Everything You Need to Know about eScooter App Development [A Comprehensive Checklist]

Everything You Need to Know about eScooter App Development

Technology is changing the way of everything around us. Transportation is one of the fields which is experiencing most of it. There are more than many ways; our modes of transportation have grown with the inception of technology. From the discovery of the wheel to the discovery of motor engine, technology has revolutionized our travel arrangements. Now, at its zenith where the engine needs fuel, the tech enthusiasts come up with a formidable solution that can save both time and nature.

E-Transport is the new avatar of transportation!!!

You mustn’t surprise if you are roaming on the streets of San Francisco, San Diego, or Los Angeles and you spot loads of E-Scooters hissing by. You might see them literally everywhere, parked randomly near sidewalks and furniture lanes.

All these dockless E-Scooters are the innovative idea of start-ups like Spin, Bird, and LimeBike. Being the part of an on-demand economy, you can rent these e-scooters with your phone application for $1 plus 15 cents per mile. There is no hard and fast rule in renting these scooters. You can simply check where these scooters are located from the app, pay up and take the ride and then park it simply in the designated parking zone of your area (Neat, isn’t it?).

What is there for you?

I know, as a business owner, you might be wondering that what help does it will provide you.

Here comes the first suggestion,

Start your own E-Scooter Mobile Application and get on with your business.

Will this idea pay off you ask?

Yes, it certainly does, recently LimeBike raised about $250 Millions. Its exclusive competitor Bird raised the funds up to $1 Billion. And the bummer is neither of the company is 2 years old!!!

So, what do you think?

Let’s stay on our course!!!

Here I will disclose some of the strategies that will help you in building a robust E-Scooter application if you decided to jump into the business. What features you must have in your application and what strategies you can adapt to make your E-Scooter Business successful.

Without any further ado, let’s get started,

Why Is Everyone Going Crazy Over Electric Scooters?

First thing, people have a mixed feeling for electric scooters. Some of them are excited for them while some of them are declaring them foul. There is a segment of people who actually think that people might get hurt as there are many areas where the E-Scooters are not allowed but people are taking them there and will eventually get hurt.

In my view, it is the responsibility of the E-scooter rider, not the ride. It will be safer if the rider sticks to the local laws and stick to the bicycle lane at least. Yes, it is a fact that people tend to choose sidewalks for the shorter route but that route will also include the risk of hurting someone or being hurt.

These E-Scooters are so popular because of the cost as well. They are way too cheaper than Uber taxis. So, people do love cheaper mode of transport. It makes E-Scooter an impressive source of business in the nearing future.

What do you think about that? There are some features which you must add to successfully pull off this business. Let’s discuss them in detail,


Features You Must Have If You Want to Develop an E-Scooter App

Yes, I agree that there are no hard and fast rules for developing an E-Scooter App, however, you must make sure that you serve your audience with all the essential features. In this section of the post, you will learn some of the best features that will help you in presenting better services to your audience.

·  Directs Users to Unlock & Reserve the Scooter Nearby

In order to transmute exchange, there is a principal feature which is very hard to ignore. While developing the mobile app you want your audience to be guided to unlock and reserve the nearby scooter. When your user wants a ride, he can simply locate a ride online and reserve them. This feature may seem naïve but most of the time business owners overlook these features and in the end, pay with the price of their business.

E-Scooter tycoon Bird uses such a feature which eases their customers in finding the scooters. They believe that a mobile app must be organized and simple. It is the only way to persuade customers to book a ride.

·  Start the Ride by Just Scanning the Barcode within the App

There is a significant increase in the adoption of e-scooters by the customers. So, when you are developing a mobile app for your e-scooter business there is a feature you must have. It is the barcode scanner which will enable the user to book a ride and get on with it.

As I said earlier, a simpler app is always better. This simple feature will ease your customers to book the ride easily. The Bird App uses the QR code scanner for their customers to book a ride. It increases the convenience of their customers which clearly reflects on their ROI.

·  Allows Users to End Their Ride by Locking the E-Scooter Using the App

The third most important feature you don’t want to miss is that your user can safely lock the e-scooter after their ride using your mobile app. It is a security feature which will give your user a peace of mind. It doesn’t matter where they park the scooter, their app can easily lock and unlock the ride. So, if you want to develop an e-scooter app, then you must add this feature.

·  Safety Campaigns to Guide the Users for Riding Safe

Safety of your customers must be the top priority of your company. To ensure that, you must add a feature that can help your customer to understand how crucial safety precautions are. It also must include how to take the ride and how to drive and park the e-scooter safely. It may not affect your ROI but it surely will ensure the safety of your customer.


