About the Massachusetts Medical Society

The Massachusetts Medical Society is a reputed organization that is serving numerous medical professionals and students with enhanced opportunities and adequate knowledge. The organization is always emphasizing delivering the finest medical education and offers students and doctors to publish their journals and magazines. The organization is known for its exceptional services as they have offered a platform for all the individuals that are associated with the medical industry. Whether it is the nurses, physicians, students or any other individual, anyone can get benefitted from this society that caters the diverse needs of the medical industry. The organization publishes some of the renowned journals including New England Journal of Medicine for the perfect interest of patients and doctors around the globe.

About Advantage Tool

Advantage from AdvantageCS is leading world-class subscription management, membership management, marketing, sales, order processing, and customer relationship software. It contains the set of tools needed for publishers and content creators to build active and loyal subscriber communities. It also simplifies the management of your organization by walking users through the membership application process, membership renewals, member self-service, and payments, viewing status and member benefits.

The Advantage software allows you to sell, track, manage, and charge for accessing online content on a subscription basis. The access can be time-based, issue-based, or usage-based, such as pay-per-view.

With Absolute CS, you get adequate flexibility while you need to automate the process of managing newsletters and magazines. The unique functionality offered by Advantage CS is highly appreciated and utilized by leading journal publishers around the globe.

The news publishers around the world always rely on Advantage for efficient results and higher dependability. Apart from this, various associations and organizations prefer Advantage for membership processes like the renewal of membership, payment, and renewal reminders.


Advantage CS offers a fully integrated e-commerce platform named Cider. Cider is a feature-rich e-commerce platform that includes a powerful shopping cart and self-service capabilities. It is a marketing portal for marketers to create and assign promotions, a flexible administration portal for customizing the look and feel of the site, and built-in support for third-party plug-ins.

Advantage also allows you to seamlessly manage your eBooks, one-shots, packages, and subscriptions, as well as the activities of your customers.

Apart from subscription management and product management, you can expect enhanced functionality from this software. One can get the advantage of managing business intelligence, promotion of their brand, campaigns, and events.

The hassle-free streamline for operations is a perfect way to cater the needs for your operations like Single Sign-On.

Here is the complete study regarding where Seasia Infotech (A CMMI Level 5 Company) helped customers like Massachusetts Medical Society for their various Advantage related needs – be it operational, customization, implementation, database architecture, module integration, troubleshooting and many more.

Role of Seasia Infotech

Seasia Infotech, a CMMI Level 5 software development company, caters Enterprises as well as startups a dependable, innovative & stable methodology to Design, Develop, Test & Market their solutions. Seasia resources are serving “Massachusetts Medical Society, Waltham” since 2010 and assisting those by providing both Onsite/Offsite Ops resources for their various Advantage tool related needs.

With below key points, we at Seasia showcase our expertise with this Advantage tool:
1) We hold 10 years of experience on this tool and currently serving a US-Based client “Massachusetts Medical Society” since 2010 for their various Advantage related needs.
2) We have the Expertise with Advantage previous versions as well – Be it 2010, 13r1, 18r0 platforms.
3) Our team clutches deep knowledge regarding Advantage Jobs, Processes, Reports, Views, Modules, Products, Publications, Inventory, Orders and Configuration, etc.
4) We have Certified SQL DBA team having Advanced Knowledge on its backend database level Architecture, table structure, file formatting, and match/upload processes.
5) We have 20+ members Ops Support Team with both Onsite & Offsite Presence with 24x7 availability.
6) Our team also consists of marketing & customer service professionals – who are familiar with Advantage tool since 2010.
7) We had gone through several Advantage training on its implementation and troubleshooting and know about its entire process flow.
8) We are a member of “Working Advantage” and Familiar with Advantage CS Sales & Support Team as well.
9) Our team is well aware of all Advantage segments – be it B2B, Consumer/Special Interest, Service Bureau, STM/Scholarly and etc.
10) We have global presence available across all the world and catering clients across Europe, the United States, Australia, Canada, and South Asia.


In the 10 years association with MMS, the client saved a lot of money utilizing our Offshore Ops resources with 100% redundancy, availability and scalability options. Furthermore, we are providing both “Hourly & Monthly rates” options suitable to all business needs.