Amalgamating with the Robust and Agile Methodologies; Seasia Infotech Has Carved a Niche to Thrive at GoodFirms


Seasia Infotech is a CMMI Level 5 certified company, known for its quality service-offerings in every domain. Marking the success in delivery with “On Time, On Budget,” enables the company to engage with the 500 Fortune clients of small to medium-sized businesses. This motto of the company allows it to lead as the best python development company at GoodFirms.

The vision of Seasia Infotech is to provide client satisfaction through the quality service-offerings and to maintain long-lasting clientele relationships. The company aims to cater the clients with competitively priced, high-end software solutions that escalate business profits and makes the business process quick and effective.

Seasia Infotech, over the last 19 years has delivered more than 2500 projects to 1700+ clients worldwide. The strategic goal of the company is to be abreast with the newest tools and technologies to keep tuning in the delivery model which is based on the efficient business process and client reviews.

To get assessed and approved regularly, the organizations need to get themselves enrolled at GoodFirms.

Each cataloged business is evaluated on three principals –

● Quality
● Reliability
● Ability

This assessment helps the service-seekers to sort out the best groups matching their needs. GoodFirms recently evaluated Seasia Infotech for providing services in python development, SEO services, and web designing services.

Seasia Infotech practices DevOps to bring business, expansion and operation stakeholders together to streamline distribution. The company provides python development services which serve as a multipurpose platform to meet users’ needs in one go. Having mastery for several years over other languages, python is used by Seasia to give the clients versatile features.

It is one of the most interactive and interpreted linguistics with Modular, Dynamic and Object – Oriented approach and thus used by the developers to get best clientele experience. The expert professionals at the company with the use Django provide solutions to drive substantial traffic along with feasibility to manage the content, scientific computing platforms, etc. and to deliver products as fast as possible.

Thus, creating softwares giving flawless results enables the company to lead as one of the top python development companies listed at GoodFirms.

Seasia is one of the top SEO companies in India that has been yielding traffic through primary sources to its relevant clients for over 19 years. With effective and proven techniques mainly targeted to reach the shoppers, the efficient SEO consultants at Seasia ensure that the client’s website is getting better with every passing day. The team focuses on the advanced Google algorithm updates and understands all the guidelines to make sure that whatever is rendered is as per Google’s guidelines. The SEO services offered by the specialists include local SEO, eCommerce SEO, and Bing SEO which is inclusive of PPC, SSM, inbound marketing, and others. Henceforth, with the skills, knowledge, and capacity of the SEO specialists, the team at Seasia will soon lead globally as one of the best SEO companies enlisted at GoodFirms. The quality service offerings by the company can be proved through the review at Goodfirms displayed below.


Website designing is an incredible approach to skyrocketing the businesses of the clients’ by eye-catching and appealing designs. The team at Seasia includes art directors and senior UI/UX designers having 10 years of expertise in building classy websites. The designers at Seasia tend to style websites for the clients which aids to gain visibility on the digital platform. The expert designers offer distinctive styles which facilitate the web site uniquely, and thereby attract new customers. The in-house expert team of designers focuses on graphically designing the website, such that it boosts the brands’ image and ultimately escalates the profit.


Once the design is completed it goes through a standard test process which ensures the client that the design delivered is of the highest quality. Thusly, the Goodfirms’ research team believes that because of the expertise of the web designers, Seasia will soon lead globally amongst the best web designers at GoodFirms. The following review is the proof the quality designs offered to the client by the Seasia Infotech’s designer team.

About GoodFirms


Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and reviews company that helps in finding mobile app development, SEO services, and web designing companies rendering best services to its customers. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

Setting up Facebook Instant Articles with WordPress: A Quick Guide


Did you hear about the term “Facebook Instant Articles”? Well, if your answer is no, you would be surprised to know about them!

Announced in 2015, it is one of the finest mobile publishing formats that can lend a hand in publishing articles and distributing the same via the Facebook application. Now the question that would be revolving in your mind is why there is a need for this kind of setup for your WordPress website.

To answer this question; the articles published using this approach loads up to 10 X faster as compared to the web display of the content, which enhances the chances of displaying your ad to more audience. This is the main reason you should prefer Facebook Instant Articles for your WordPress website if you are starting your blog and establishing a great revenue model.

The enhanced user experience and quick ad display is the reason why most of the bloggers out there are switching to this approach.

Here is a quick guide regarding the initial setup of your instant articles with WordPress along with some advantages that you ought to know.

The Setup for WordPress:-

WordPress is undeniably the most preferred CMS across the world just because of simplicity and ease of access to diverse users. You won’t be aware of the fact that more than 33% of the entire web is powered by WordPress!


Another great fact is that more than 75 percent of the total internet users are accessing online services through their smartphones. This clearly implies that the combination of mobile devices and WordPress could eventually bump-up any trade and can be the best thing for the bloggers out there.

Facebook is a leading name in the market analyzed the opportunity to work with the parent company of WordPress and introduced a free plugin for the audience that lets them share their content on the leading social media channel, i.e. Facebook. The instant article format is widely supported on mobile devices and is undoubtedly loads extremely fast.

Here are the guidelines for setting up this plugin for your WordPress website:
Things that you would be Requiring:

1.    A WordPress Website: Make sure you have a full-fledged WordPress website ready with the adequate domain name and hosting setup.

2.   Facebook Page: Create a Facebook page for your brand that you would associate with your website later on (as we would be guiding).

3.   Facebook Pages Manager: You certainly need to download the Facebook Pages Manager app from the official Google Play Store (for Android) and App Store (for iOS).

4.   Minimum 10 Articles

5.   Instant Articles Plugin

Step 1:


You firstly need to visit the official website of Facebook Instant Articles and make sure you sign up for the same.

official website of Facebook Instant Articles

Now you would be asked about the Facebook page that you need to associate with your WordPress website. Make sure you agree to the terms and conditions as requested by Facebook. Now you need to check the button that reads “Access Instant Articles Tools”; you would be directed to the publisher tools that would be displayed on your Facebook page. You would be now seeing a section- Instant Articles.

