Top Mobile App Development Trends That Will Rule in 2018

Top Mobile App Development Trends That Will Rule in 2018

Smartphones have turned into an inseparable part of our life. Getting up with a morning alarm, using Whatsapp, reading news, listening to music, viewing YouTube videos, replying emails, updating project status and so on, everything is flawlessly executed from our smartphones.

2017 was a remarkable year for application development. And now when a new year is at our doorsteps, it will surely bring some of the new trends in mobile application industry. To beat the competition, being an application development organization, we have collected a list of few trends that are surely going to rule in the year to come. So, without even wasting a single minute, let’s dive into the sea to get an idea of upcoming trends.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Today, in this busy world, no one has patience and time. With the innovation of AMP, the loading speed of page on mobile will become really quick. Apart from this amazing trend, another phenomenal function announced by Google is isolated search index only for mobile web. Looking from the SEO perspective, this can change the whole application development approach. AMP will empower the engineers to develop quick loading websites and mobile applications. This will decrease bounce rates and increase performance level over numerous mobile devices.



This trend is still in existence and is going to continue in 2018 as well. In fact, it is going to stay for a long time. Blockchain applications are a record of organization’s details recorded as blocks whether it is bitcoins or transaction history. None of these records can be changed without changing all the consequent blocks alongside the collusion of the network. Blockchain application development can be a good way of putting your competitors aside if they haven’t worked on the trend.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Applications have started learning user’s preferences these days and are getting even smarter. Take any of the departments, cyber security, virtual personal assistant, IOT, everyone is turning their way towards machine learning and AI. It is being said that AI market is expected to experience revenue development of up to $47 billion by the year 2020.

Predictive Analysis

This trend is presently being implemented in various organizations such as Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM and also by a few other tech giants of the industry. This trend is about predicting the future results by incorporating machine learning and AI. Know the future analysis of your business by considering the present information and market outputs.

Cloud Tech


Haven’t integrated Cloud Tech in your development procedure yet? Do it now! You can’t pass 2018 without Cloud tech. Out of all the major advantages of cloud tech, some are streamlined operations, decreasing equipment and facilitating, expanded application storage capacity and improved profitability and collaboration. If you expect to work with your application faultlessly, start using cloud tech ASAP.

Mobile Payment


There has been an immense shift to the m-commerce with the boost in e-commerce applications and mobile banking. This has been supported more with Apple Pay and Google Wallet. This trend was also followed in 2017 and is expected to get stronger in 2018.

Android Instant Apps

Instant applications are essentially native applications which work like websites. Instant apps are exceptionally helpful that works significantly in getting more users. The need for application installation is eliminated, which in turn eliminates the barrier between applications and web. It runs easily on all Android versions and is additionally simple to share.

Lazy Loading

Many of the times clients abandon the application or website when pictures take too long to load. With lazy loading trend, this would not be acceptable. Now, pictures will be loaded just when turning on the page. Smart, isn’t that so? Bounce rate will decrease and conversion rate will increase with this rule.

AR and VR

Consider the Google and Apple events that occurred this year, both revealed integration in AR and VR. This obviously means next-generation applications, especially the gaming apps are all about VR and AR. The tech experts are expecting to produce revenue of $150 billion by the year 2020.

Edge Computation

The blast of IOT has made an inclination of intuitive computing technologies. Edge calculation is the way out for this. It essentially pushes the information, apps and computing powers away from its centralized point to the logical extremes of the network. A lot of tech giants have just begun putting resources into the hardware and software in edge computing.

Business Bots

The utilization of Chatbots is not in ample nowadays. But, mark my words, 2018 will encounter a gigantic adaption of the same.

Mobile application development trend is about to grow even more in 2018. So, app developers, buckle your boots, analyze the trends and start working on it.


Here is Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Latest Event

Here is Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Latest Event

Finally, the Google revealed on October 2, 2017, its latest hardware products at a press event in San Francisco. The hardware products launched include two smartphones, smart speakers, a brand new laptop, smart earbuds that within a second translate words into your dialect, a camera that takes its own photographs and a revamped VR headset.