Now, let’s move to strategies that will help you in developing your e-scooter business and streamline your growth.


Strategies You Must Adapt To Pace Up Your Growth

In this section of the post, I will introduce 3 rudimentary strategies that will help you in your e-scooter business. These strategies are well tried and tested by some of the greatest E-Scooter franchises. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Here you go,


·  Provide More Convenient Transportation Choice Along With Safety

One of the strategies behind the success of LimeBike is to provide the highest rate of convenience and safety in transportation.

When it comes to convenience, there is no option that can beat the convenience provided by the e-scooter apps. And, the convenience comes with a slew of features like nearby bike option and easy-to-operate. After each ride, the fare will be automatically charged online. It means riders can enjoy the cashless ride. In this way, convenience is one of the dominant factors behind the success of e-scooter companies.

Therefore, if you are planning to create e-scooter apps like LimeBike or Bird, then providing “convenience” to riders to book e-scooter can surely help your startup to stand-out.

·  Provide an essential feature like precise location tracking

Being a startup, you need to take extra attention to the quality of vehicles, and they must be durable for a long run. Also, they would not create hassles for riders while using them. Thus, you need to plan to build your own customized e-scooter mobile app solutions for your users.

You need to provide a smooth, sturdy, and safe ride with the easy controls. And, if you are planning to create a ride-sharing app like Bird or Skip, then it is important to provide an essential feature like precise location tracking. By providing such a feature, it could help them to drive and park their vehicles in a safe manner.

·  Solutions for Urban Mobility with Technology

First of all, you need to identify the urban traffic problems to conquer urban traffic. In short, urban traffic is shorthand for stress, frustration, and time not spent actually living. To face increasing congestion in major cities, urban mobility is in demand for transformation.

The challenge is not just to find something that is eco-friendly and easy-to-use but also adaptable to consumers’ needs and can be shared between app users. All these challenges can be addressed in several ways.

Being a startup, you need to think to add more valuable features, which can make your business more attractive to your app users. Some features like schedule the ride that helps riders to book rider in advance if they are in hurry.


Winding It Up

So, what do you think about that? Let’s discuss that in detail. Seasia Infotech is apt in mobile app development. We can help you in building an app that will skyrocket your E-Scooter business. So, what do you think about it? Mention that in comments and I will get back to you. Adios for now!!!

Boost Your App Rankings with Proper ASO

Boost Your App Rankings with Proper ASO

ASO or App Store Optimization is the process of upgrading the visibility of a mobile app in an app store. Just like websites are optimized by search engine optimization (SEO), mobile apps are optimized by App Store Optimization (ASO). Precisely, app store optimization is the process of ranking an app highly in an app store’s search results and top charts rankings.

Various mobile marketing companies and ASO marketers agree that higher ranks and top chart rankings can drive downloads for an app. But how can apps be optimized?

Here are some effective, proven and result-oriented tips that are used by the SEO marketers for an effective ASO:

Name Your App Appropriately

A unique name for the app is not just a matter of branding. For best results for ASO, it is important to include relevant keywords in your title, as it affects the app store search results severely.

The titles in the app store are limited to 255 characters, allowing the use of plenty of keywords and phrases. However, this doesn’t mean that you stuff all the possible keywords. The title of an app is its first impression to the potential customer. The longer a title, more are its chances to get truncated from the search results.

Titles are usually truncated after the 30th character (including spaces) in Google Play and 23rd character in the App Store. And for the installed apps, they truncate after 11 and 14 characters for a device’s navigation menu and for the home screen, respectively.

To ensure that an app is clearly identified, the name should be short and sweet. To associate the app with selected keywords, all the non-essential keywords can then be added after the name, preceded by a vertical bar or a hyphen.

Know Your Customer and Your Competition

Do you know your customers and your competition? A well-shaped ASO strategy focuses on understanding how the customers use the app, together with a profound view of the competitive landscape. When starting, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What would be the top reasons for downloading and using your app?
  • What is your competitive advantage?
  • What language do your customers use?
  • How would they describe your app?
  • What keywords are targeted by your competitors?
  • How easily can you compete against these same keywords?
  • Should you target the obvious keywords or the less obvious keywords that speak better of your unique offerings and the points of variation?

An effective ASO strategy starts when you put yourself in your customer’s shoes. The goal is to improve the visibility in the app store searches and for that those keywords need to be targeted that drives the most traffic. The best way to identify the optimal keywords is by consumer research i.e. finding out what search queries are bringing customers to your app and the language they used to describe it.

Make the Most of Your Keywords

Different app stores have different keyword strategies. Below are the respective approaches of the App Store and Google Play Store.