Step 2:


Once you are done with the above-mentioned procedure, you need to prove the authentication for your WordPress website. For this, you have to copy the link by visiting the “Instant Articles” section.

Instant Articles>Configuration>Tools >Connect Your Site


Here you would be seeing your Page ID. You need to copy this page ID to the clipboard. We would let you know where you need to paste the same in the next few steps.

Step 3:


After completing the procedures mentioned in step 2, you have to install the Facebook Native Articles Plugin on your website. Once you have installed this plugin you can now move to the next step.

Step 4:


The Page ID that you have copied in Step 2, must be pasted in the Authorization ID field that is available on your WordPress’s dashboard.

Articles authorization ID

Click on Native Articles button in the dashboard at the left and find a field named “Authorization ID” and paste the ID that you copied earlier. Once you have pasted the ID, you need to save the changes by clicking “Save Changes”.

Step 5:


You need to go back to your Facebook page and click on Publisher Tools. Add the URL of your website just below the ID that you copied earlier. Now, you have to click on the Claim URL button. Make sure you have cleared the cache on your website before performing this step.

Step 6:


Facebook Instant Articles style editor

Customize your Facebook posts by changing the colors and provide a logo of your brand. You can do the same by clicking on Instant Articles and then clicking on Configuration, followed by Tools, and then Styles.

Step 7:


Now WordPress plugin that you have installed would eventually generate a feed for your Instant Articles for your website. You need to add an extension to get the feed URL: /feed/facebook-instant-articles/ just after your website URL. Alternatively, you can locate the same under the tab named “Feed” in the WordPress plugin that you installed.


Now you have to copy that URL and paste the same in the “Production RSS Feed”. You can find this by clicking the Instant Articles>Configuration>Tools> Production RSS Feed. Once done, you have to save the changes.

Step 8:



Now you are almost done. Facebook would take your 10 articles and you can ask the same for reviewing, which normally takes 3 to 5 days to get approved. Once they are approved from their end, you can expect the articles to go live.

This was all about the setup of Facebook Instant Articles with WordPress.

Benefits of Using Facebook Instant Articles


More and more blogging websites and individual bloggers are switching to this fruitful approach that has eventually provided numerous possibilities to the publishers out there. Here is the list of benefits that you exclusively get when you consider relying on Facebook Instant Articles.

#  Enhanced User Experience (Fast Loading):-


One of the biggest reasons why you need to consider Facebook Instant Articles is the improved user experience, which is undeniably powered by quick loading. As discussed earlier, one can expect the loading of these pages up to 10 times as compared to the conventional web loading.


Most of the users expect a quick response from the websites especially if they are looking for some crucial information. At this point, Facebook Instant Articles play a significant role. These articles are optimized for the mobile view and can load quickly even on the devices with low network speed. This ensures that the readers quickly read, share, and switch these posts, which otherwise isn’t that quick.

#  Hassle-Free Integration:-


Another great reason to rely on Facebook Instant Articles is the fact that you can integrate tools like Google Analytics, Omniture, Chartbeat, and so on! This ensures that the user has complete control over the traffic and rankings of their articles.

One can also create a custom dashboard by utilizing the potential of customization and integration of this efficient approach. A third-party tool could be used for the same and the person can analyze the type of content that engages users.

#  Improved Marketing:-


Since a large volume of internet users are available on social media platforms, it becomes easier for publishers to target the audience globally. This simply means that one can divert the organic audience towards their website, which further improves the site traffic and overall search engine rankings. Higher click-through rates have been observed with the use of Facebook Instant Articles as compared to the other mobile publishing formats. This directly influences your revenues as your advertisement would be displayed to more users.

Final Verdict


The use of Facebook Instant Articles has tremendously altered the conventional article publishing procedure. This simply means you can now engage more audience and generate great leads without many efforts. Just go through the above-mentioned procedures that guide you in a step-by-step manner regarding the setting up of your instant articles with WordPress.

Using 2D Transformation Functions in CSS: A Complete Guide


Is your website lagging behind your competitor’s website even though you have been delivering better services and using the right marketing strategies? Well, in that case, the overall design of your website is the real culprit!

The advanced web development services have significantly unleashed ample possibilities that can eventually enhance the user experience. With the precise utilization of designing skills and adequate functions in CSS, one can unquestionably create a magnum opus!

A lot of development companies these days are emphasizing building the websites that aren’t serving the purpose alone but actually offering rich user experience. Whether you are on a hunt for the right design that can augment your business website or looking for a decent yet engaging blog layout, you must consider including transformation functions!

Check out this quick guide to using 2D Transformations that is quite helpful for the beginners out there seeking an optimal solution for including these functions in their website.

Why Use 2D Transformations:

Transformations in your website could enhance the overall appeal of your website in a way that you can engage the audience and certainly generate leads. The effects and interactions can simply catch anyone’s attention and make you stand out of the league! Skew, rotate, scale, and translate are four major transformation functions that you can use to enhance the overall appeal of your website.

2D transforms of CSS is a perfect way to enhance the overall appeal of the website in a way that it attracts users that can be converted into leads. These functions are quite helpful for the beginners that are seeking the perfect examples to start with including transforms in their website. Dive in here to know more about the basic transform functions and how you can include them in your website for superior appeal.

Translate Functions:

The translate functions allow the movement of an element from its actual position. This function accepts the values for x and y. For example:

”transform: translate (-150%, 90px)”;”

The above example clearly depicts the movement of the element 150% to the left and 90px down. For the ones that need to move the element to either side can eventually use the TranslateY or TranslateX as per their actual needs.

This property is quite useful when it comes to moving the element in any direction with precise margins as provided by the developer.

scale, scaleX, and scaleY:

The scale provides transformation of the dimensions of an element and its child. One can expect to scale in all the direction, which can also be used to make any of the elements as much as required by the developer.

