From the CEO’s Desk

Hello Seasians,

We are now entering the most sophisticated month of this uncanny year: September. I know you all have been watching news circling around the post-pandemic world, but I want to remind you that we are still in the time of the pandemic, So be alert and stay safe.

We all have faced the worse of lockdown, and now we are in the phase of recovering from the very severe two-month recession. I want to thank you all for your support. We will recover from this calamity sooner.

Economies have recovered strongly in the past few months despite the continued global spread of the virus, with new cases in the US picking up sharply from late-June, second waves emerging in France and Spain from late-July, and cases rising in Japan and Korea. However, daily mobility data have not shown renewed declines in retail and recreation visits over the past month or so in these countries, in contrast to the initial surge in new virus cases in March and April.

Many speculations showed that job security globally is at its all-time low. However, this is not the case with us. With your willpower, I am proudly announcing that we are in the process of hiring more talents in the coming future to uplift the organization and minimizing the damage done during the first and the second quarter of the financial year.

I am very much optimistic that this nexus of virus and illness is in its end phase, and sooner we all will be free from it.