after which a payment is authenticated and the transaction is completed. A completed payment is denoted by a slight vibration, a check mark on the screen, and a beep.

Apple Pay may not be much more convenient than swiping a card, but it’s important to recognize that Apple Pay is still more secure than a traditional card-based transaction.With Apple Pay, a cashier does not see a credit card number, a name, an address, or any other personally identifying information.

Everything you need to know about apple new operating system IOS 9

Everything you need to know about apple new operating system IOS 9

IOS 9 is the latest IOS version of apple for iphone & ipad devices. This IOS update comes with improved functionality ,subtle design changes, refined features and performance enhancements. This update is expected to be loaded with new features like intelligent search & split screen multitasking for iPads. Here I am sharing some well-known features of IOS9 that you would love to know.

Apple maps improvement: With this update apple is improving its maps for IOS devices but these maps are still not comparable to Google maps.

Apple has rumoured one major improvement for its IOS 8 but it didn’t came actually which is transport directions which would add bus, train & subway routes for its users to easily navigate around. The reason for not coming this feature in android IOS 8 is not clear yet but may be apple is planning to bring this feature to IOS 9.

apple maps improvements

Moreover rumours have been around that apple is working on Augmented reality concept which uses camera to highlight point of interest on your screen.

Apart from that it traces your area of interests and starts making suggestions regarding what to do next.

Intelligent search & Siri: Siri is the main focused area of the changes and users are now able to create contextual reminders and there is a new way to search photos and videos .On swiping left from the home screen houses Siri suggestions and photos that allows your favorite contacts and apps right at your fingerprints.

incorporating intelligence assistance ios9

Enhanced search capabilities: This feature allows users to fetch results like sports score from news sites and from third party apps .

Apart from this many more built in features have been introduced like apps now include transit directions, another feature is we can add attach file while emailing.

Split screen multitasking: This functionality allows two apps to be used at once , means users can view video while doing something else on the tablet. The keyboard of ipad has new functionality, ie. a new toolbar has been added to it, there’s new two finger swipe gesture which makes it easier to cut, paste & move the cursor on screen.

Battery optimization: It provides additional hour of battery use .New power saver mode allows battery to extend further 3 more hours.

Ability to default to third party apps: Apple has adundance collection of apps for its IOS devices . Although there are not third party SMS apps but there exists alternatives to mail app where there is no built in functionality in the IOS to let you make one of the default email app.

So we’d love it if iOS 9 let us switch to third party default apps and we’d love it even more if Apple opened up more APIs to developers, enabling them to make alternatives for other Apple apps.

The ability to hide apps that can’t be uninstalled: Android devices have app drawer that lets users to hide apps that can’t be deleted simply by clicking on hide button then after you can always go back in and unhide them when you want them to use again. Because apple doesn’t want people to delete its default apps.

Apple pay powered wallet: In IOS9, Apple passbook built in app has been replaced with apple pay powered wallet ,another is stagnant newsstand is replaced by news which is a personalized reading app.

pc wallet ios 9

Iphone 9 security updates: IOS9 brings security updates that should keep your date safe & secure. Six digits passcode has been replaced with four digits with an additional two factor authorization when user tries to sign in from another device.

Move to android app: with IOS9, there is flexibility for android users that they can shift to IOS9 with this app. Users can easily transfer their contacts, history, mail accounts, calendars, photos, videos & free apps to their new phone.

Robust search engine: With IOS 9 users will be provided with more robust search engine which will surface deep links to your downloaded apps right in the search results as a result of this apps like you tube ,vimeo & vevo will allow users to directly play video in the search results.

Google’s “Cloud Test Lab”a free, automated testing service

Google's “Cloud Test Lab”a free, automated testing service

Android apps works on various  Android devices which can have a different Android version, resolution, aspect ratio, screen and performance cover when compared to another.There are various Android testing services  whose aim is to test the various apps and helps to solve the problem, but Google is finally going to offer a first-party option to developers though the Play Store developer console.

Recently, Google announced the “Cloud Test Lab,” an in-house Android app testing service. In this you can upload your app to the developer console staging channel and Google will perform automated testing on the “Top 20” Android devices from around the world . At the end of testing, customers obtain a report summarizing the process of testing across all relevant devices with testing results and log files.  .

This service will allow the developers to “walk through” their apps on the selected devices and if they found any kind of crashes into it they will receive a video of the app before the crash and a crash log to help them in debugging their things. Google says this service will help catch layout issues and show -topping bugs and allow developers to spot bugs with low-RAM devices.

The statistics owned by Google  is the very less percent of devices are running the latest version of Android as compared to iOS because various devices of  apple are running the latest major version.
The “Top 20” tier is free, and Google is planing to expand the services to more than “Top 20” devices through a paid services. The parallel testing of physical devices can bring developers deeper insight into how to scale apps for various devices. The “Top 20” devices is probably only a tiny sliver of that, the service shows that Google is at least trying to help with the problem.The program is expected to launch later this year.

