How Can Instagram Stories Help You Win Followers?

How Can Instagram Stories Help You Win Followers

Are you sure that you’re getting the maximum out of your Instagram stories? Ever experienced the boost in the numbers and engagement after posting,  your countdown offers, behind-the-scene photos, and the 10-second videos?

Well, this all sounds terrific, but if you aren’t doing this yet, don’t fear – we have some tips and encouragement that can either get you started or amplify whatever you are doing. And the best part is, smaller businesses can take advantage of Instagram stories in better ways than how grander businesses cannot.

1. It’s easier for you.

The splendor of Instagram Stories is that you can create quick photos and videos that don’t have to compete the quality of those in your eternal feed. You can let your customers see behind the magic curtain, without having to answer to the administrators in the office corner.

• Snap videos that give a virtual tour of your new office – including the Minion bobble heads on your desk.
• Show a candid of your data analyst engrossed in numbers, working away next to a ridiculously gigantic cup of coffee.
• Post a live coverage of a significant event.
• Post a photo or a video of your team participating in local charity initiatives.
• Shoot a few seconds of your quirkiest employees celebrating a product launch.

With the casual nature of these stories, your followers won’t really expect much of your post to be  a black tie affair. You can save your best, artiest captures for your main feed. You can share your stories to allow you to continually share content about your business fun side- human side- and that makes you all the more loveable to your prospects and existing customers.

2. You can use it to test new content.

Bigger businesses test everything. Got an inkling for a new product? Great! Bigger businesses test it in theory, and in house. They beta test it with a selected few and then A/B test it in the market. After all this, they wait to see if it brings in enough profit.

But you don’t have to settle for this hassle. You have a new idea; think what your customer base might think of it. Or about the new theme, color, function, feature, service, approach, etc.

Stick it in your Stories. See which ones get more views or shares. If it’s a flop, it will anyway be over by the next day. And if certain content performs well in the stories, then you can obviously roll it out in the main feed or adapt it for other channels.

3. Your offers and contests will be more enticing.

An expiry date communicates exclusivity and urgency. Communicate to your spectators that you reward the most intent, loyal followers by allowing them to get the opportunity on your next contest, game, etc., because they were paying attention to your Story of the day.

And you can also test the efficacy of your contest and offers with Stories as well. Which type of offer did your followers favored the most? Pre-orders? Sneak peak? Contests? Discounts? You will find out soon.

As the time goes on, more and more of these time-sensitive offers you create, more your followers will make it a habit to check your profile constantly.

4. Your audience will grow in loyalty.

People feel privileged to exclusive information. They also like to make real connections. As they get to know your business’s Stories, delight the behind-the-scenes sneaks-peeks of your team, your process, your priorities, they will keep coming back for more.

With each Story you share, you give your followers several chances to resonate with you, learn that the same reasons they do business or support your cause is because you are just like them. That is the loyalty money can’t buy, but Stories can.

5. Your audience will grow in number.

Question to any digital marketing service provider and you’ll get to learn – just as your current audience gets engaged, the number of your followers will increase as well.

Especially if you are already using Instagram, you are likely already doing tactics to increase followers, such as optimizing hashtags, liking and commenting on a post of your target audience, holding contests, and a lot more. And as your existing followers keep viewing and sharing your Stories, others will notice as well.

Additionally, by utilizing the Stories along with your existing Instagram activity, these two feeds can reach different demographics at the same time on the same social media platform. Stories, like Snapchat, typically cater to the viewing habits of a younger audience, who are constantly on their smartphones and watching their notifications. Meanwhile, more ‘seasoned’ users will still be springing to Your Business train because they can assess more of their favorite content from you without having a new platform to learn.

Summing Up:

All things considered, if you have got more messages to share with your audience, Instagram Stories are an ideal method for you that doesn’t have layers of corporate or bureaucrat rings to jump through. You can afford to be personal, direct, and a bit risky too.

And, if nothing else, it is the perfect place to try and see how things work. A low stake avenue to test, connect, and engage is indeed at your fingertips.