The keyword field in App Store is limited to 100 characters. These 100 characters determine which search strings your app shall show up for. Keeping this in mind, it is important to use all the allotted characters and sensibly research your keywords to maximize the organic traffic.

Google Play, on the other hand, takes an approach similar to the modern SEO. It scans the description of the app to extract relevant keywords. For this, it provides 4000 characters field to describe the app in a normal, customer-facing language. Rather than jamming the keywords into the text, try and sprinkle them where they logically make sense.

Bring in a Unique Logo

The logo is responsible for the first impression of the app. Your potential customers would browse infinite apps; it is the logo of your app that would make it stand out of the rest.

It’s important to make it count!

When designing the logo, it is important to note that the App Store and Google Play vary in their approach and representation of the app logos. Both of them have predetermined standards for the ideal size, color scheme and geometry, all designed to match the rest of the operating systems.

For iOS, the logo should be sized to at least 1024*1024 pixels. From here, iOS resizes the logo for other applications, including app icons (180*180), tab bar icons (75*75) and navigation icons (66*66). It is also necessary to keep up the simplicity that can be reduced to the smallest size.

For Android, the size of the logo should be 512*512 pixels. It is recommended by Google that the designing of the app logo is done in accordance with the material design guidelines, which details everything from logo anatomy to shading and lighting.

Create a Convincing Description

You have already convinced the app store that your app is relevant to a specific list of keywords, now it’s the time to convince your potential customers that it meets their needs.

The description of the app should be targeted towards the customer base rather than search engine index. It should be viewed as call-to-action for the potential customers. The app description should be able to define itself in simple and crisp language, list the inimitable benefits it offers, and encourages the reader to download it.

It is recommended to focus the bulk of the energy in the first three lines of the description to grab immediate attention of the readers. Make the decision easy by immediately communicating what your app does and why they should use it.

The app description along with the rest of your product page should be treated as a breathing document. Every time an update is submitted, the changes should be portrayed in the product page’s description and screenshots of the new call out features.

Incorporate Videos and Screenshots

Screenshots in the description may not have a straight effect on search rankings, but they do exert downloads. Images convey more about what the app actually is about and by bringing the descriptive text to life, it allows the potential customers to envision your app before they download in real.

Though you can upload up to five screenshots for iOS apps and up to eight for Android apps, only the first 2-3 screenshots will be shown in the page load gallery. Be careful in ensuring that these screenshots show your app’s most pivotal features and are strong enough to influence the reader to browse other screenshots and download the app.

Increase Traffic with External Advertisings

It is vital to remember that on-page optimization is just one part of the mobile marketing kit. And this is where the role of your SEO knowledge comes in. It is extensively believed that both Android and Apple influence your app’s total page visits and product page backlinks when defining your search and overall ranks.

In simple words, the more traffic you drive to your listings, the higher it will rank in the search results. To drive traffic, you can build an online presence around your app with social media content, inviting reviews and investing in online advertising.

For many issuers, app indexing has proven to be the most effective strategy for driving traffic to an app’s product page. App Indexing basically is the process of making the app content searchable and linkable from searches.

App Indexing helps you get your app found in App Stores. As soon as your app is indexed, mobile users who search for keywords related to your app can see your app and install it accordingly. It helps in increasing downloads and app store traffic directly from a search engine results page.

App indexing has rapidly shaken up the world of searches, with 40% of searches now recurring as app indexed results. The world is going mobile, and those apps advancing the curve in ASO and app indexing trends will be those that steal the market share from the web-dominated search results.

The various platforms used for advertisings are Facebook, Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Confine Your App Listing

If your audience is beyond the English-speaking world, consider adjusting your language and brand communication to the needs and wants of the audience segment.

To start with, you can speak to your customers in a language they use at home. There are innumerable solutions for low-cost translation services that can convert your app’s title, description, keywords, and screenshots to the languages of the largest segments.

Both the Google Play Store and the App Store allow localization of the app listings to make them easily discoverable and readable for customers in different countries. This increases both, the adoption and the conversion rates, as more customers find your app using keywords in their language and as more customers download it after seeing a welcoming product page in their language. Together, these two effects collectively can add up to as much as a 767% increase in downloads.

Regular Updates

Mobile customers look for apps that improve constantly, with updates based on feedbacks by customers. The frequently updated apps are more customer-centric and have a higher value. Subsequently, app updates correspond highly to better reviews as each improved version of the app should naturally receive higher ratings that the version before.

