Last of the ‘teens!

From the CEO’s Desk

Chandigarh 30-12-2019
As 2019 draws to a close, let me break with tradition and talk about the year to come and about our hopes and ambitions for the future, rather than about the year gone by...

As we grow and continue deploying cutting edge applications for our clients, it is imperative that we realise that our clients’ teams & their end customers are the ones that our applications actually serve. Hence, while we move more and more into swifter, stronger, more performant technology frameworks, we need to constantly remind our selves of the end users of our software - if we can leverage the technology advances to make their life easier, then, and only then, will they be happy! And like I always say, a happy client equals ten more clients! With this “end-user happiness” in mind, it is my intention to focus on Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence & Drones this year, as these are the technologies that can positively impact any business process and can result in significant “end user happiness”!

As we move into 2020...

I’m thankful to the whole Seasia Family-our teams, our well-wishers, and our clients for their unstinting support!

As you know, we’ve made great progress this year: we’ve done key work in Live-streaming & DevOps; we’ve added significant new logos; and we’re expanding to new locations!

Here’s to continued success and a rocking 2020!



Leverage the benefits of Robotic Process Automation for our clients



Significantly upgrade our delivery capacity on AI / ML projects via additional technologies



Combine our strengths in geo-location and IOT to deliver value via Drone-based solutions

Going Places !



Our DevOps team will be fully online in our Minsk office by early Apr 2020


Our onshore Sales & Support office will be operational from 1st Jan 2020!



Our Product Sales team will become fully operational by 1st Jun, 2020.