We help our clients to realize their goal  of creating and deploying SaaS (Software as a service model)  model onto the cloud.

Android M 6.0 features and its release date

Android M 6.0 features and its release date

Android M is an upcoming mobile operating system and is sure to be a game changer. This Android update of Android M(Android 6.0) is expected to come with improved notifications and is integrated with android TV.

The Android update is expected to be loaded with many of the features that are not present in previous versions like lollipop. With this update when you pull quick setting panel down while screen is locked, you shall see your notifications gets condensed to more emphasize the quick setting panel. Here’s the some well known features of Android M operating system.

Shortcuts in homescreen: Users can expect better shortcuts in lock screen. From Google reports it has been found that Google has replaced phone call shortcut with “Google Now”. Reason behind replacing this is that android users don’t access phone from lock screen and thus replacing it with a function that people use more would be an good idea.

Easy to uninstall apps: With Android 6.0 users can uninstall apps from home screen which is not possible before. When user tap icon to the top, he will be providing with two options either to delete the app from home screen or to uninstall the app from your device.

Android M Improved notifications: Notifications plays an vital role in smartphones & Android M comes with improved notification that seems promising.

Introduction of System UI tuner: This is one of the biggest feature introduced in android 6.0 that allow users to rearrange the quick setting toggles. You just need to simply drag & drop the icons to move them around. Also users can add some toggles using this new feature. In previous version of mobile operating systems users used custom ROM.

Android M redesigned permission model: In previous android operating systems there are by default eight permission categories & applications are no longer granted all of their specified permissions at installation time. In order to overcome this problem Android M introduces an opt in system in which depending upon the application installed users are allowed to grant or deny individual permissions. Installed applications remember permissions granted to them and can be changed by user at any time. This permission model is only applicable to applications compiled for SDK(software development kit) & other applications are continuous to use previous permission model.

Support for finger prints recognition: Android M provides support for finger prints recognition hence allowing fingerprints to authenticate users. There is new management scheme called doze which reduces background activity when device is not physically handled.

Another feature introduced in Android M is that it supports USB type C , This USB type instruct devices to charge another device over USB.

Configuration of verified links: This is one of the important feature introduced in “android M” called verified links these can be configured to open directly in their specified application.

Security feature in android M: We used to store most important data like confidential information is present apart from contacts .So in order to ensure security of this private data Google inc. have recently launched an find my phone & kill switch feature in android 5.1. Using this app make your phone useless for person who have stolen this.

Android M design & user interface:  Adoption of material design in android M will make it look more promising .Although design and user interface for android devices is always awesome, but this time users are expecting something different. Hope android M will serve users hope.

Android 6.0 M release date: We can expect this mobile OS to release by October and November 2015. Also there are rumors that Google might release Android M with version 5.2 instead of 6.0 because users might expect more and something significant when Android M version jumps from 5.1 to 6.0

Android development is an emerging field & is continuously to evolve in future .Hope you find it useful. Be the first to comment so that we can update you with latest mobile trends and technologies.

Bluetooth low energy technology and its future

Bluetooth low energy technology and its future

Bluetooth low energy technology is an wireless personal area network technology used for novel applications in the health care ,fitness, beacons, security and in home entertainment. Bluetooth smart supports multiple devices including iphone, IOS and android.

Many industry people were eagerly waiting that wheather apple will throw its weight behind NFC(near field communication) OR BLE (Bluetooth low energy technology). The basic reason for its popularity lies in the fact that it consumes low power & cost by providing same communication range. This results in Expansion of wireless devices like watches, toys, gaming devices and more. Plus, they could go as long as a year on one charge!

Marketing prospective: The ultimate goal of event marketers is to increase engagement and ROI. Now event marketers use sensor beacons & small BLE(Bluetooth low energy technology) hardware devices that sends push notifications to near by mobile devices. Beacons can be used to push direct messaging to prospects. This way you can attract attendees to your booth or you can let them know about the events like presentation .

Now the question arises that which type of events can be targeted with BLE technology or how long marketers will be able to use this technology. Although they are using it now and can be targeted for high profile events . Placing Beacon within selected value allows attendees to receive a prompt to join the conversation when they enter the venue details. Now they can network with other attendees in a same session or participate in a discussion forum.

So BLE Technology delivers iBeacon triggered push notifications to app users , containing information about the highly relevant messages about the session user attended and places they visited.

Conclusion: In the upcoming years we can use beacons in conjunction with many technologies like QR codes and RFID(radio frequency identification).we foresee beacons being used in conjunction with many of the technologies currently relied on by events – like QR Codes and RFID(radio frequency identification).