Seasia -Aspiring 10x Faster and 10x Higher

“Huge achievements are less about your genetics, and more about your rituals.”

2020 taught me how blessed Seasia is to have a team that refuses to give anything less than 200%. This team rebounded with innovative ideas and, guided start-ups and governments through some of their toughest business problems and decisions. It has been an overwhelming response that we have garnered riding on to our theme of “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION” of businesses.

Seasia Group of Companies has been the avenue of transformation, cloud, cyber and digital realms.

Seasia—and other institutions—didn’t just survive 2021 crisis, we emerged stronger out of it! Knowing this gives us confidence that we have technology to do more; to create a better normal.

I’d like to thank all our Managers and Team Leads for not only unearthing talents, but also furnishing and propelling talents, while attaining coruscating feedbacks from clients in every single endeavor of 2021. In the next quarter, we are setting a foot ahead and embarking on a journey with expanded teams all over the world.

Your name and work in Seasia continues to make real differences!

Recently, we welcomed 100+ new professionals to Seasia family. Our CTF ( Covid Task Force and CMT [crisis-management team] handles all the issues around safety, health, employee and client confidence. With increased personal insurance plans, HR benefits and COVID support team; Seasia Group of Companies remains strong and resilient.

One of the best things we started were daily executive-management meeting at 5:00 p.m. We’ve entered in each other’s homes, seen study areas, and met each other’s families online. I personally start by asking my management team directly-

‘Is there someone whom should I reach out for doing a great job? Someone who’s financially struggling or maybe has a relative with COVID-19?’

Sometimes all that matters is a word of appreciation to show you actually care!

Most importantly, I want to thank our clients. You are the reason we exist today and show up every single day! Over the past 20 years, Seasia has been on a transformational journey. Since last 2 years, we have been able to deliver the multidisciplinary solutions that businesses needed to recover from economic crisis of the ongoing pandemic. And as the world reopens, Seasia is helping start-ups and businesses thrive like never before!

As we look towards upcoming years, a few things are quite certain.

The pandemic, economic crisis, lockdowns and climate-related disasters can wipe out or emerge new businesses, while testing our existence, including Seasia. It is us who deny this pre-ordained future and take the legacy to shape it up!

The organizations will learn from this crisis and implement the emerging technologies like AI-ML, AR/VR, blockchain technology and more to enhance their resilience.

We all know the new normal of working and living now, and this will continue, with organizations innovating to have greater convenience and at lower costs with Work-from-home software solutions. The local business would have to adapt to changing markets and understand how technologies are rapidly evolving, along with the new societal values and attitudes.

Our commitment towards making a better present begins with OUR EMPLOYEES and CLIENTS! As a benchmark setter in India, USA, Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Ghana, we are using our influence to highly promote equality throughout society, and by empowering people to grow both personally and professionally.

With unimaginable technology solutions and data analysis, we look forth to re-imagine possibilities that help Seasia clients do the same.

We are fortunate to emerge stronger with our uncompromising dedication towards audit quality. The accolades and recognitions for sustained commitment is just the beginning of 2021, as we believe there is much more still to be done.

As regards this edition, it manifests the wide range of Seasia’ technical initiatives that brings out the hidden possibilities for businesses in 2021 and further decade.

The goal is to create a better normal for our people and our clients—guided by Technology Fundamentals, Dedicated Purpose and Shared Values.