11 Best NFC Payment Apps That Provides an Extra Layer of Security

11 min read May 07, 2018

Integral to each contactless mobile activity is a small microchip and radio receiving wire directing the tap-and-go task that is NFC (near field communication). NFC encryption innovation is changing the way users get data, make installments, and offer information across devices using nfc payment apps. The innovation has already been embraced in Europe, Asia, and increasing expanding popularity in North America.

What is NFC Payment?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a trending technology that enables two devices- your mobile phone and a payment gateway to communicate with each other when they are near. The NFC payment mobile apps are booming in the market of contactless payment app.

What is NFC Mobile Payment?

NFC mobile payment is a digital contactless payment mobile app that lets your mobile phones, tabs, or even credit cards quickly communicate with the NFC-enabled readers.

It is an absolutely perfect payment-processing solution for numerous businesses such as restaurants, retailers, etc. As always, restaurants, retailers, etc., can engage themselves in the new product development to understand how it is beneficial for their business. Stages of new product development ensure that the business has taken into account a 360-degree view before saying yes to any new product. 

NFC mobile payment utilizes an NFC-enabled reader. When an NFC-enabled reader tool is triggered via a point-of-sale (POS) system, it transmits a signal that searches for an NFC-enabled payment device. As soon as the reader detects the NFC-enabled device’s antenna, the payment device shares the payment information to the reader and ultimately, the payment gets processed.

What is NFC and payment on Android?

NFC is a wireless technology of data transfer that enables smartphones, tabs, laptops, and other gadgets to transfer data in case of close proximity. NFC payment apps android power contactless payments via mobile wallets on an android platform.

What is NFC and contactless payments?

To make a payment through an NFC payment app, you need to tap or hover over your mobile device to pay. In comparison, contactless payment is a transaction that needs no physical connection between the device and the payments terminal. This means people need to hold up their mobile gadgets to make a transaction.

At the start of global pandemic, both shoppers and business owners increased the use of NFC payment apps. In the first quarter of 2020, MasterCard noticed 40% increase in the use of NFC mobile payment apps.

Other Reasons to Consider Contactless Payments

Contactless payments offer numerous advantages for both consumers and businesses. Here, let’s take a look at all the reasons why considering adopting contactless NFC mobile payments may be a good idea.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Contactless payments improve customer satisfaction by providing them with quicker transactions, shorter queues, and a much simpler checkout process.

Improved Hygiene and Safety

By reducing physical contact and eliminating the need to handle cash or touch PIN terminals, contactless payments promote a cleaner and safer environment for both customers and staff.

Data Security

Contactless payment technology encrypts payment data, tokenizes sensitive information, and incorporates additional security measures to protect against fraud and unauthorized access, further ensuring secure transactions.

Faster Transactions

Contactless payments like NFC payments speed up the checkout process by providing real-time visibility into cash flow.

Future-Proofing Business

Embracing contactless payments not only meets customer expectations but also positions a business as forward-thinking, customer-centric, and ready for the digital age, ensuring relevance and competitiveness in the evolving market.

EMV and NFC: What’s the difference?

Although EMV and NFC are both technologies used in the payment industry, each of the two has its own unique features and benefits.

EMV, short for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa, utilizes chip-enabled cards for secure transactions. The technology is designed to reduce the risk of fraud as it creates a unique, irreplicable code for each transaction.

On the other hand, NFC allows data to be shared wirelessly between two devices lying in close proximity. It is used for NFC contactless payments which are generally faster and more convenient than traditional card payments. To add to it, NFC payments also offer an added layer of security through encrypted data.

It’s important that you understand the differences between the two payment technologies thoroughly to identify which one to choose for your business!

How Can Merchants Implement NFC Mobile Payments?

Implementing NFC and payments can be a bit tedious without the proper knowhow, but don’t worry, we have broken down the process into simple steps for new merchants.

  • Assess your business needs by determining the size of your business, customer profile, unique business needs, and other relevant factors to choose the most suitable POS system and payment terminal.
  • Check with your payment processing provider to see if they have the required equipment and setup for NFC mobile payments. List of equipment may include credit card machines with embedded NFC technology, chip readers, card swipers, monitors, etc.
  • Choose the right POS system depending upon your unique requirements.
  • Educate your customers to address safety concerns and promote the benefits they will get to experience when they pay by NFC to encourage NFC adoption.
  • Stay on the top of customer service by keeping your POS system updated to instil the confidence among customers that you take speed and security seriously.

Need help with implementing NFC and contactless payments? Let’s help you out!

How does NFC work?

