Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is changing the way organizations think of the IT solutions and the supplementary IT infrastructure needs. Computing storage, power, security, scalability and resilience are now available on demand and at modest prices. Organizations are transitioning away from the customized, fully possessed IT infrastructure dispositioning patterns towards homogeneous, pay as you go dispositions on the cloud, ensuring conversions of the capital expense on IT into an operational expense.

This theory of IT Infrastructure being available as an on-demand service to be paid on a per-use-basis has created a whole new prototype where the customers can ask for the same model software solution they are using. Service providers are taking on this model by placing their software on the cloud, and making it available to a wide set of customers in the shape of a software service.

At Seasia, we help such providers realize their goals of creating and deploying the software solutions in a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model on to the cloud. We assist our clients at each step of the way, right from the conceptualization of the solution and the requirement seizure, through the development and the deployment of the infrastructure provided by the key players in the cloud market. Our goal is to design and deploy applications efficiently and quickly and have them function consistently on the cloud.

Our Services

Developing Software-as-a-Service solutions for our clients to help them leverage the power of Cloud Computing

  • AWS Development

    Seasia leverages AWS for product deployment as a dedicated and multi-tenant infrastructure. The component services offered within AWS (SQS, S3, RDS, Cloud Front, Dynamo DB) are used for inline data storage and backup solutions, web based e-mail services, hosted office suites and document collaboration services, technical support services, database processing and more.
  • Google

    Google Cloud Platform allows you to use the same cloud computing infrastructure that Google uses to power its services. Constructed on a set of integrated cloud-based services, the Google Cloud Platform lets you create everything, from meek, artless websites to intricate applications. As a Google Strategic Partner, Seasia has delivered numerous projects to organizations that have looked to achieve the benefits that the Google cloud has to offer.
  • Microsoft

    Microsoft’s cloud platform, Windows Azure, is collecting impetus across the globe. It is a complete cloud services operating system that fits all the levels of the business needs. Seasia has done numerous deployments onto the Azure platform and more than just a development play here by offering service hosting and management.
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