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The world of Google fiber

Feb 26, 2015

The list of basic needs for a human being has really grown much from just food, shelter and clothing. The list has internet connection as well and that too possessing a pleasing speed.  The next big thing in terms of ‘Super fast internet’ is the Google Fiber. Since it’s “the Google”, we cannot doubt on the services when they say ‘extremely high speed’. Even if it is not extremely high, we can be sure it would be higher than any of the regular service providers out there.

So we have our tech Giant, expanding its services into providing internet now and promising 100 times faster speed than the basic service providers, paired with crystal clear high definition TV. Relax, unlike regular service providers, there would not be any digging in front of your house to set these high speed fibers. Google relies on aggregators dubbed Google Fiber Huts, after all it is Google. From these huts, the optical fiber cables travel through utility poles into societies, and stop at a Fiber Jack (an Optical Network Terminal or ONT) in each home.

Since its trial launch in a residential area in California, it has been expanding in many cities from Kansas City, Austin, Texas, Utah, etc. Google Fiber provides you the speed of 1 Gigabit per second (1,000 Mbit/s) both upload and download, and says its service allows for the download of a full movie in less than two minutes. To utilize this amount of speed, we do need the compatible gigabit cables, adapters and routers. You can check the availability of Google fiber and the plans on their website. Don’t be sad if it is not in your area, we can be sure that Google is really working on bringing it to your neighborhood.

Google Fiber is not just limited to your network boxes; it is available in TV box as well. Both their Network Box and our TV Box include advanced Wi-Fi, designed to give us access to Google Fiber throughout our home. It costs about $120 per month, including TV and Internet service.

It is alarming to the traditional service providers with Google Fiber gaining momentum and breaking their hegemony. They must be scrambling and working on everything they could do to retain their customers. It has been seen that whenever Google announces its next city to bring Google fiber to, the existing provides lowers their rates and improves drastically in their service layers.

Right on the schedule, Google is busy selecting and then nationally launching the fiber in cities to receive its high-speed Google Fiber gigabit TV and internet service. So if you’re tired of paying to the companies but getting so little in return, it’s a monopoly breaking time, now that we have the Fiber coming anytime soon to us.

However it is a little sad that the rollout of fiber do takes quite a time though. Let’s face the real possibility where we can see from the previous installations across the cities and estimate on how much time it will take to expand nationally. For the regular providers, let’s face the bright side, it is a heads up for them to retain your customers.

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