Here is a look at Google’s new smart products:

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Smartphone


The Pixel is Google’s Smartphone that is particularly designed to show the best possible version of its Android mobile OS. The latest editions of these phones include new fingerprint sensors, OLED screens and are water resistant. A powerful rear camera is something that makes these phones amazing.

In May, Google previewed its Lens feature. The biggest attraction in Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is they have access to Google Lens feature. Here are some functions of what Lens can do:

• Provide details about a movie based on its poster
• Scan a document and identify phone numbers, email address etc.
• Identify the type of flower in a photo
• Show reviews and ratings for a business based on its storefront

In other words, we can say that Lens can find the information based on the photos you have snapped or saved.

This time, Google created a portrait mode with just a single camera that utilizes the machine’s learning program. Google says that its machine learning is so smart that it can even perform the desired effects on front-facing camera and does not require a big sensor cluster like iPhone X.

Google’s Pixel 2 has a 5″ screen and Pixel 2 XL has a 6″ screen. Both the phones are now available for pre-orders in Canada, Australia, India, Germany, U.K. And the U.S. Last time, it was a typical task to get a Pixel phone in your hand. This time too, it is unclear yet if Google will increase its supplies for these new models.

Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds

The new smart buds by Google are wireless and are attached to each other with a string. These headphones are designed to work only with Google Pixel as of now, but they have one really amazing feature. The buds can translate 40 languages by Google Translate. The built-in microphones help handle almost real-time translation. While giving on stage demonstrations, the company translated Swedish to English.

Google Clips

Google Clips

Google Clips are a little square camera for individuals who don’t like pressing buttons. You just need to put it in front of a scene, for example, on the floor of a room where kids play often. It will know or detect when something worth recording happens and captures still photos and silent videos.

It particularly detects faces you have trained it to recognize. The Clips’ battery lasts for 3 hours, and its LED lights let you know when it’s recording. The device is not completely original. There have been similar products in the past, but those don’t include Google’s powerful AI technology. Presently, it can work with the pixel, iPhone 6 or later, Galaxy S7 and S8 phones.

Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini

Google launched its small-sized version of Home speakers which is named as the Google Home Mini. It is a spherical disk with hottest new technologies. While the size is small, it has the same functionalities as the large-sized Google Home like, voice recognition, smart home and calling powers. Four LED lights are embedded at the top and it plugs into the wall.

Google Home Max

Google Home Max

To give a direct competition to Apple’s forthcoming Home Pod, Google is also releasing its Home Max. It is a higher end speaker with Google’s built-in Assistant Technology. It contains a feature called Smart Sound, which allows you to set the audio depending upon the surrounding environment. The device is available in light or dark gray color.

It is expected to launch in December and includes 12-months free subscription to YouTube Red.

Tech companies like Google and Apple tend to announce their new products at this time of the year, before the holiday shopping season. This time, both the companies have come with gigantic products. To see the highlights of Apple’s tech event, click here!

How Mobile App Development is More Than Mere Coding?

How Mobile App Development is More Than Mere Coding

At Seasia, development of a mobile application does not just mean designing and coding, but is a much more involved process, encompassing different approaches, development, quality assurance, delivery and maintenance.

We take this extensive approach as it’s impossible to make a successful product without these aspects. A product can be technically sound, but will fail if it does not offer value to its users or is not needed in the market. Likewise, the inimitable value of the product can be clear, but the product might fail if the user experience is poor and has imperfections.

This is why we thought of sharing an overview of how we approach product development, demonstrating the considerations for a more holistic process can greatly benefit the quality of your product and its ability to succeed in the market.

1. Product Definition

Product definition focuses on determining the goals of the product, mapping business objectives, market and competitor research, and creating a mobile strategy. At Seasia, product definition is completed in an intensive 2-3 day of boarding and project kickoff process, with a clear set of goals together with:

• Identifying the business and technical challenges to be elucidated from a feature standpoint
• Identifying the KPIs and success metrics
• Creating an ordered product roadmap
• Discussing key questions or problems to success

Towards the end of this process, we provide a set of deliverables that include the user personas, journey personas, wireframes/sketches, storyboard, and a visual app pattern.