One can also prefer passing any of the two parameters that can help in scaling the element in either direction. This simply implies one can either scale vertically or horizontally or even both.

transform: scale(1, 2.5);

One can always use scaleY or even scaleX if they wish to focus on one dimension. A negative value could help in creating a mirror image of the element. These kinds of effects are currently trending when it comes to developing appealing website designs. One can include the scale transformation by first analyzing the needs and the effects they need to showcase. It would be great if you consider consulting a renowned professional that has a good experience and expertise in augmenting your CSS designing needs.


You would be aware of what a rotate transformation would be doing in your design. Yes, it would rotate the element as per the requirements. The developer can provide the angle in degrees to ensure that the element rotates as specified.

For instance: transform: rotate(40deg);

The developer needs to know that a positive value would rotate the element in a clockwise direction while negative value would do the same in the anti-clockwise direction. One can also change the behavior of the element by considering the transform-origin approach. This approach is useful to move in different directions- bottom, top, left, right, and center. For instance:

Transform-origin: right bottom;

This line would certainly move the element in the bottom right direction. One can adjust the position of the element as per their exact requirements. Some of the complex designing techniques entirely rely on the rotation of the element. For this, you should prefer relying on an experienced professional that can bring the best out of your imagination and ideas.

skewY and skewX Transformations

One can now skew to the vertical or horizontal axis as per their actual needs with the use of skew skeyX or skewY transformations respectively. The developer again needs to provide the angle in degrees up to which the skew is required. For instance:

transform: skewY(20deg);

This would skew the element to 20 degrees in the Y plane with adequate precision as per the command.

Multiple Transformations:

You can use multiple transformations functions as you wish to pass the functions to the properties if they are actually distinct with whitespaces. These kinds of transformations are widely used by the developers around the globe to include diverse functionalities to the elements on their website.

You can always use this transformation property to transform the element by altering the rotation, skew, and scale. Here is an example that would surely clear all your doubts regarding the multiple transformations:

transform: skewY(-10deg) rotate(21deg) scale(1);

The above example clearly depicts the skew transformation of the element to -10degrees, rotate the element to 21 degrees and scale to unit 1. You can choose the preferences as per your designing needs, which can help you in making a great website that can engage users with adequate use of transformations.

For all the advanced users out there, you can eventually add transformations by using an adequate matrix function. For this, you need to precisely examine your exact needs and then pass the commands. The matrix function can be invoked by passing six parameters in your code. This includes four parameters for the transformation to take place and the remaining two for scaling the dimension. Here is a great example of the same:

transform: matrix(2.0,0.7,1,2,41,21);

The above example clearly showcases the way you can utilize matrix function for augmenting the transformation for your website. Most of the designing ninjas that don’t compromise on the quality of their efforts in writing the efficient code prefer this method that perfectly bump-ups the user experience of their website.

What if you Wish to Disable the Transformations?


You can always disable the transformations for your website if you don’t want any transformation in your website. For this, you simply need to add this code:

Transform: none

This would ensure that there are no running transformations in your website, which can be later utilized by removing this code or making it a comment in your code.


Transforms let you invoke the potential of advanced designing that further helps you in including the functionality that otherwise impossible to add. The animations and the effects created with these transforms are eye-catching enough to enhance client engagement.

The above-mentioned functions are quite useful for the developers and beginners out there that are struggling enough to find the right ways to include transforms in their website.

Browser Dev Tools: Everything You Ought to Know


Browser development tools have transformed the conventional web development and offered numerous possibilities that can augment the inspection of your web application!

Every web browser holds some of the most powerful tools that are specifically used to certain tasks. Whether you wish to inspect the current loading page or the loading time analysis of the website, you can always rely on these efficient tools.

These Dev Tools are widely used to enhance the overall user experience, which eventually complements the user engagement and helps the developer to maintain a healthy environment. Theirs exist various Dev tools for prevalent Web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Yahoo etc. In case the user want to examine HTTP headers, debug and examine HTML, access FTP source records, evaluate availability or just fetch out what color a Web page component is, operator may come across a variety of tools conversed here along with detailed information concerning these tools and how they can assist in acquiring the best out of the web application.

#  Web Developer:

This development tools extension available for the Firefox, Sea Monkey Web browsers and Flock is an add-on that supplements a toolbar with a list of options for inspecting and debugging Web pages. Comprised with a plethora of features, preferred being the View CSS Information choice (CSS >> View Style Information, or Control + Shift + Y on Windows) which serves a page component clickable and depicts you CSS selectors that impact that specific page component. It’s supportive for comprehending and discovering large CSS projects and files that you’re unacquainted with (like a new open-source content management arrangement).

Additionally, it has built-in choices for syntax validation for prevalent Web services, like the HI Software’s Web Content Accessibility Report and W3C’s CSS Validator, for the user’s convenience. Further, it has many other beneficial features, like the, disable choices for images, CSS, and JavaScript to examine for degradation and advanced improvement; a Forms menu with choices for functioning with Web forms; Display Block Size and Display Div Order choices to assist you envision the layout; and additionally a lot much.

#  Chrome Developer Tools:

Google Chrome is an influential and amusing web browser, groundbreaking what is conceivable for applications for online presence i.e. web. Additionally, Google has operated hard to offer a very stable, very fast, characteristic rich glancing involvement for end operators. Google has also guaranteed that developers will have a great understanding of Chrome. Also, the chrome dev tools, available and bundled in Safari and Chrome, permits programmers and web developers deep access to their web application and the internals of the browser.

#  Elements:

This tool permits the user to witness the web page as the browser witnesses it. That is, practicing the Elements tool, you can witness raw CSS styles, the raw HTML, operate either in real time and the Document Object Model.

#  Resources:

Operate the Resources tool to learn what modules your web page or application to attain require time, how much bandwidth is needed and the app demanding from web servers. You can also witness the response headers and an HTTP request for each of your possessions. The Resources tool is perfect for assisting you to enhance up page load periods.

