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It’s The Time to Get Social!

Social Media has become the buzz word in the field of digital marketing because of its easy availability. A strong network of target audience on social sites can accomplish any of your business objectives. And if it blends with strong web presences, branding comes closer. The social media consultants at Seasia are experts in creating brand hype through various social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin and many more.

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Our Value Preposition

  • Be Clear of Audience

    Before posting the first tweet, it is important that you must know to whom you are talking with. You cannot even know what will happen with your audience till the point you are very much clear of your audience. Once you know your audience, ascertain what your audience is passionate about. What drives your targeted client to take action? We have the capability to influence the sharing power but never put this to work till we grasp on what motivates our audience to take action.

  • Use All Social Networks

    It’s finally the time to actually get on social media platform, but do you prefer only one? You might have a social network that you always prefer to choose over the others. This doesn’t mean that majority of your followers feel the same way as you feel. If you want to succeed with social media marketing strategy, then make a habit to post across all the networks. We at Seasia use almost all of the social media sites and this comprises of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more to get leads. Contact now!

  • Two Way Communication

    Social media platform gives us the power to learn more about your audiences, things in which they are interested and receive their feedback. We ask our clients to share their ideas, thoughts, and inquiries, if any to know them better. We respond to our clients as soon as possible. We avoid worrying by seeing the negative reactions of our clients on this platform, if any, yet make efforts to overcome our negativities. This thing is very much significant to boost performance.

  • Set Goals That We Can Track

    It is simple to say that you need more followers or there is a need to increase the traffic to your website all through a specific social media platform. In any case, what amount? What will a fruitful number look like to you? Don’t simply let your social group a chance to drift along, posting frequently yet without any actual guidance. We, set standards and accomplishment that we want to reach and a reasonable time frame that you figure out to be possible.

Case Studies

Mainstreet Digital Marketing

Mainstreet Equity Corp. is a publicly traded (TSX: MEQ) residential real estate company in Canada. Established in 1998, it has grown its portfolio from 272 units with a market value of approximately $17 million to 9,336 units (YTD) and approximately $1.4 billion market value.

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