Our onboarding process works to set the quality and priority of the delivery schedule for the project; ensures that we have a solid foundation to build a successful, in demand product; and allows our squads to make the essential decisions to deliver a great product.

2. Design

Our design process focuses just on the end user. All the decisions are made by keeping in mind the user, which is why mapping out user personas during product definition is so grave. Understanding the user and their needs helps inform design that makes the experience with the app easy and pleasurable.

While designing a product, we focus on building a usable yet aesthetically pleasing mobile application that offers a smooth experience. It does not matter how good the product looks if it has a poor user experience.

From product definition itself, we are able to take insights and innovations we make and apply them visually through a process of ideation, formation, prototyping, and styling.

3. Development

Our development process combines elements of various agile philosophies that allow us to create great apps, reduce risk, minimize downtime, and maintain project velocity. The central doctrines of our development process are described below.

4. Flexible, Squad-Based Development

Flexibility is an essential aspect of agile methodology in theory, but not in practice. Flexibility is important because it lets you shift and adapt to the changing circumstances and project needs without affecting the velocity of the project. The reason why teams struggle with it is for the reason that it needs to be infused straight into the development process, which is not an easy feat.

At Seasia, the arrangement of our development team and the methods we follow are aimed to provide flexibility. For mobile application development, we use squadrons- small cross functional teams that share knowledge, plan together, complete the code reviews, and have an identified capacity that allows us to scale (up or down) within that capacity based on the project needs. There are numerous advantages to use this approach: faster development cycles, seamless knowledge transfer, reduced downtime, and an overall saving in the project risk.

We also make the most of rolling wave planning, which involves adjourning the product decisions until you are in the best place to make them. This allows the flexibility to adapt instead of having to stand by or re-plan a large document with the requirements that was conscripted earlier.

5. Sprints

Sprints are common agile development concepts that involve short development iterations. The purpose of these iterations is to accelerate the development and divide projects into smaller, attainable goals that can be achieved indefinite time frames. This allows the teams to be more productive, more accurate with the time estimations and you don’t waste resources in the event that produces a shift in the objectives of the business.

6. Story Points & Predictable Project Velocity

We plan and evaluate the capacity based on the story points. Stories are small units that define features from a user viewpoint. We allocate values to each story using a points system that measures its intricacy; the more complex the story, the more story points it would be awarded.

The capacity of the Squad is also defined in the story points. Expressively, a squad has a maximum of 25 story points per sprint. This verdict is based on our past projects that have allowed us to determine an unswerving number of story points we have been able to get through in the sprints from our former projects. This system allows us to estimate the time the project will take in the complete the work and maintain the project velocity.

7. Quality Assurance

The quality assurance serves the simple function of keeping the bugs away from the final builds. The QA team at Seasia is integrated with the development throughout the SDLC which helps in reducing delays and bottlenecks and ensures that the defects are corrected as and when discovered.

We use a combination of the testing practices and have a dedicated product team. Furthermore, we use an integrated system that gathers projects, checks for errors, and allocates the application to the product team for test analysis.

8. Delivery

Once the application is ready to be published, we also handle submission processes for the app stores.

For iOS, there is a vital yet overlooked phase that many don’t really consider in project timelines, but certainly should. If done inaccurately, the acceptance into the App Store can take up to a week, though stretched if the submission is overruled.

At Seasia, we also have a product release management system that assembles all the assets, enhances the app listing, and concludes the submission process as per the guidelines of the app store being submitted to.

Finally, looking at your mobile application project afar the scope of development is important to create a successful product. While from a design and technical perspective, the project needs to be sound, you also need a mobile strategy, a clear value, intention, an understanding of your customers, and a process for the testing and delivery. This holistic approach is what differentiates between the failure and success of the highly competing app ecosystem.