#  Scripts:

For sneaking inside the JavaScript for a page, the user will practice the Scripts tool. The operator can fetch a list of scripts required by the page along with a full featured script debugger. Also, the user can even modify the JavaScript on the fly!

#  Timeline:

For progressive speed analysis and timing, the Timeline tool permits in-depth discernibility into the several Chrome behind-the-scenes actions. The user can learn how long the browser consumes to monitor DOM executing page layouts, paint the window and events.

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#  Profiles:

This tool assists the operator to examine and capture the presentation of JavaScript scripts. For instance, the user can learn which features acquire the most time to perform and zero in on precisely where to enhance.

#  Storage:

The modern web applications need more determination than simply cookies, and the Storage tool assists query, debug and track local browser storage. Also, this tool can exhibit and query data inculcated in local storage, local databases, cookies and session storage.

#  Console:

The Developer Tools serves a full presented Console. With the help of Console, you can come across arbitrary JavaScript and also programmatically communicate with your page.

#  Fiddler Web Debugger:

This is an Internet Explorer extension that examines and outlines a Web page’s HTTP traffic. In case you’ve ever urged to know precisely what occurs when a client needs a Web page, Fiddler is the tool that’ll assist you to do the task. The HTTP Statistics view disclosures all elements and records needed to produce a specific page, offering you information such as the total page weight, the total amount of HTTP requests, cache termination, and HTTP response headers.

Fiddler allows you to set up breakpoints, permitting you to step via and oversee HTTP traffic (to witness how it would impact your Web page), a convenient feature for examining AJAX-associated communication and possible security faults in a Web request. Conceivably what makes Fiddler so influential is its extensibility, permitting you to develop your own scripts (or import other creators’ scripts) to execute certain jobs or make interface alterations to the extension itself.

# YSlow:

A Firefox dev tools extension developed by Yahoo! creators that assimilate with Firebug (consequently you require to have Firebug permitted for it to exert). Additionally, YSlow examines a Web page for front-end execution and, in its modest usage, offers you a letter grade i.e. A being the best and being the poorest, for each of the best operations for enhancing up your online presence.

Further, YSlow also permits you to examine in detail kinds of stuff that are vital for a high-performance online presence. For instance, the Stats view serves you the total size of a Web page and a summary of items that are encumbered when the Web page is demanded (i.e. JavaScript files, style sheets, Flash images, and objects), so that you can fetch down the bottlenecks that source a Web page to load gradually.

Also, the Components view highlights every single element of a Web page in tabular format and permit you to examine it to observe qualities such as expiration date for cached records, size, whether it practices response time that is how long the component took to load and server-side compression (Gzip).

Thinking of ASP.Net for Web Development in 2019? Reasons that Supports your Decision


Not able to decide whether you should rely on ASP.Net for the development of your business website? Well, you can still rely on this powerful framework that holds the potential to bump-up your business revenues!

Microsoft’s ASP.Net is widely preferred web development platform that still holds a great reputation in the market. Undoubtedly, you can always rely on this platform that is being used by huge brands and numerous e-commerce platforms. The enhanced performance and fast loading speed of the pages could be the reason you should prefer Dot Net for your business website.

Here we would be highlighting a few aspects that depict the strong reasons to rely on this powerful web platform as per the renowned DOT Net Development companies.

1.)  Minimal Coding Requirement

Coding could be a daunting task especially if you know you need to include the same functionality again and again. A great reason to choose ASP.Net for a responsive website design is the fact that you need to write minimal code and can eventually get the same functionality and features that you expect from any other web development platform.


The server-side deployment of a website developed in ASP.Net is the main reason why you need to write less code. The functionality of the website entirely depends on the user’s command and behavior that creates dynamic pages and response from the server. The developer can create numerous menus and controls in minutes, which is perhaps the reason you can think of developing a website in lesser time.

2.)  The Overall Performance of the Website

Another great reason to rely on a website developed in ASP.Net is the performance. These websites load faster as compared to the ones that are based on other platforms. Caching and compiled coding are the two main reasons you can expect enhanced performance out of the websites that are developed by any ASP.Net Development Company that holds great expertise.


There are a lot of renowned businesses that are relying on ASP.Net just because it has the potential to deliver outstanding performance. You can also think about developing your business website in ASP.Net if you are seeking a reliable platform that doesn’t compromise on speed. Also, fast database connectivity is a big reason why most of the companies prefer building a website on this platform.

3.)  Lesser Chance of Site Crash

It won’t be a bad decision to pick ASP.Net for your website development needs if you are concerned regarding issues that lead to a website crash. There are numerous people out there who are always on a hunt for the right platform that can offer them reliable website performance without any glitches. This simply means you can always expect better reliance from a website that is developed in ASP.NET as these websites are less prone to crash or generate error message just like in any other platform.


Apart from this, the websites built over this platform are more robust and requires lesser maintenance as compared to the other platforms. You can ask a reliable ASP.NET Development Company regarding the development procedure and the services that you can get with this powerful development platform.

4.)  The Overall Security

Gone are the days when phishing attacks or other unauthorized access to your website was a big concern. You can now expect better security for your website with ASP.NET as this platform is intended to maintain the overall security of the user’s date and information, which isn’t guaranteed in other platforms.


As per a survey, the websites that are adequately developed using .NET are more reliable and secure as compared to the ones that are built in any other platform. One can integrate plugins without any hassle that can again improve the overall security of the website. Apart from this, most of the e-commerce platforms that are built in .NET and have payment gateways deployed are usually built in ASP.NET.

5.)  Enhanced User Experience

Another great reason to rely on ASP.NET is the best in class user experience that eventually helps you in generating organic leads. If you are planning to step into the e-commerce world, you have to understand the fact that most of the users online are engaged through an appealing design and enhanced user experience.

