Greetings from Seasia!

Here's a mixed bunch from my side to this month, with several things to highlight!

The best thing is that the Indian economy is likely to prosper in the coming year, which is a piece of good news for our nation.

Seasia's vision and mission have always been to create the world's best digital experiences and meet our clients' expectations. Even in these challenging times, we have been extra productive and collaborative. Our customized products fulfill our creative pursuits to deliver perfect solutions and serve every company's needs. We are glad to enter into the product based market with the launch of our sister company, Cerebrum.

We are wrapping our head around moving businesses from SaaS to PaaS, and it would be for our systems and processes entirely. Statistics claim that the Indian SaaS startups will acquire around 7-9% global market share by 2022 and are poised to reach 20 billion in revenue. Infact, SaaS products are procuring wide acceptance of the world-class products built and managed by the Indian founders worldwide. The gain of traction by Indian SaaS companies fosters the pride further.

We can't deny the fact there is always light at the end of the tunnel. So, let us hold resolutely to the hope we profess.

As we can see, the daily new infections dip below 30,000 cases while the COVID-19 case fatality rate stands at 1.45%. Our executive management is now phrasing plans regarding the same. They are observing the situation closely and are confident to come up with an accurate plan for our employees.

I thank every Seasian, for supporting in a war-like situation. Until our next meet-keep well and keep safe.