Role of Sustainable Leadership in 2021

Last year was not just about the pandemic or economic crisis. Apart from the financial calamity that hit various businesses, there was also an imminent rise of sudden attrition rate, along with drastic climatic impact. But some exceptional industry verticals generated high revenues by converting challenges into opportunities. Navigating through new pressures, the business pioneers displayed grand narratives, taking the ultimate test of leadership. Reflections of sustainable leadership revealed the best practices and strategies that are important to thrive and achieve the desired milestones.

Whether you have launched a start-up or belong to the C-suite of the multi-national companies, the year 2021 brings a radical shift to our perspectives and helps us to realize the significance of sustainability in the corporate. Leaders provide inspiration to their workforce and steer the organization and aspiring young professionals to move forward and conquer the possibilities in diverse spheres.

The TBL or Triple Bottom Line is a well-known framework incorporating the three P’s crucial for corporate sustainability. The 3 P’s are “People, Planet and Profit.” The top leadership must recognize and adopt a responsible approach while leading the company from the front. Working in synergy with the stakeholders and considering gender inequality, inclusiveness, and emotional intelligence of the employees are some critical aspects. But to begin with, it is essential to explore and understand how our roles as an individual can contribute in tackling the corporate challenges by looking beyond our roles, organization, and domains.

On my journey to become the CEO of Seasia Group of Companies, I believe that leadership is not a person or a position. It is a series of events, following best practices, which drive to collaborate with teams and strive towards the concurrent mission. Being volatile and sharing ambiguous contexts can hamper your targets and affect the thought process of your employees. The core principles to steer an organization towards success work on continuous learning and collaboration with proficiency to reach beyond the set goals. Having rich conversations with diverse minds working on hitting a common goal leads to strategic decision-making.

At Seasia, we have showcased remarkable growth during unprecedented times and celebrated our corporate targets. Sustainable leadership in the coming years is the key to guarantee success and meet audacious new goals for the coming decades. Leaders play the long game while standing firm and steady for a more prospective future of reconciliation, repair, and recovery.

The Seasia Group of Companies is working on a new approach by revisiting, revising, and evolving as a global tech leader and consistently measuring the impact of our processes. We are working at different levels with a sustainable mindset with a vision to see beyond the immediate challenges. All of us have a crucial role to play as an individual and strive to demonstrate our accomplishments on a wider canvas.