Stay Safe

I’ve been following the news - with growing concern - on the spread of the Coronavirus infections and the way in which it has now spread to people outside China! Ours is a connected, global world - the Earth is Flat - and I guess we’ll soon see impacts to daily lives and businesses closer to home too. I can only express my concerns and pray that this blows over soon! Meanwhile, rest assured that I’m thinking through contingency plans to mitigate any potential impacts to our day to day work.

Coming to the good news side

I’d like to share with you that we’re getting significant traction in the Australian market

our local representative is close to getting the legal entity registered and getting our first large client and account onboard. As this is a significant account, we’ll soon have a small team permanently stationed there for client support and maintenance fixes

Apart from this, I’d like to call out two other significant milestones:


Streaming Education

Our framework for Live Streaming of Educational Content is now ready and is being rolled out to the end client. With this cross-platform, cross-technology framework, we’ve added a significant service offering to our bouquet which can be leveraged in multiple functional domains.


Here come the Drones!

I’m happy to share with you that our project on Drones is coming along quite well! Our team has rolled out the flight control module to the client for testing and we’re seeing great results and getting a good feedback for the same. Kudos to the team for achieving this milestone! I’m looking forward to the team continuing with “flying colours”!


Last month I had talked about my intention to roll out a separate Product Division; it has now been formalised and Kamal Thakur will lead this team with a focus on Location Based Services, Indoor Navigation and Tracking products.


I know we all are looking forward to the long weekend for Holi Celebrations. I trust that work schedule planning is in place and client projects impacts would be mitigated. Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy Holi! Needless to say, we’ll have Holi celebration @ office that Friday!