Improve the Performance of your Web Application with Code Quality

Improve the Performance of your Web Application with Code Quality

There are numerous ways to implement code as there are proficient developers to implement it, which is one of the aspects that make software development a fun profession. This also means that there are many opinions about what makes a high-quality, virtuous software. What one developer values in regards of code quality can be poles apart than what other developers’ value?

A simple instance of this is a method written very efficiently, using a crisp syntax and a code in the minimum possible lines. While a code can be processed as high quality by one developer, it may be seen as concise and obscure by another, who prefers having a code laid in a more long winded yet easy structure.

This is why it is sensible to think about code in terms of the qualities, than trying a single definition of code quality. We can have a conversation about which qualities of code optimizations for a given situation only after recognizing, measuring and analyzing the various qualities of the code.

Meeting the Requirements

The foremost measure of quality to consider is if the code meets the requirements that initiated it to be written. The code needs to be articulated in the eyes of a developer; the one failing to accomplish the anticipated outcomes can be said to have low quality. The resulting software should not just realize the basic measure of fitness, but should also meet the needs of the customers.

The need to provide customer satisfaction is one reason that it is so hard to detach the quality of the end product from how it is created. A team that is closely associated with its customer and shows its work throughout the construction process is more likely to provide the customer with what it wants, than a team who holds on to show their work until all the structuring tasks are completed.

No doubts, softwares can meet customer requirements and still have poor quality. Billions of dollars are made by selling poorly crafted softwares that meet the needs of the end users’. This demonstrates that satisfying the requirements of the customers may require higher code quality, but there is a lot more to the quality than this single aspect.

Focusing on this minimum level of quality can cause problems as softwares need to change to meet the new requirements. Today, softwares grow when new customer requirements and desires are added and articulated into the code. Thus, the code must also reveal the quality of being easy to change.

If the software is difficult to change, it is considered to be high in technical debt. A code with higher technical debt has a greater cost of ownership because the changes take longer to implement and the risk of introducing new bugs while adding new features is also quite high.

Free from Deficiencies

A deficiency in a software context is a huge concept, because there are numerous aspects of a code that needs to be observed, measured, and assessed qualitatively.

Freedom from deficiencies in the code refers to healthy performing, non-functional necessities like readability, extensibility, maintainability, and innumerable other aspects. Since there are so many qualities of a code to consider, it quickly becomes a matter of determining the aspects to be optimized, and the ones to be monitored in a hostile way.

Reducing Time-to-Context

A code once written gets read repeatedly than it gets changed. In reality, reading a code in a given class is often done to gain relative insights into what another class is doing. The time a developer must spend to get sufficient context to make a change is an essential waste that can be referred to as time-to-context.

Creating a maintainable code is done to reduce the time-to-context for the code reader. Aspects that assure reductions in time-to-context consists of a clean split-up of all the concerns, ensuring each class having simple designs and responsibilities.

The Role of Analysis Tools

The code analysis tools can check for concerns like interoperability, performance, security, globalization, and must be a part of the software building process.

Regular running of a code analysis tool and evaluating its output is an inordinate way to improve as a developer, for the things wedged by the software rules can obviously add to your knowledge.

Wrapping Up

Measuring the code quality and maintaining it are two different aspects of software development. By focusing on these two aspects, any organization can develop reliable and robust software programs that streamline the work, thus improving productivity. If a business is by some means unsure about how to measure, develop, and manage the code quality, then it is prudent to trust the industry experts and leading web application development service providers who can develop clean codes that are capable of boosting performance.

Creative Designing Services to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

Creative Designing Services to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

You have made a fabulous website and are getting a pretty good amount of traffic. But are the visitors staying on? Have they gotten converted into buyers?

We’re sure you are aware of the term ‘Bounce Rate’; if not, it is a website analytic metric that measures the percentage of visitors who leave your website after visiting just one page. So here, a low rate is good. It means that your visitors are spending enough time on your website, exploring and engaging with it. A high bounce rate means that people do not really like your website.