Apple Watch with Incredible features – Launching in 2015

Apple Watch

Apple iWatch also titled as Apple Watch is not just a time piece. Its success can be slated as there are numerous Apple fans and tech-savvy folks who are eagerly waiting for its launch in 2015.

This amazing gadget will be available in two sizes – 42 mm and 38 mm, multiple colors and offers endless options to support both men and women styles. You will also be able to switch over six different strap options and colors which add to its versatility thus complementing your apparel and personality. The square shape and curved edges give an elegant and sophisticated.

These incredible features of the Watch have gathered the lime light from both developers and individuals. It modestly boasts the class and value of Apple craze. The attractive and advanced design, superior functionality and a host of options make it stand apart from the others.

Provide its users with an Enhanced User Interface

Apple Watch has redefined the trend of watches by saying goodbye to the grid of icons. Apple Watch may not look dissimilar from its opponents in physical view, but the embedded iOS and UI will definitely add to its credibility. It features a galaxy of icons that can be rearranged as per user desires. You can expediently scroll the list of icons via touchscreen of the Watch and zoom in the screen via the Digital Crown incorporated on the side, as it was impractical to use pinch-to-zoom feature on such a small screen thus, for added ease the Digital Crown is used. Moreover while designing, it has also considered both the right-handed and left-handed users. Therefore without adding to the manufacturing complexity it allows users to simply invert the UI by connecting the straps accordingly.

Unlike the Android devices and wearable’s that enable the long press recognition, the Apple Watch will also be able to measure the pressure applied on the Watch screen along with the time duration. Developers can use this feature for developing more functional and impressive applications for the Apple Watch.

Designed to make sure you stay fit and healthy

Apple Watch is intuitively designed to make you stay healthy. On the back of the watch, a ceramic cover with sapphire lenses protects a specially designed sensor that uses infrared and visible-light LEDs and photo diodes to detect your heart rate.

Apple Watch uses this sensor, along with an accelerometer, GPS and Wi‑Fi of the iPhone, to measure all kinds of physical movement, from just standing up to actively working out. This allows Apple Watch to provide a broad picture of your daily activity, suggests customized goals, and rewards you for achieving personal fitness milestones.

Offers Advanced Functionalities for developers

The superior features and function of Apple Watch will open a gigantic door of opportunities for the third party developers. Apple’s development kit will offer developers with advanced tools that will enable them to create apps. Thus they can offer apps equivalent to the phone and tablet apps. As technology excels at swaying opinions, you never know if the distinct approach of Apple makes its gadget stand ahead in the race.

The integrated Siri support will facilitate users to perform actions promptly, it can be instigated by pressing the Digital Crown.

Make your payments in a fast and secure way

Apple Watch supports Apple Pay, thus facilitating its users to pay bills. Apple Watch creates a Device Account Number for each card when the user makes a purchase this number is used to process your payment, along with a transaction-specific security code. If you wish to pay using the Apple Watch, double-click the button next to the Digital Crown and hold your wrist up to the contact less reader. You will hear and feel a confirmation from Apple Watch once your payment details are sent.

Not just to watch but displays Time Intelligently

Unlike traditional watches Apple Watch is not just going to display us time but it is going to be context sensitive intelligent time display. Supposing, if you are moving from one time zone to another it will change your clock timings accordingly by tracking your location using GPS.

It will also get synced with your calendar to show you the significant alerts. For example, if you have a lunch scheduled for 5 PM Wednesday on October 1 it will alert you accordingly.


Though Apple has launched four products this year with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. It is the Apple watch that will transform our life like never before.

Future of Wearable devices and at what extent can they help users

Future of Wearable devices and at what extent can they help users

Wearable technology is wholly the indignation, but the vogue goes beyond Google Glass and smart watches such as Apple’s whispered iWatch. And Wearable devices are going to revolute our world in an instant, engendering biggest thrill in the tech industry.

