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Major Project
Major Projects
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Product Description

Virtual Office is a Web Application based on metaverse. In this Project you can make Rooms for the Different Floor According to the User Need. And there is a Special Rooms for the Meeting where all Participants can Join the Video Call. You can also Share the Screen of Your PC and Only Manager can Join the PC or the one who have the privilege. You can also Connect your AC, Fan or anything with the IOT so you can control Anywhere in one Touch

Main Features

  • Proximity Chat
  • Flexible Screen Sharing
  • Multifunctional Rooms
  • Broadcasting Chat
  • Custom/Private Rooms
  • Embedded Whiteboards
  • Meetings MOM (Minutes of meeting)

Technologies Used

  • Phaser3 - Game engine
  • Colyseus - WebSocket-based server framework
  • React/Redux - Front-end framework
  • PeerJS - WebRTC for video/screen sharing,d framework
  • TypeScript and ES6 - for both client and server sides.