Apparently, releasing an update is just half the scuffle. The next step is to inspire existing customers to download the update.  The following three strategies can help you sell your next update:

  • Keep the customers busy within your app such as notifying them about the latest update and what improvements they can look forward to.
  • Regularly renew the app description and the ‘What’s New’ field in the product page of the app store to highlight the new and improved features with a convincing call-to-action.
  • Uphold a hefty volume of five-star reviews for your app, and specifically for the latest version. According to stats, one-third of the existing customers check the ratings before downloading an update. Uphold a positive rating for that easy win.

It is recommended to maintain the update frequency between 30 to 40 days. However, always remember that each time you update an iOS app, the ratings reset and with this, the ranking drops temporarily. As a result, frequently updated iOS apps experience higher app store rank instability, while the frequently updates Android apps experience stability.

Stimulate Feedback and Ratings

Despite being mentioned at the end, it is really important to maintain a steady flow of positive reviews as it serves as the utmost possible validation of your app’s quality and is one of the best determinants of rank. This rule is applicable to all the app stores; apps with a large volume of positive ratings lead the top charts.

As per studies, the rating volume outplays the rating sentiment, when it comes to determine the ranks.

The app stores are always in the wait to recognize apps with the biggest fan community and the best standby for determine that is the rating count.

The apps with the maximum ratings usually are the ones which keep their customers busy and dynamically ask for customer feedbacks to contour their product roadmap and upcoming updates. It is important to remember that app store ratings provide just a myopic view of customer satisfaction.

With smart rating prompts, one can easily boost the ratings and eventually, the rank by thought-provoking only those customers who are most likely to give a 5-star review.

Concluding It Up:

Assisted with an understanding of the science and data regarding app store ranking algorithms and these top tips for App Store Optimization, you are well on the way to an unfailing ASO strategy. With vigilant measurement and a little trial and error, you can win-over your competitors in the app store top charts.

However, App Store Optimization is an ongoing process, thanks to both, the ever-progressing ranking algorithms and to the modest nature of the app stores. A successful ASO strategy requires a keen eye, a taste for the analytics and steady check-ins. Succeed these and your investment will pay-off many times over.

Make Your App a Star with ASO Services

Make Your App a Star with ASO Services

The field of mobile technology is rapidly growing. The number of smart phone users in the market keeps on increasing; conglomerates find newer ways to promote their products and services using both mobile apps and websites. In such a scenario, a business mobile app with perfect functionality can serve as an effective marketing tool for any company. But as several enterprises come up with more and more mobile apps, it becomes tougher for newcomers to make their apps popular.

Developers face many difficulties making their apps popular on the app store due to a number of existing apps. They require app store optimization (ASO) services in order to promote their apps and make them viral. A large number of apps hit the online market periodically, and it is a tough task for a developer to make the app accepted. Many developers face the problem of remaining unnoticed on application stores just because of lack of marketing.

In order to remove such trouble, developers require application store optimization (ASO) services that offer efficient marketing of an app. Such services build a platform to draw people’s attention towards it and in turn help making the app popular in the app store. Application store optimization services include every solution of promoting the app for a certain period on the app store platforms like Google Play.

Tips and Tricks for App Store Optimization:

  1. Find Keywords: Keywords play a vital role in ASO because the best keywords can land you into a lot more searches, which can help in opening up a huge number of prospective users who might download the app. The keyword which you choose must be of the relevant category for your app. Visit similar apps to get the suitable category for your app and then go through some of the top search results to figure out the best possible keywords to use.
  2. Write an enticing description: An enticing description is almost like the coverage of your app. It should be attractive so that you can encourage viewers to download your app. The best way to create a good description is to look at other successful apps and see how they do it. You can use bullets points; include any testimonials/positive app review quotes and a summary of the functions of the app.
  3. Choosing a name: The name of the app must be original and attractive. It might be difficult to come up with your own original name but once a good catchy name clicks in your head, you’ll probably feel a lot more confident with putting it on the app store.
  4. Choosing the appropriate app icon: The good app icon is very alluring. There are various apps on the app store that receive thousands of downloads while there are the many apps which play or work the same but do not receive a similar number of downloads. The only difference between the two apps is the app icon. Creating an original icon or logo is a difficult process, but can give the best results and boost confidence. If you can’t think about what to use as an app icon, summarizing the features of your app and finding an object that best represents each feature should work fine. Bright colors can also help in getting attention.
  5. Choosing Screenshots: Choosing the right screenshots is quite an easy process and usually involves finding the most appealing aspects of your game. Don’t show boring menus or settings pages and instead go for images that represent the app’s main purpose.


At last, all the tips mentioned can help you in improving the visibility and popularity of your app, in the App store and Google Play. To get the best services and for improving the visibility of your app in the App Store and Google Play, visit us at: https://www.seasiainfotech.com/