WordPress Now Comes with an Advanced Security Feature that Supports Cryptographically-Signed Updates!


The renowned content management system WordPress is now on the way to get the most advanced security that was awaited from years! The official release of WordPress 5.2 would be packed with the exceptional security updates that can simply add a next level layer of protection.

The new update would be supporting Cryptographically-signed updates that would be improving the overall security of the website along with the modern cryptography library. Almost every security threat and attack could be easily avoided with the introduction of strong security for WordPress.

Here are some aspects associated with the new updates and how they would be helping developers and users in the near future.

The Cryptographically-Signed Updates:

The advanced security update is now being revealed in the latest version of WordPress that would surely augment developers and the users in many ways. The use of digital signature is perhaps the best part from WordPress website, which would improve the security of the site that saves the user’s data. The update packages would be signed digitally by WordPress by using the public key signature system. This would ensure the adequate verification of the update package.


When we talk about the supply chain attack, it is perhaps the biggest threat to the security of the website that can actually steal all the user information and could eventually destroy the website. The developers were earlier aware of these kinds of attacks, which is the reason a majority of developers were waiting for a major security update.

The Modern Cryptographic Library:

WordPress security updates now comes with a Cryptographic library that can now ensure adequate protection from attacks and malware. WordPress would now be supporting Libsodium library that would be responsible for almost every operation.  It is now the part of the updated version 5.2 and is expected to revamp the CMS forever.

The web development tools like Magento and Joomla also supports Libsodium and WordPress is also one of the CMS’s that support theme development as well as plugin development. This would be providing great possibilities to the developers that are always looking to add advanced functionality in their WordPress website.

The Site Health Section:

The site health feature of the new WordPress is quite amazing and lets you monitor your website in a new way. The feature is further divided into 2 subsections namely, Site Health Info and Site Health Status. This is the main reason why you should consider choosing WordPress with an updated version.


The site health status would be emphasizing running some security checks for your website and could be quite beneficial for improving the overall performance of your website. Apart from this, you get a detailed report regarding the overall health of your website along with the suggestion of fixing those flaws. A lot of security checks are initiated in this section and the developers can eventually include more sections for security checks that again harmonize the security part of the website.

The site health info, on the other hand, provides complete information regarding the website’s overall health along with adequate consideration to the server information. One can utilize this section for numerous performance-related purposes including debugging of the website for enhanced performance.

You get to know about the installed plugins, themes, and the server through this section, which is highly appreciated from the developer’s end.

The Advantages that you get from the New Update 5.2

With the improved version of WordPress, there are certain things that the developers and users would be witnessing. Here is the list:

Enhanced Error Protection in WordPress:

There are ample errors that actually affect the overall performance of your website, which is perhaps the reason the new update is considered to resolve these issues. One may witness the error in accessing the dashboard of their WordPress website, which is actually annoying. To recover from these issues, you need to invest a lot of time and efforts, which isn’t in the case of 5.2.

The recovery mode on the new update automatically displays an error message on the screen: “This site is experiencing technical difficulties”.

Followed by this message, WordPress would then shoot an email to the admin with a login link that would help in logging in as the admin. Followed by this, you can undo the changes made to your website that is actually causing issues.

The Improvements to the New Editor:

The latest editor update of WordPress i.e. Gutenberg is all set to hit the markets with enhanced speed and better performance. As per professional bloggers that are using the new editor from a while, the block-based editor is now quite fast but somehow takes some time to edit blogs depending on their length.

The loading time is significantly improved with the introduction of the new update, which is the main reason why it is a great decision to update to the latest version. Furthermore, the momentous improvements in the responsiveness are yet another reason why bloggers would appreciate the latest update. The bloggers can now witness great responsiveness in their website while they are editing blogs in Gutenberg editor.

The New Blocks:

There are several new blocks in the latest version of WordPress that simply enhance the functionality. The RSS block provides you instant feed in your posts and web pages, the Amazon Kindle block that lets you embed the content from the Kindle device, and search block, which is the regular WordPress search bar.

Apart from this, the calendar block and the Tag Cloud Block eventually enhance the functionality for both bloggers and users in the most precise way. Moreover, the block manager tool through which you can actually add blocks, integrate plugins, and you can hide the blocks that you don’t use. This feature was earlier missing in the Gutenberg update, which is now available in the latest version of WordPress.

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These are some of the aspects associated with the launch of a newer version of WordPress that could surely lend a hand in getting the best experience out of your blog or website.

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