Real Estate

Seasia is an experienced Real Estate software solution provider. We anticipate market changes to provide a range of solutions to cater global Real Estate Market. We design comprehensive solutions for Real Estate professionals, which allows them to manage all their organizational data on one platform and focus on core competencies.

Our core platform combines group of integrated modules and system designed specifically for various Real Estate verticals:

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    Rental ERP

    solution accessed via Web & Mobile ,

    Real-time, cross-functional, bespoke Rental Property Management offering solution for Vendor, Inventory, Accounting and Budgeting, Maintenance, HR & payroll and much more.

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    Property Buy and Sell Solution

    Cloud-based app covering all steps in the purchase & sale of properties right from listing & searching to generation of ‘Offer to Purchase’ and ‘Purchase Agreement’. Our Solution offers MLS Search Listings, Background Check for Sellers, DocuSign for electronic signatures, PayPal & Close line for settlements. It's a full-functionality app, no offline steps to complete the transaction.

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    Retail Store Rental

    Tracks shop openings, listings, and brand locations, upcoming rental availabilities, advanced metrics like footfall & rentals, and key money calculations for Retail Brand Stores in key cities around the world. Our solution provides revolutionary information and analytics to Retailers, Tenants, Landlords, and Asset Managers & Brokers.


Seasia is leading the way in redefining the benefits to retail companies from a strategic digital presence.
Committed to making your effective presence felt across all electronic channels- websites, specific portals and mobile devices (m-commerce), Seasia helps you to create a memorable experience for your customers. In keeping with this approach, we view the point of sale space in terms of the following service offerings:

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    Wherein we partner with our clients to help them evolve beyond their traditional brick-and-mortar channels and establish their presence on the web.

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    Wherein we work with our clients to integrate the mobile channel into their exiting channel mix.

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    Social Networking

    Wherein we leverage our proprietary tools to connect our clients’ digital channels with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, thereby building a deeper connection with their customers.

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    Proximity Marketing

    Location-based search & push advertising is another service that we specialize in, wherein information about the users’ location is leveraged to serve him contextual marketing messages, mobile coupons & information on the physical location of service outlets.


Seasia's location services support the generation and distribution of location information which can be used in a wide range of applications. Seasia focuses on high accuracy, which transforms into greater benefits to consumers and enterprises.

Location Based Services (LBS) cover a wide gamut of applications, we view this domain in terms of the following sub-domains or application groupings:

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    Geo-location & Navigation

    Geo-location and navigation is the area wherein information about the device’s current location is leveraged to provide the user with navigational functionalities. Applications built by Seasia that are grouped under this area deliver functionalities that include Route Planning, Turn-by-turn Navigation and Geotagging (e.g. for property searches, for sighting of rare species etc.).

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    Tracking & Dynamic Distribution of Resources

    Tracking and Dynamic Distribution of Resources is the field wherein LBS are leveraged to track the location of mobile resources that provide a particular service; for e.g. we have built applications that track taxi cabs for transportation, nurses or other care providers for medication etc. In these applications, the nearest resource is automatically allocated or dispatched to serve the users’ request.

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    Location-based Search & Advertising

    Location-based search and push advertising is another growing field within LBS that we at Seasia specialize in. The core idea here is to leverage information about the users’ location and his predefined ‘interests’ or ‘opt-in’s to serve him contextual marketing information (like coupons / deals in nearby stores), information about the location of businesses or services close by (e.g. ATMs, Gas Stations, Restaurants etc.) or information about members of his social group (e.g. location of people in their friend circle).
    We’ve also partnered with clients whose ideas or applications do not conform to any one of the sub-domains listed above but rather cut across multiple sub-domains, Drivermatics is one such path-breaking application we are working on for one of our esteemed clients. Likewise, we’ll be happy to hear your ideas, irrespective of their categorization, and help bring them to fruition for you.