With Near Field Communication, a user just needs to touch or show his phone to an enabled device and he will be able to share data without manually building up a connection. Today, this innovation has been set in Android, Windows phones, and iOS, and because of this; NFC has turned out to be more important than any other technology in recent times, particularly when it's the matter of mobile payments.

After installing the payment mobile app on your phone, you will just need to tap the phone on the credit card terminal and a connection will be made utilizing NFC payment apps. Now, you might be requested to scan your finger or enter a password to support the transaction. The transaction is then approved with a different chip called the SE (secure element), which transfers that approval back to the NFC modem. From that point, the installment wraps up a similar way it would in a conventional credit card swipe exchange.

Presently, there are a few NFC compatible cell phones, for example, Samsung's Galaxy Series, Google's Nexus Series, and the iPhone. A few organizations are currently onboard in utilizing this innovation. Look at the following best NFC applications that can provide an extra layer of security to your transactions.

7 Best NFC Payment Applications for Tap and Pay

1.  Google Pay

Google pay first started rolling out in early 2018. This release showed the world that Google is now ready to take Apple hands-on. Google decided that rather than maintaining two different apps, it amalgamated all the features of Android Pay and Google Wallet in Google pay. It is super easy to send money to your loved ones and with the registration of your phone number, all you have to do is select the contact and send the amount at lightning speed.

Google pay

Google Pay makes it easy for you to add payment details. Once you are done with that you can transact money either by using a bank account number or simply the phone number of the Google pay user. With this release, Google simply showed how NFC payment apps are the future of internet transactions. They constantly come up with newer updates. Recently they tweak their privacy policies to make the security even stronger.

For the Indian users, there is a Tez mode where you can easily transact money on a real-time basis. It is a cool way to the bank with the trust of Google.

2.  Apple Pay

The application has been around since 2014. You can utilize this NFC mobile payment app to make payments in shops, and if you have a Mac, you can likewise utilize it for making the payments online. In the same way as other applications, Apple Pay's real security defend is tokenization. Rather than saving your real credit card numbers on the systems, the application makes virtual account numbers.

Apple Pay

Your iPhone needs you to lock your screen utilizing a password and Touch ID to permit Apple Pay and you can likewise utilize Touch ID or your password to approve payments.

In case you need some extra security, you can pick a 6-digit code as opposed to the customary 4-digit PIN. The only hazard is losing your phone or having it stolen; in this way, it is imperative to turn on "Find My iPhone" that enables you to turn on Lost Mode to suspend Apple Pay or to delete it remotely. To disallow Apple Pay, you can utilize iCloud too.

3. Android Pay

Android Pay is an NFC payment app for Android that can be utilized to tap and pay at various locations. You can utilize it to make in-application payments. Google Wallet has been supplanted by Android Pay and you can use it to send cash to your family and companions.

Android pay

The NFC mobile payment app enables you to utilize most of your debit or credit cards from significant card brands, including American Express, Discover Cards, etc. You can likewise utilize cards issued by numerous extensive banks including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citi. A full list of participating banks is accessible on the Android Pay site. 

You can without much of a stretch utilize this application to pay for things within applications on your phone and in a wide assortment of real-life stores and even a few vending machines. A lot of major mobile phone carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon additionally accepts payments through this service.

NFC App Development

4. PayPal

Sending cash or paying online within minutes to anyone in this world is now possible with PayPal. Download this magnificent NFC mobile payment app on your device and deal with all the ways you get, send and spend money at a glance.


Users of this application can immediately transfer cash to PayPal account holders in more than 100 nations utilizing the cell phone. When they get to cash in their account, they can spend the cash on the web or pull it back with only a solitary tap. This free application also enables you to send cash to companions in the US from your bank or PayPal balance.

The best thing about this application is at whatever point you get, send and spend cash with PayPal, it sends a notification instantly to enable you to track everything. Regardless of whether you are making use of PayPal credit, your bank/credit or debit card or your balance in PayPal, you can without much of a stretch discover anything you need to manage everything in this safe payment application.

5. Samsung Pay

Challenging to Apple Pay and Android Pay there is another pay named Samsung Pay – It also makes use of near-field communication innovation to process payments at the tap-to-pay portal. But, Samsung Pay also gives compatibility with all other magnetic stripe terminals.

Sumsung Pay

Utilizing Samsung Pay, just by waving your Samsung gadget close to a terminal you can pay for products and ventures effortlessly as opposed to swiping a Mastercard or providing your payment data. The reality that almost every merchant can accept MST creates Samsung Pay, a widely accepted NFC mobile payment service.