If your website isn’t performing well, you have to deal with the issues like decreased traffic and increased bounce rate. To overcome these glitches, it is strongly recommended to consider developing a website in ASP.NET. There are plentiful options available in the market when it comes to hiring the promising Dot NET development companies that offer adequate services. Furthermore, the developers can suggest you the best functionalities that can be included in your website to ensure a rich user experience.

7.)  Language Independence

The developers can choose the language in which they need to write the code. This is another great feature of ASP.Net that most of the people out there don’t know. The developers have freedom choose their preferred language when it comes to developing a reliable website.


Languages like C#, VB.Net, and Jscript.Net could be picked by the developers as per their expertise. Apart from this, the community support available for this platform helps developers in getting adequate support and help regarding any topic

8.)  Overall Designing

The development in this platform does not just ensure that you get adequate functionality or superior performance; you get the advantage of designing your website perfectly! Numerous websites that offer online fashion accessories and merchandise prefer this platform as they can enhance the appeal of the website without many efforts.


Most of the responsive website designs and templates that are available on the internet can be easily designed in ASP.NET, which is again a plus point when you are seeking a catchy website design.

These are some of the strong reasons that showcase the need to rely on ASP.NET framework when you are about to develop a website for your business purposes.

What Makes Seasia Infotech the Fastest Growing Mobile App Development Company


With the vision of delivering top-notch services and adequate support, Seasia Infotech has woven a trust over thousands of international clients!

As the leading CMMI Level 5 Certified Company, our biggest priority is to satisfy our treasured clients in all terms of quality and commitment. Whether you talk about Hybrid or Native mobile app development services, the professionals at Seasia ensures that we offer you the best out of your investment.

Maintaining an adequate position as the most reputed brand in the global markets isn’t a piece of cake! One needs to consistently improve its services and needs to be updated regarding the trending technology and user expectations. We, as a prominent mobile app development company, ensure that our services lend a hand in kick-starting your business.

Dive in here to know more about the aspects that contribute to making Seasia Infotech the fastest growing mobile development service provider.

#  Highly Experienced Professionals:


We have a bunch of technology enthusiasts that clutches years of experience in the industry. We make sure that you get the finest development services from our experienced team of professionals that are always ready for a challenging project.


Seasia’s proficient Android and iOS development team has actually maintained a great repute in the global markets when it comes to native or hybrid app development services. This is perhaps the reason why we are able to maintain a huge client base. We first analyze the client requirement and based on our precise analysis, we assign a dedicated team to work on the project.

#  The Use of Modern Technology:


Our custom mobile development solutions are entirely based on the trending technology and by keeping in mind the user expectations. Our precise development solutions are enough to cater to the diverse business needs in a way that it generates huge revenues.


Whenever you are on a hunt for right development agency that can work on the latest frameworks by invoking the latest technologies like machine learning, AR/VR, and artificial intelligence, undeniably Seasia is the optimum choice! Assurance of advanced mobile development for different platforms is the reason for the audience’s trust in our custom services.

#  Precise Analysis:


It is our policy to analyze the exact business needs of a client so as to plan the right strategy that eventually brings fruitful results. Our accurate analytics helps us getting adequate details about the scope of the development, the target audience, and the revenue model.

Once we are done with the overall analysis of your business and your needs, we prepare the blueprint of the application. Our dedicated designers and programmers then give actual shape to the idea that can augment your business in numerous ways.

#  Strong Backend Development Team:


Our development team comprises of expert backend developers that know how to cater to different business needs in a way that it generates great revenues. You can always expect high-performance applications for both Android and iOS devices with our exceptional mobile app development services.


Our certified developers are well-versed with all the programming languages that are used in creating steady applications. You can expect crisp functioning applications that can serve the purpose from our end.

#  Exceptional Designing Skills:


Our applications not just function adequately but are also appealing enough to engage users. We at Seasia Infotech believe that a mobile application should work smoothly without any compromise with the overall design.

Our proficient designing team creates magnum opus when it comes to creating layouts and splash screen that can eventually catch anyone’s attention. You can expect an application whose design and functionality goes harmoniously giving a rich user experience.

#  No Compromise with Quality:


We never compromise on quality and our expert software testing and performance analysis team is always dedicated to delivering the quality product. With years of experience in analyzing loopholes and flaws in the system, Seasia’s quality analysis team ensures that the user gets a flawless experience while using the application in any of the mobile devices


We invest adequate time in both manual and automated-based testing procedures, which is perhaps the reason you can rely on the overall quality and stability of the mobile applications build by Seasia Infotech.

#  Transparency:


Our commitment to transparency makes us the market leader in delivering the right mobile application development services for numerous clients around the world. Our biggest concern for our precious clients is to ensure that they get more out of their investment.

We invoke every effort in augmenting our client’s needs in a way that it brings the best results for them. Our strategies to maintain complete transparency eventually builds trust over our clients, which again helps us in maintaining long-lasting relationships.

#  Timely Delivery of Products:


The biggest reason why we are among the most preferred Android app development firm is the fact that we always deliver services on time. You can always rely on our promising services that are intended to meet your business as well as personal requirements.


Seasia’s policy to deliver the right services in the pre-described time is always the top priority of the development and designing team so that our valuable clients get the best services out of their investment. It is our responsibility to ensure the timely delivery of the product without compromising on the overall quality.

#  Proficient Testing Team:


Once the product is ready at our end, we make sure that it performs as per the user expectation by utilizing the modern quality analysis procedures. Our dedicated team of software testing and performance analysis ensures that your application is checked under diverse load to identify and rectify the loopholes.

Whether it is the automated software testing procedure or manual testing approach, we hold great expertise in preparing your application for enhanced user experience. Load testing, peak performance testing, and response time are some crucial aspects that are analyzed precisely by our experts.

#  Verdict:


When it comes to quality Android development services and a dedicated panel of experienced professionals, Seasia Infotech is a foremost name. The above-mentioned points clearly depict why our company is the Fastest Growing Mobile App Development Company in the market.

