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Travel and Hospitality Consulting

Travel Consulting Software

Travel consulting

Transform Your Operations with Travel Consulting Software

Leverage our experience and specialization in creating solutions for the travel and hospitality industries to transform your operations and improve customer retention. We provide advice, development, deployment, and maintenance services while offering assistance in meeting corporate requirements.

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Transform Your Operations and Improve Customer Retention

Intuitive Design and Tidy UX/UI Interfaces

Travel Portals Development

Avail our services to create specialized travel websites and online portals with tier-access for various travel agents, central booking management dashboards, and commission management with an intuitive design and a tidy UX/UI interface.

Solutions We Offer

Giving the Travel and Hospitality Industry a Complete Makeover with Digital Transformation

Websites and Portals for Travel

Utilize the power of IT professionals to create and design unique themes for your travel websites and portals to draw in as many customers as possible. It allows you to manage commission and the central booking system while providing access to the agents and agencies.

Agents B2B Portal

The agents can send discounts and packages to customers directly through this platform. Create a win-win situation by spoiling travelers with a variety of options and getting more business.

Entry & Distribution of Inventory

Through the interface, adding and distributing inventory is simple. There is no need to put it off. Add and activate the services when needed.

Choice of Languages and Currencies

Give travelers from around the world access to your portals by leveraging the power of translations and currencies options.


Modernization of restaurant technology from a straightforward cash register to a centralized command center for all activities has transformed operations. One of the most significant areas in the restaurant industry where technology is essential is in restaurant operations.

How to efficiently use Seasia IT Solutions to streamline restaurant operations?

Quick Order Processing

Mobile ordering, table reservations, automatic loyalty rewards, and collecting orders from diners eating outside are all made possible by sale software that is browser-based and can operate without a hitch on any device, including a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Table reservations are made incredibly simple by our applications for both customers and eateries.

Enhancements to Front-End Operations

Another nice option to swiftly display your menu items is via digital menu boards. The use of technology can help your restaurant workers deliver excellent customer service, allowing employees enough information to make suggestions and upsell based on the customer's order history.

Greater Efficiency in Kitchen Operations

A Kitchen Display System is an integral part of the restaurant kitchen operations. The KOT goes to the respective food-prep station directly, and the estimated delivery time becomes more accurate. Proper communication improves the customer experience and reduces the scope of errors on the part of the kitchen staff. Executive chefs or kitchen managers can easily organize menus and generate food costs for standard or special-order items.

Improved Marketing & Customer Engagement

Unless you are visible to your customers, you don’t sell. Here comes the importance of promoting your restaurant and its offers and communicating with your customers religiously. While offline modes of promotions help, they can be expensive as compared to the online channels. Online channels have a more extensive reach, and they are pocket-friendly as well. A fully-integrated management system brings together all the tools in one place and reduces chaos by securing seamless communication.


The year 2020 will be remembered as the worst ever for aviation travel. A full recovery is still a long way off, despite a rebound in passenger numbers from the height of the pandemic.

Utilize the transformational power of digital technology by availing of Seasia services to boost margins and profitability.

Supply Chain Digitalization

Our digital supply-chain solutions interact seamlessly with your supply chain to increase agility and reduce costs. Inventory management and order-to-cash procedures are also included in our solutions. For handling supply chain intricacies, contract logistics service providers build and implement turnkey logistics solutions. We make supply chain operations transparent, resulting in increased customer happiness and financial success by designing and running more intelligent supply chains that optimize your inventory.

Solutions for Outbound Logistics

Seasia's expertise in digital strategy and transformation provides the technology and consulting solutions you need to significantly enhance the visitor experience from booking to arrival to devoted repurchase. We develop user-friendly products that enable smooth cross-channel communication between brands, consumers, and customer support agents.

Managed Fleet in the Cloud

Seasia's connected fleet management system blends digital technologies into an enterprise-class solution to give valuable insights for better decision-making. Fuel and vehicle maintenance are among the highest input costs for logistics organizations. Better route planning and simulation are made possible by accurate vehicle availability projections, improving customer service. We support fleet productivity optimization, fleet cost reduction, and performance improvement through monitoring of the vehicles. We use accelerators to improve vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication, improving CX through increased safety and efficiency.

Experience for Omni-Channel Customers

Our omnichannel approaches increase client retention. By fusing digital and analog interactions, we provide sophistication and personalization in-store. Most companies have a clear idea of improving the customer experience but need more implementation skills, technology know-how, or operational expertise to make it happen. A seamless experience is now a basic expectation, but offering a unified experience is difficult due to the conventional channel-centric inventory silos. As client loyalty is eroding, immediacy, personalization, and accessibility should be your main priorities.

Hospitality & Cruise Tourism

Seasia has years of experience assisting the cruise tourism sector by enhancing end-customer experience, boosting top-line revenue, and reducing operational costs by utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

Fostering digital transformation while accelerating product innovation by utilizing our technical heritage.

Modernized Travel Systems

Agile core processing systems and a reliable platform are necessary to implement new business models to support new product innovation. To increase compliance and eliminate inefficiencies and leaks, Seasia collaborates with international organizations to reimagine complex, rigid systems and implement new technology and procedures. We streamline, standardize, and update software to enhance the overall interaction between customers and employees. Seasia's travel system modernization solutions can digitally transform your firm.

Strategy & Transformation for Digital

Seasia's expertise in digital strategy and transformation provides the technology and consulting solutions you need to significantly enhance the visitor experience from booking to arrival to devoted repurchase. We develop user-friendly products that enable smooth cross-channel communication between brands, consumers, and customer support agents.

Data Management & Analytics

Seasia's analytics and data management system integrates your data to foster new knowledge and produce deeper insights, which significantly improves analytics. We'll work with you to use robust predictive models to make use of cloud-based, multi-dimensional data. seasia will be your dependable and perfect partner for any task, including handling data lineage and data strategy, big data and

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