It’s not uncommon to have a high bounce rate. Some of it could be because they landed on it by mistake, or because you don’t have the product/service they are looking for, and there’s nothing you can do to stop those visitors from leaving. However, if they are leaving because they find your website boring, irrelevant or unattractive, there is quite a bit you can do to induce them to stay and explore. Let’s have a look at these tactics:

Your website design must be attractive to your target audience:

By this, we don’t mean that it has to be ‘in your face’; but, the design must be neat and uncluttered. Simple designs usually win the day, but you may need to tailor it in order to reflect your brand, products and services and more.

The design should be aesthetically pleasing to your target audience; for instance, if you are a financial services company, then your website should sport a clean, minimalistic look with detailed information on the products and the latest financial news. While this is an important aspect, there are a few things that are common to any website i.e. leaving no scope for confusion, not cluttering up the space, and not making it dull. Instead of going in for free themes, invest in a good theme that really suits your brand. Make use of actual images instead of stock images. Remember, first impressions do count, and if you are not able to attract the visitor to your website, there are chances that you have lost them for good.

1. Highlight your brand personality:

Make sure that the personality of your brand sparkles through every element of your website, not just the font and color theme on the home page; but the content on every single page must reflect the personality of your brand. A simple and uncluttered design does not mean that your website must be boring! It must convey the message of your business through fonts, images, colors and the text you use on the website.

2. Empathize:

Rather than talking about your business, talk about your customers and their problems and then tell them how you can help in solving their pain points. Everyone loves to feel they are important and your visitors too will love you for thinking about solving their problems. Images, titles and subtitles – everything should focus on this aspect.

3. Relevant and interesting content:

The content on each page must match the user’s objective; that is, it should describe and match the purpose the visitor has arrived at a particular page. The content on each page must be unique and offer focused unique content. Offering valued information for free, in the form of ebooks, white papers, blogs, resource pages is again a great way to enchant your visitors. However, keep in mind that the content you use should be fresh and interesting. If required, you can also outsource your blog to creative professionals who have knowledge of your business and can do a great job.

4. Structure your Text:

Unless you are in an Academics or Finance – huge blocks of text are extremely boring. Break your text into small blocks, use bullet points, images, headings and if possible add video and audio snippets to make it attractive to the normal user. It makes the page visually appealing and allows the visitors to quickly scan and take in information in bites and bits.

5. Ensure easy Navigation:

This may not be a no-brainer, yet you shall be surprised to learn that many companies fail to incorporate this element in their website! Navigation needs to be intuitive and simple, allowing the users to find what they want easily. They should not have to visit several pages; they should be able to get where they want to be with just a click or two. Pages like news, blog, checkout page, contact information should be accessible to the visitor no matter what page they are on.

6. Ensure Responsiveness:

With the increasing trend of browsing and shopping, ensure that your website is responsive i.e. provides the same browsing experience on mobile devices as on a laptop or a desktop. Include user friendly navigations, easily readable fonts, readily accessible buttons and more.

7. Have a social media presence:

A majority of internet users today have a presence on at least one social media platform, and would be pretty active on it. It is, thus, vital that you too maintain a social media presence, and allow the visitors to your website to post to Twitter or LinkedIn with just a click on ‘Click to Tweet’ or ‘Share on LinkedIn’ buttons. Furthermore, provide a space for your visitors to lay comments, reviews or express their opinions. The net savvy visitors these days love websites that have these elements incorporated in it.

8. Redesign when required:

You may have built the perfect website today, but you need to revamp it every few years to reflect the current trends and customer preferences. But don’t do it too often too, as people do feel comfortable with what is familiar to them, and are not likely to resist recurrent changes.

We hope you enjoyed reading, creative web services to attract more visitors to your website. More importantly, we hope that you found it helpful. At Seasia Infotech, we are experts in creative designing services and use all these tips to drive traffic to our website as well as our clients; hence we know they can work for you just like they worked for us.

If you’ve got any comments, questions, or additional ideas for attracting visitors to your website, then let us know in the comments below or on our social pages!

Until then, happy traffic driving!