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10 Benefits of using CodeIgniter for Web Development


The advanced web development services have provided enough room for the expansion businesses that are always on a hunt for the proficient ways to increment revenues. The better the online services, the more is client engagement, which further augments businesses in numerous ways.

You have to make your online presence through an appealing website that depicts your excellence as the market leader. When we talk about reliable website development, one can rely on CodeIgniter for enhanced performance and stability.

Whether you are expecting a high-end website that offers adequate information about your company or on a hunt for the right platform for e-commerce platform setup, you can rely on CodeIgniter!

Here we would be sharing the numerous benefits of trusting CodeIgniter for enhanced web development experience.

#   Handling Bugs/Error Handling

If you are one of those who wish to develop websites that are flawless and deliver exceptional functionality and design, you need to check out CodeIgniter. A simple user interface is provided that lends a hand in finding any errors or bugs that are preventing the smooth functioning of the website and eventually affecting the user experience.

The errors in the code are precisely displayed without any hassle. This is perhaps the reason why most of the developers prefer CodeIgniter whenever they are asked to develop a bug-free website that doesn’t compromise on the overall quality. All you need to do is to seek help from a professional that has great expertise in delivering the finest web development services.

#   Customizability

As a developer, you can always customize the website as per the requirements, which also doesn’t squander their precious time. As per the experts, CodeIgniter is the only framework that provides the ease of customizability as compared to the numerous options that are available in the market.

Instant error fixing and configuring the files in a simplified form are the reasons that depict the need to rely on CodeIgniter whenever someone is seeking promising web development services. It would be great if you consult a renowned professional that can help you in getting the things done in a way that it harmonizes the business needs.

#   Security

For all those seeking the most secure platform for web development; undoubtedly, CodeIgniter is a perfect choice! The platform offers enhanced security features that are enough to depict the overall reliability of this platform. The different encryption and decryption features have made this platform a lot more reliable than any other platform in the market.

A lot of web developers prefer building e-commerce websites containing payment gateway in CodeIgniter, which requires adequate security standards in a website. Deploying a payment gateway in your website isn’t a piece of cake and eventually requires great efforts, which isn’t in the case of CodeIgniter. You can get the finest experience of deploying plugins and customizing your website in numerous ways.

#   User-friendly Interface

One can get the ease of developing a great website with the finest interface offered by CodeIgniter. Whether you are expecting a website with dynamic functionality or on a hunt for the platform that can provide you with the best responsive website experience, you can always rely on CodeIgniter. You just need to emphasize finding the right CodeIgniter web development company that can cater to your diverse business needs.

It won’t be wrong to say that you can get the flexibility and enhanced UI from CodeIgniter that makes it the ideal choice for all the web developers around the globe.

#   Hassle-Free Migration

When we talk about database updates and migration, CodeIgniter lets a user migrate from one server to another. There are several companies that rely on CodeIgniter just because of the fact that it provides adequate migration support services.

No matter where your old data was kept, you can always shift the same to this platform without any hassle. Just in case if there are some issues, one can get the proper support from the vast community that can be the best thing that you can get from a web development platform. The professionals are always available to serve you with the right solution for your technical glitches.

 #   The MVC-Based System

The biggest reason to rely on CodeIgniter is the fact that this platform is based on MVC (Model View Controller) that enhances the overall dependency on this platform. MVC enables a Test Driven Development, which simply means that the developer can precisely develop and test the modules as per the requirements.

Apart from this, MVC enhances the development procedure and also offers easy integration with the JavaScript frameworks. The designing is also improved in CodeIgniter with the use of MVC.

#   Quick Development

Most of the businesses choose CodeIgniter for web development purposes just because it offers quick development services that one can’t expect from any other framework. Thus, it is necessarily crucial to rely on this powerful framework if someone is expecting quick development services without any hassle.

Development in CodeIgniter requires less code as compared to the other platforms, which is a great thing for the ones that are expecting better functionality in their website with minimal code. One can consider consulting any renowned CodeIgniter development company for detailed information about the same.

#   Better Search Engine Optimization

Another great reason to pick CodeIgniter for your business website development purpose is the ability to uplift the ranking of the website. The digital marketing experts prefer the CodeIgniter platform for development when the main focus is on enhancing traffic.

Apart from this, the platform offers numerous features that together help in the overall optimization of the website without affecting the layout or other crucial elements of the website.

#   Community Support

When we talk about the community support of CodeIgniter, one can be sure enough to get hassle-free solutions for their issues. A lot of skilled professionals are available to serve you with the best in class support whenever you are facing some glitches related to the advanced development services.

One can also get source codes that can be reused with just little modifications, which can be quite helpful when it comes to enhanced development without many efforts. Most of people prefer reusing codes with just minor alterations whenever they are expecting better design and functionality.

#   Test Driven Development

CodeIgniter is the only platform that enables test-driven development, which ensures that the developer can use the step by step testing approach while developing a website. The performance or the functionality of the website can be analyzed with ease.

Every phase of the development can be checked by using the step by step approach and one can expect complete testing of each phase efficiently.
These are some strong reasons you should rely on CodeIgniter for your business website for enhanced functionality and performance. CodeIgniter is the only platform that provides an enhanced development environment to the web developer as well.



5 Best Tips to Reduce Your iPhone App Development Cost


The mobile application development has taken the world with a storm! The integration of advanced AI and virtual reality technology has altered the conventional mobile application development approach.

Gone are the days when you had a limited number of possibilities through your smartphone; one can now augment their lifestyle in a far better way!

When it comes to diverse business needs, one cannot simply deny the fact that more than 80 percent of the audience utilizes their smartphone to explore the internet or to get involved in e-commerce. This simply means that one needs to target mobile users as their potential clients, which adequately demands a full-fledged mobile application.

It is necessarily crucial for a business to rely on a mobile application like an iOS application that can harmonize their business needs. For this, they certainly need to hire a prominent iOS developer that can cater their trade requirements.

