Providing Health Care benefits and availing all the benefits through a claim is a complex and hectic process, so this application lets you simplify these claim handling processes in an efficient and effective manner.


This is an advanced web application which automates the whole process of the claim and calculates the exact payable amount to the cardholder. Claims are made based on the rules and algorithms set at the back-end, the users just have to type-in the manual entries and based upon the validations set the claim process will be executed.

The Problem

1. The main problem which the client was facing is about handling the claim process in a sequential and effective manner. 2. All the interlinking of the modules is to be defined correctly and in a proper order. 3. The client was worried about the breach of the security as payments are linked to the system. 4. They were also concerned about maintaining the history of all the activities performed with their User ID and password, so that all the activities can be tracked effectively. 5. They were also concerned about the stress level the web application can bear without failure, as confidential information is present in the system.

The Solution

In response to the concerns from the client, we have provided them with the below solutions for their problems.

1. We have efficiently applied various Rules and Algorithms with which even the complex processes like releasing claims can be handled effectively. 2. We have successfully integrated all the modules, so as to perform the final result in a successful manner. Linking of the modules is done in a sequential manner and even a first time user can predict the next functionality to be implemented 3. We have used in-built various security protocols which will let the client team handle all the payments transactions securely and successfully. 4. Whenever the user performs or makes changes in the system its history with the User Id and the Department is tracked. 5. We have successfully tested the system with 250+ user working in parallel and performing all the complex operations in a random manner.

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Client Comments

Seasia Infotech
“Seasia Infotech has a great team and the best part is they have the right management to lead them. They have so easily provided us the optimal solution for the problem we were facing for the past 8 years. We are really delighted to hire them." Allen


We helped the client in providing the optimal solutions to the problems they were facing. The bottlenecks found during the analysis were fixed with the minor effort that resulted in better overall application speed and stability of the application. The application is so convenient to use that even the first time user can predict the next steps to be performed in an effective manner.