Android M 6.0 Features And Its Release Date

Android M 6.0 features and its release date

Android M is an upcoming mobile operating system and is sure to be a game changer. This Android update of Android M (Android 6.0) is expected to come with improved notifications and is integrated with android TV.

The Android update is expected to be loaded with many of the features that are not present in previous versions like Android lollipop. With this update when you pull quick setting panel down while screen is locked, you shall see your notifications gets condensed to more emphasize the quick setting panel. Here’s the some well known features of Android M operating system.

Shortcuts in Homescreen:

Users can expect better shortcuts in lock screen. From Google reports it has been found that Google has replaced phone call shortcut with “Google Now”. Reason behind replacing this is that android users don’t access phone from lock screen and thus replacing it with a function that people use more would be an good idea.

Easy to Uninstall Apps:

With Android 6.0 users can uninstall apps from home screen which is not possible before. When user tap icon to the top, he will be providing with two options either to delete the app from home screen or to uninstall the app from your device.

Android M Improved Notifications:

Notifications plays an vital role in smartphones & Android M comes with improved notification that seems promising.

Introduction of System UI Tuner:

This is one of the biggest feature introduced in android 6.0 that allow users to rearrange the quick setting toggles. You just need to simply drag & drop the icons to move them around. Also users can add some toggles using this new feature. In previous version of mobile operating systems users used custom ROM.

Android M Redesigned Permission Model:

In previous android operating systems there are by default eight permission categories & applications are no longer granted all of their specified permissions at installation time. In order to overcome this problem Android M introduces an opt in system in which depending upon the application installed users are allowed to grant or deny individual permissions. Installed applications remember permissions granted to them and can be changed by user at any time. This permission model is only applicable to applications compiled for SDK (software development kit) & other applications are continuous to use previous permission model.

Support For Finger Prints Recognition:

Android M provides support for finger prints recognition hence allowing fingerprints to authenticate users. There is new management scheme called doze which reduces background activity when device is not physically handled.

Another feature introduced in Android M is that it supports USB type C , This USB type instruct devices to charge another device over USB.

Configuration of Verified links:

This is one of the important feature introduced in “android M” called verified links these can be configured to open directly in their specified application.

Security Feature in Android M:

We used to store most important data like confidential information is present apart from contacts .So in order to ensure security of this private data Google inc. have recently launched an find my phone & kill switch feature in android 5.1. Using this app make your phone useless for person who have stolen this.

Android M Design & User interface:

Adoption of material design in android M will make it look more promising .Although design and user interface for android devices is always awesome, but this time users are expecting something different. Hope android M will serve users hope.

Android 6.0 M Release Date:

We can expect this mobile OS to release by October and November 2015. Also there are rumors that Google might release Android M with version 5.2 instead of 6.0 because users might expect more and something significant when Android M version jumps from 5.1 to 6.0

Android development is an emerging field & is continuously to evolve in future .Hope you find it useful. Be the first to comment so that we can update you with latest mobile trends and technologies.

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