Developing an iOS application isn’t a piece of cake, and you need to hire professionals that could charge a lot. This doesn’t mean that all the developers out there would be burning a hole in your pocket; you certainly need to consider a few aspects before you finalize one!

Dive in here to know more about the aspects that would surely lend a hand in reducing the overall cost of development of your iOS development.

1.  Always Emphasize Your Exact Requirements

There is no point of squandering your precious money on the services that aren’t actually required from the business perspective. This means you need to precisely examine your business and personal needs before you can approach the development firm.


A deep analysis of the scope of the application, target audience, overall functionality, and the revenue model is necessarily important so as to ensure that the application would help your business. Once you are done with the adequate planning of the exact requirements, it is the time to approach a renowned professional that can lend a hand in augmenting your business needs with ease.

There is no point you can ask the development team to offer you the services that aren’t actually required from a business perspective as you have to pay for it! The more the functionality in the application, the more you have to loosen your pockets! So it is always rewarding to note down your needs and then approach the developing professional.

2.  Design the Blue-Print of the Final Product

A lot of people repeat the same mistake again and again of not creating a blueprint of their end product. How can you expect the best results through your application when you don’t know how you wish to build it the right way? Well, you need to first emphasize the blueprint of your end product.


This simply means you need to depict the overall functionality of your application to the developing team in a way that they get exactly what you want and not just irrelevant stuff! Creating a sketch for your application’s layout and how it would function would not only give the right idea to the designing and developing a team.

There are people who completely rely on the developer and designing team to develop the layout for their application by showcasing their functionality requirements. This could be something that can affect your overall budget. There is no point you can expect a great design without paying bucks for it! Thus; it is necessarily important for you to focus on designing a blueprint while you are seeking budget-friendly iPhone app development services.

3.  Keep it Simple

You actually need not squander your money on the services that you actually don’t need just because your competitors offered the same! You must practically analyze the functionality of your application and the real purpose of creating an iOS application. If you don’t need it, don’t go for it! It’s simple as that!

When we talk about the overall design of the application, you have to be sure enough that it shouldn’t be bulky so that it becomes quite challenging to engage users. Thus; a little analysis should be carried out from your end regarding the actual needs of the users so that you can project big through small.

The design of the application should be simple yet engaging so as to maximize the number of downloads.

4.  Always Hire a Team

It is a misconception that hiring a team of expert iOS developers would burn a hole in your pocket and you should just rely on an individual developer. One can always get the assurance of quality work and complete reliability when they hire a promising team of experts for iPhone application development services.


When you hire an individual developer for the development of an iOS application, you cannot expect them to work on the given deadlines for complex projects. Moreover, hiring an individual developer could be quite expensive as compared to hiring the panel of designers, developers, and testing professionals that can finalize the application development procedure in a couple of days without any hassle.

It would be a great decision to hire the expert service providers that can cater to your diverse application development needs.

5.  Ask the Developers to Include Plugins

Integrating plugins would surely help you in cross-cutting when it comes to the development of reliable iOS application. One can eventually get the advantage of plugins that are ready to integrate and hardly requires any effort that can affect your overall budget.

Ask the Developers to Include Plugins

A lot of people out there aren’t aware regarding the use of these plugins that can significantly augment the overall functionality of your iOS application without any hassle. This means you need to have a conversation regarding the same with your developer that holds great expertise in delivering top-notch iOS development services.

These are some of the fruitful ways that lend a hand in reducing the overall development cost of an iOS application. It is strongly recommended to hire the most promising service provider that can meet your business needs without any hassle.


Top 5 Android Application Development Trends That Will Rule in 2019


Technology has eventually transformed the conventional mode of living and we are now completely relying on smartphones for our routine tasks!

One just can’t imagine a world without smart applications that are now becoming an essential part of our contemporary lifestyle. A lot of advancement in the mobile application has eventually taken the world with a storm by enhancing new possibilities!

When we talk about the market trends for Android application development, there are still major enhancements that we can expect in the New Year 2019.  From augmenting the virtual reality gaming experience to boosting the artificial intelligence; there’s a lot more in the future’s pipeline!

Here we would be sharing the top trends in the Android application development that everyone ought to know.

# The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Epoch

There are a lot of applications that can offer you the best experience of AR and VR based on the adequate hardware of the device. A lot of emphases would be given on the delivery of enhanced gaming experience in the upcoming applications based on Android.

As per the experts, AR, VR would be the essential component of the applications and games that would be intended for enhanced user experience in the year 2019. This simply means you can expect a lot of enhancement in the gaming industry when it comes to the integration of augmented reality and virtual reality.

# Artificial Intelligence

With the advancement of AI in mobile application development, you can now expect better reliance when it comes to enhanced user experience. When we talk about the e-commerce platforms, more than 70 % of businesses are utilizing the never-ending possibilities of artificial intelligence to augment their client needs and to generate adequate revenues.

When we talk about the efficiency of the AI-based applications, you can eventually expect greater reliance with these smart applications that can always deliver the best in class user experience. The machine learning technique would be the base for advanced application development that would surely rule the market.

# Multi-Platform Development

Gone are the days when you had to develop separate applications for diverse platforms; one can now expect multi-platform application development in the near future! The same code written in the same language can be used for different platforms.

There are still a lot of enhancements in this technique where numerous developers are working precisely to reuse the code in many ways.

# Enhanced Security Features

Security has been a major issue in the mobile applications that offer adequate payment-related services. You can now expect out of the box security features in the Android applications in the market, which is perhaps the reason there is an increase in the number of Android users as compared to the iOS.

The market experts have already predicted that there isn’t a chance that the upcoming mobile applications with deployed payment gateway wouldn’t be able to deliver the adequate security services. This simply means one can eventually rely on the overall security of the mobile application in the year 2019.

# Cloud-based Deployment

More and more emphasis is given to the cloud-based systems, which is the main reason you can expect a greater reliance on the applications that are deployed over the internet. Whether it is the overall user experience or the performance, you can always rely on an application that is deployed over the internet.

