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ERP systems promptly acclimatized to the required changes for customer and the engagement in predicting and capitalizing on economic fashions. It is overbearing to acceleration time to market though diminishing risk & costs sustained, besides the commendably handling the worldwide processes and concrete method of decision making based on the current and historical data and stats. In most of the profession, customer faces dares; the worldwide business is stepping up to the command of latest technologies for incorporation through exterior associates, contractors and customers to drive that additional mile in a numerically troublesome marketplace. To respond to marketplace upsurges, industries look at technology providers for continuous communication of in-congruent solution

ERP Services

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    Our manufacturing solutions benefits the customers to reduce the manufacturing costs, deliver the smart solution to fulfill current resources to achieve new dimensions. We offer enriched and economical products to facilities our end customers. This industry drives the global economy; from automobiles to clothing, food to electronics, every manufacturing unit contributes exceptionally to uplift the economy. Dynamic trading has overwhelmed the manufacturers thru globe to generate quality products as per the need. This helps the organizations to discover the sole paradigms required excelling in initiation products and services, enhanced business operations, or reliably define innovative ways of manufacturing customers along their digital ride.

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    Disaster Management

    Our SaaS based solution for disaster management facilitates the institutes to manage and assign the resources during the exigencies. Humanitarian institutes are fore runners in assisting people and governments in case of calamities/disasters. It offers a comprehensive and easy to use resolution to manage Emergency Response logistics. The solution empowers to formulate for, respond to, and recover from calamitous happenings and to improve the coordination of people and resource on a daily basis. It is a versatile solution which gives real-time, geo-spatial tracking information on teams, activities and resource inventories and benefits disaster teams plan, coordinate and track in response to a disaster event.

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    Real Estate

    A big marketplace has been covered by real estate industry, to get the response of the prospective customers through collaborative real estate solutions, it is essential to provide them an adaptable, proficient and user friendly solution. We have delivered different SaaS based real estate solutions to our respective clients and provide them a custom real estate solution with highly creative, feature rich and completely scalable. Our intentions to proximate consumers to the business. Our solutions enable the customer to synchronize their offline results with their online efforts to connect better results. We associate with our customers to maximize the potential our resolutions to provide the best possible manner. We develop portals as well as the applications wherein end client can showcase their properties and connect with prospect buyers. They can manage their accounts, resources and get the reports of their financial periods as per the need.

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Drivermatics is an advanced telematics application for iPhone and Android devices that is designed to help users to stay safe on the road.

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