Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a MVC (model–view–controller) framework, providing default structures for a database, web pages and a web service. It is a full-stack web framework that is optimized for sustainable productivity. It depends upon convention, not configuration. It boosts the use of web standards such as XML or JSON (for data transfer), and CSS, HTML and JavaScript (for user interfacing and display). The outcome is a web framework, which permits you to transit idea to implementation in a very short duration of time.

The Rails developers at Seasia Infotech are highly skilled in making custom web applications to improve and automate business practices. Developers here are acquainted with the entire application stack that is required to deliver a complete product from beginning to end independently, or together with your in-house team.

  • Technology & Standards

    Seasia provides the below services at the Web and the desktop end:









  • Data Bases

    Seasia has integrated the below databases

    Sql Server



  • Third Party APIs/Libraries

    It is an application program interface that offers a developer the programmatic access to a proprietary software application.

    Payment Gateways - Google Checkout, PayPal,, Link Point, Stripe, Closeline.

    Social Network Integration

    Google API

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