Health Care

With deep healthcare domain knowledge and ability to make premier quality and secure systems, Seasia enables Health Care Service providers build and implement front-line technology to enhance Health Care processes.
Seasia provides solutions that are innovative and add absolute technical edge to our client’s health care processes and positions them well in the highly evolving and progressive field.
Seasia views the Healthcare domain in terms of four workflows that complement each other to streamline access to patient information, improve the clinical view of the patient at the point of care, and enable efficient collaboration among caregivers:

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    Intra-Clinic Workflow

    Seamless integration of the various functions, departments and staff of a clinic, engaged in providing services to a patient.

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    Inter-Clinic Workflow

    Integration and secure sharing of medical records among different service providers that comprise the overall ecosystem of healthcare providers.

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    Patient-Centric Workflow

    Management of patient records, appointments, invoicing and payments in a centralized and controlled manner.

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    Inventory Management Workflow

    Tracking the status of medicines and consumables to facilitate requisitions, purchase orders, goods received notes, invoicing & payments.


We have a long history of delivering large projects for various government and public sector enterprises. In fact, we started our IT services journey with the Government Vertical back in 2000 and over the years, as the offshore development partner for Saber Corp., we delivered many path breaking solutions to US Government Entities. Through that body of work, we internalized the core ethos of Structured Delivery Processes, Data Security, and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) into our corporate DNA.
We have the experience to handle the expectations of having nimble and effective governance handling complex mission requirements, technology stability, and feature rich business functionality.
Our solutions have been used by various government entities in US and India to deliver superior services to their consumers across different sectors like:

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    Seasia delivered a HAVA’02 compliant Voter Registration & Election Management System that supports Voter Registration, Election Management and Ballot Processing. It was implemented across 9 US States including Maryland, Oregon, New York & Iowa among others.

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    Motor Vehicles

    Seasia’s delivered a solution for the Department of Motor Vehicles to automate the government’s system of Registering Vehicles and Issuing Driving Licenses. The system was implemented across 5 US states.

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    Pensions Administration

    Seasia delivered a configurable pensions administration solution for public retirement funds. It automates functions like Wage & Contributions Management, Benefit Calculations & Payments, Refunds & Taxes and Customer Services. It was implemented at four government entities.

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    Child Care Management

    We delivered the solution used by the Office for Children Information System in the US that caters to the needs of the Child Care Support program. The solution supports end to end functionality for managing cases, workflows, finances and budgets for 5 US states.

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    CDAC- Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

    Seasia has collaborated with Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India for mobile development of applications of over 11 states from across the country.

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    The World Bank

    Seasia is working on a project in collaboration with the Punjab government and the World Bank that aims to educate the rural districts of Punjab about the burning issues of sanitation and water conservation through digital marketing techniques.

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    Hartron- Haryana State Electronics Development Corporation Limited

    We have worked with the Haryana State Electronics Development Corporation Limited to automate the book keeping, receiving and inventory processes of Haryana Granth Academy and have worked on the installation and training processes for them.


Seasia has extensive experience in Social Networking Services, creating prime platforms enabling networking between individuals organizations and enabling businesses to use Social Media based business drivers to create engagement and hence increase sales.
In today’s globally competitive business era, just feature differentiation is not enough to beat competition, a global, engaging Social presence is really important and Seasia helps you build that.
Our Social Network Solutions have been used in various areas of businesses and across the globe.

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    Generic Social Networks

    Seasia’s solution offer packaged services in an attractive and organized way to allow users leverage web to make connections.

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    Professional Network

    Seasia has custom designed solution for Professional network which focusses solely on interactions and relationships of a business.

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    Intranet Networking System

    Intranet Applications like inter-office e-mail and communicators allow employees of a company to communicate swiftly. Seasia’s Intranet application solution has advance backend and creative user interface to handle it.

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    Dating Sites and Chat Engines

    Seasia’s dating and Chat solutions offers matching algorithms, Video Chat, rich UI experience for Image and video viewing, fast searching and instant messaging.

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    Social Networks Based on Niche Groups

    Seasia’s Social network solution has options to have it customized for a Niche group like food, lifestyle or entertainment using its easy templates.

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    Social Media Marketing

    Our SEO experts ensure that your website ranks among the top sites in search engine rankings thereby gaining free traffic (‘footfall’ or ‘eyeballs’) from prospects and clients. We offer customized on-page and off-page optimization techniques that help your website compete with the rest of the market.

Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.

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