There is no doubt that the future belongs to the cloud-based systems that can eventually lend a hand in augmenting diverse business needs without any hassle.

These are some of the trends that you can expect in Android application development in the year 2019.

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12 Topmost PHP Frameworks For MNC’s and Startups | 2019

12 topmost php Frameworks 2019

Technology has eventually transformed the conventional lifestyle and has enhanced the way of living. There is no point you can deny the fact that internet and e-trading are influencing our lives in ways that we can’t even imagine.

When we talk about the latest trends in the web development industry, we can’t neglect PHP, which has significantly witnessed growth in recent years. When it comes to the overall reliability of a website, you can always rely on PHP.

But have you ever wondered what else you can expect from a framework that has already proven to be the perfect choice for the developers when it comes to security and stability? Well, you can always expect great functionality from the diverse PHP frameworks that can be quite helpful for generating adequate revenues for the newcomers in the market.

Here is the list of top PHP frameworks for startups and MNC’s that can be quite beneficial for creating brand awareness in the global markets.


Laravel is now ranking as the top PHP framework that harmonizes every business need with the development of crisp web applications. The innovative features and stability of Laravel is perhaps the reason you can consider a website development in the same.

Laravel eventually includes native PHP that significantly provides a strong base to reliable web development without any glitches. Unified data migration, enhanced security, and vast development community are some of the strong advantages that one can’t ignore in any case. If you are also seeking one of the reliable frameworks for a business perspective, undeniably, you should go for Laravel.


Many of you would be surely unaware about Symfony, which is one of the scalable PHP framework preferred worldwide. You can always expect better and quick development with Symfony. This is the reason why most of the startups prefer this framework

The simple maintenance, translator, and Form Config are some of the features that have made this framework worth relying on 2019. The list of features includes better support, low maintenance, flexibility, and better security.

So, if you are one of those who doesn’t want a hassle while developing a responsive design for your business website, you should definitely go for Symfony!


For the ones seeking a light-weight PHP framework for their business website development, Zend is the optimum choice! There are a lot of improvements and features in the latest version of Zend. You can always expect better designing and higher reliability when you prefer Zend as the development framework.

As per the experts, whenever you are seeking the best experience of object-oriented programming and need adequate consistency in the overall design; you need not look further Zend! The open source framework holds great features that include quick development, higher productivity, and flexible architecture.

Cake PHP

If you are on a hunt for a framework that can lend a hand in quick and easier development, undoubtedly, Cake PHP is for you! One of the biggest reasons to rely on this framework is the fact that you can easily create, read, update, and delete.

You can always expect better reliance with Cake PHP especially if you are about to develop a website that can attract potential clients and can eventually generate leads. One can easily integrate the database with this framework, which makes it ideal for websites that demand adequate stability and performance.

It is also an open source platform that can offer flexibility, compatibility, and cost efficiency. There are certainly more features that make Cake PHP ideal for website development.


You may be familiar with CodeIgniter, which is a powerful framework that can deliver exceptional performance-based website designing experience. You need not implement any configuration and you eventually get the compatibility with the standard hosting with CodeIgniter. Apart from this, this framework is known for its user-friendliness.

Most of the businesses rely on CodeIgniter when it comes to full-fledged website development that can enhance their business in many ways. The customizability and configuration of this framework is quite easy, which makes it an ideal option for creating a responsive website for different businesses.


Yii is one of the lightest frameworks that offers easy installation and has integration with CodeCeption. This is the main reason why people who are seeking a framework that can offer fast development and deployment of their business website.

Apart from this, Yii is known for its enhanced security features, which is again the reason you can rely on this powerful framework. It would be a great decision if you prefer hiring a renowned developer for the same if you are expecting great reliance.


The light-weight PHP framework is highly recommended by professional website developers around the world. It is the lightest framework that can be considered for performance-based website development that can serve your purpose.

The features of this framework include multilingual application support, URL router, and seamless support is perhaps the reason why you can prefer this framework for efficient development. One can include numerous plugins when it comes to the compatibility of this powerful framework. Apart from this, there are a lot of developers that prefer this framework for development purposes just to augment their online marketing needs.


The Object-Oriented Programming based framework lets you design fantastic websites that can have outstanding features. One can easily include the OOP functionality by using this framework, which is intended to augment your multi-functionality website.

It is always a great decision to seek professional help from a developer that holds good experience in creating websites that offer dynamic functionality. Automatic class loading, overloading, and interfaces are primary features of Kohana that makes it ideal for enhanced functionality website development.


This PHP 5.3 based framework offers exceptional development environment for developers seeking the perfect HMVC implementation. Moreover, this development framework lets you develop engaging website designs that can harmonize your business needs.

Furthermore, the overall security features of this framework have significantly made this framework one of the most trusted frameworks when it comes to the development of advanced functionality enabled websites.


Flight is the best micro-framework that can be easily utilized for the development of adequate website design for both business and personal purposes. You can use this framework for an enhanced experience when it comes to quick and hassle-free website designing for your diverse needs. Another reason to rely on this framework is the fact that you can always experience easy documentation.

This micro-framework is usually recommended for small web application development, which is due to the fact that it cannot handle huge application development.


One can write a simple yet engaging web application code with this superior PHP framework. This is also a micro-framework that can help you in getting the desired designing and functionality for your compact website that isn’t stuffed with a lot of functionalities.

One can develop numerous API’s and similar web services, which is perhaps the reason why most of the developers are emphasizing using this framework. This is the perfect choice for small and medium web applications development purposes when thinking about the development of API’s and web services.


One of the finest PHP frameworks that enable the development of advanced plugin architecture is Li3. It is the best framework that can be used to develop RESTful API without any hassle. Apart from this, you can always seek enhanced productivity with this framework.

These were the frameworks that can be quite useful for numerous businesses in the year 2019. One can expect enhanced productivity and better client engagement when they prefer any of the above-mentioned frameworks.