Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology let you experience brilliant interactivity like never before. It is a computer-created sensory experience that makes a participant hardly distinguish a virtual experience from a real one. Virtual Reality environments contrast from conventional desktop in the sense that they set in the user in a computer generated data environment. VR is not a computer, but a technology that uses computer graphics, images and sounds to reproduce electronic versions of real-life conditions.

It is still a rapidly progressing and diversifying field. Its evolution has undertaken almost two decades of research and development. The key properties of these systems are described as:
• 3D-representation and perception
• Sense of presence and immersion
• Spatial interaction in real-time
Seasia provides Virtual reality experience from conception, production, virtual reality capture, processing and app development.

how it works

A revolution in Virtual Reality came with the introduction of a head-mounted display with two tiny stereoscopic displays positioned just a few inches in front of the eyes.

A VR headset shows you an image and the moment you move your head it transforms that image to make it feel like you are really there. 3D audio make you forget the physical surroundings and enrich your experience. Movement in Artificial Reality is simulated by shifting the optics in the field of vision in response to movement of certain parts of body, like the hand or head. Turn the head, and the scene moves accordingly.

With VR, the position of your phone decides what you see on screen. Using sensors, such as a gyroscope, a VR device permits you to look around the virtual setting surrounding you, in 360 degrees when you turn your head. The sensation is like being inside a simulated world that computer has created.

  • Features

    • Life-like Shooter Games

    • Ride real-life roller coasters

    • Virtually Visit College Campuses

    • Volvo HoloLens Showroom

    • Visit virtual real estate

    • Switch genders and enter someone else’s body

    • Virtual Racing

  • Scope

    Nanotech VR

    There are discussions going on about using nanotechnology as a means to enable expand the horizon beyond the human body boundaries and arrive into the digital world. This means that we would become a part of the virtual environment. The human brain would get uploaded into a computer system and this means immortality. But, how much of this is science fiction rather than the reality?

    The actuality at the moment is that new developments in gaming technology make full use of virtual reality. This will expectantly lead to new types of games which will push the boundaries and generate new experiences.

    We at Seasia offer you a wide range of 3D digital imaging, modelling, virtual reality and visualization services and build multi-platform VR applications.

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