6. Square Wallet

Compatible with Android and iOS platform, Square Wallet functions like Lemon Wallet, however with some extra features. You can connect your Mastercard to the application, but instead of paying directly with the Mastercard, it requires the utilization of merchant cards.

Square Wallet

In this manner, the Square Wallet application works incredibly. As this application is area based, the store gets to know that you are requesting something and will charge it to the card connected to your Square account.

Offering hands-free checkout alternative, the application enables you to bookmark your favorite shipper. You just need to say your name at the time of checkout. As you visit these stores, you can earn rewards that you can use on your following visit.

7. Visa payWave

Visa payWave is a widely used and secure NFC Payment apps. It will enable you to invest less time at the money counter and give you the opportunity to do the things that matter the most to you. 

visa paywave

Visa payWave contactless cards are as secure as other Visa chip cards. They have the same levels of security, which guarantees that you are protected from phony or unforeseen dealings.

8. Venmo

Venmo is a peer-to-peer contactless payment app. It is available on Apple and Android Smart phones that acts as a helpful way to quickly, and easily exchange money directly between people.


After installing the Venmo app on your smartphones, users need to link their Venmo accounts to the checking accounts, credit card, or debit card. And now Venmo users are all set to instantly start exchanging money with one another.

9. Zelle®


Zelle® is a quick, secure, effortless, and best contactless payment app to send funds to and obtain money from individuals you know and have faith in, generally in minutes when both sender and receiver are already registered with Zelle®; at their economic institution or in the Zelle® app. The people using the Zelle® app must have a bank account in the U.S.

10. Xoom


Xoom is a PayPal service that lets you send funds to people around the world. With Xoom, you can:

  • Send capital to the bank account of the recipient, debit card, or mobile wallet
  • Send money for pick up or home delivery services
  • Pay global bills
  • Refill a prepaid mobile phone

If you are making payments globally using your personal PayPal account for any of the above-listed causes, you will be requested to sign in to your Xoom account. Till now, if you don’t have your Xoom account, you can make one straight away from your PayPal account.

11. Circle Pay

Circle Pay is a consumer Internet NFC mobile payment company that is altering the world economy with safe, easy, and affordable technology for keeping and utilizing money.


This app makes sending and receiving money like we send and receive anything else online — quick, safe, and free whether your loved ones are in the same place or a foreign country.

It’s Time to Go Contactless with The Help of NFC Mobile Payments

Digital transformations have changed the world and each startup has embraced the contactless payment frameworks. In the future, we will pay with our phones and NFC applications are the ticket to that wonderful future. Because of the numerous current MasterCard information breaches, now is a great time to use a solution that shields our wallets from robbery and fraud.

Numerous retailers already use NFC-based contactless pay terminals set up, making the change to mobile payments simple. Smartphones that are compatible with Google Wallet can right now utilize these terminals. So, let’s start integrating it into our businesses too.

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What payment apps use NFC?

With the advanced technologies, the payment experience has become easier and more comfortable for users than ever. One of these technologies is NFC. The apps using NFC payment are:

  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Square Wallet
  • PayPal

You can pay through any NFC based payment support mobile by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Login to any of your NFC mobile payment apps
  • Click on the "Pay" icon on the app
  • Select any of your bank accounts activated on the app
  • Just place and hold your phone near the merchant terminal
  • After the barcode is scanned, your payment is made

Does Google Pay support NFC payment?

Yes, Google Pay allows you to make contactless payments through NFC mobile payment apps on your phone.

Which wireless technology allows a customer to connect to a payment system with a smartphone?

The wireless technology that allows customers to connect to a payment system using their smartphones is called Near Field Communication, more commonly known as NFC. NFC tap and pay enables communication between devices at extremely short distances and allows secure and convenient transactions without the need for physical contact.

What is the short-range two-way communication technology behind contactless payments called?

The answer is Near-Field Communication. NFC is a wireless technology that operates on the 13.56 MHz frequency and facilitates data transfer rates of up to 424 kilobits per second. It enables communication between two NFC-enabled devices when they are very close, typically within four centimeters. The technology is generally used for contactless mobile NFC payments and electronic wallets.

How are businesses addressing safety concerns with mobile payments?

Businesses are implementing different security features and best practices to address the safety concerns associated with NFC mobile payments. Some of the most used features are tokenization and biometric safety features. Other best practices include:

  • Updating POS devices frequently
  • Using trusted mobile pay apps
  • Watching account activity closely
  • Educating customers about mobile payments
  • Providing incentives and support
  • Runtime App Self-Protection (RASP)

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