A constricted bond with the Internet of Things, wearable devices are chosen as the next giant for future business by numerous insiders. More than two-thirds of business decision-makers surveyed for the study, or 68%, said developing a wearable’s approach for their business was now a priority. It is expected that use of wearable computers will triple in 2015.

“The wearable market will take off as brands, retailers, sports stadiums, healthcare companies, and others develop new business models to take advantage of wearables,” JP Gownder, the author of the report, wrote.

At the forefront of wearables, ‘Make it Wearable’ prepared by Intel is ranked the best wearable technologies in rewarding. Wearable electronics are the next evolution of mobile technology. One don’t have to generate his own headset or application tomorrow, nevertheless the earlier he jumps strategizing around wearable tech, the additional competitive his business can be in the ensuing stage of mobile business.

To grow with an enhanced future of wearable smart tech, one needs to gaze at its predecessor. Mobile smart devices, specifically smartphones, have had a grander control on the business world than anyone could have ever foreseen. Important calls are now made on the go, teams separated by thousands of miles are capable to conduct even meetings, also, apps have made handling small and medium businesses tasks from sending emails to allocating documents has become easier, quicker, and more effective.

With all heads turned toward wearable technology as the next giant, businesses need to have a proactive approach in place to perform at the competitive prospect, while putting challenges on the forefront. Wearables devices for apparels, accessories and fitness wear have been imbibed with a technology to such an extent that can monitor the heart rate to charge your smartphone.

  • Envisage How Wearables Can Generate New Business Opportunities: The upsurge of wearable devices will create new resources for marketing, comprising smarter, more vigorous customer data pool, and stronger perceptions hooked on user interaction.
  • Possess Human-Centered Design at the Forefront of Your Approach: To effectively hold wearable technology, businesses must situate the user at the center of the action, remodeling an intact enterprise and its capabilities system all over the place the customer or user familiarity.
  • Instill Trust: As trust is a key unease with consumers in the wearables space, initiatives will need to be reliably transparent with what they grasp with data and in what way they use it.
  • Identify that the Wearables Will Continue to Grow: As using any digital strategy, adopting wearable technology requires captivating the long vision.

As the wearable technology fashion continues to segregate, new opportunities aimed at marketing, development, and labor will come into the economy.
From pollution to the weather all over the places, the environment you reside in can affect your health each minute as much as your own habits. Here’s a glimpse of whatever the future holds.

  • Blocks are a hardware and software platform for wearable technology. One can choose the different blocks that one need based on the functions and the appearances, and snap them unruffled to make a wearable band that is exclusive.
  • Nixie is the first wearable camera that can fly. It reveals and takes flight. Nixie comprises the perfect shot from an awesome outlook, capturing the moment deprived of interrupting it.
  • ProGlove is a professional wearable invention tool that permits the user to work faster and easier and releases a new level in business intelligence for production board.
  • BabyBe is an automatic mattress that holds mothers and their babies connected through the manner of artificial development in a NICU. It brings haptic information from the mother to the baby in real stretch.
  • OpenBionics is low-cost robotic prosthetic hand targets to imitate advanced functionality for less than $1000.
  • ArcPendant is a discreet smart pendant that escorts using directional haptic or traces feedback, understands voice guidelines and monitors the body.
  • FirstVision is a new broadcast structure permitting the player’s point of view to be revealed in sports, such as basketball, football, tennis, etc.
  • SnowCookie is a wearable device, which styles you a better, safer and connected skier. It monitors and routes skiing dynamics and environment circumstances in real time to provide you actionable direction and maximize the mountain excitement.
  • Wristify, is an individual, smart bracelet that can cool when you’re warm, heat when you’re cool, and edge with our growing world of connected devices.
  • Baby Guard is a wearable device that supports to monitor the health eminence of eager mothers and their babies. Through endless interaction and customized childcare advice, Baby Guard endorses a healthier, further informed and more linked pregnancy for mother and child.

Technological innovation plays a conspicuous role in serving brands set themselves spaced out in their respective industries and wearable technology is offering brands an opportunity to launch themselves, in the industries such as entertainment, media and communications (EMC), health, retail and technology.