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Election Management Software

Crafting Bespoke Software for Your Election Needs


When it comes to election management, one size does not fit all. Recognizing this, Seasia infotech specializes in developing custom election management software tailored to the unique requirements of each client. Combining our knowledge and experience as a CMMi Level 5 company with Seasia Agile Model, we bring extensive expertise in software development and system integration to the table to ensure that your bespoke solution exceeds all expectations. Whether you're tackling voter registration, polling management, or result tabulation, our team is ready to craft the perfect software solution for you.


Our Approach

Elections are the backbone of democracy and managing them effectively is paramount. Our approach begins with understanding the specific challenges and needs of your jurisdiction or organization. From there, we design and develop a customized software solution that streamlines operations and enhances security while ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process. Our commitment is to deliver a system that, in addition to being compliant with your regulations, is scalable, fault-tolerant, and easy to use.

Ready to Build Your Custom Election Management Solution? 

Challenges We Address

Every election system faces its set of challenges. From ensuring the accuracy of voter lists to safeguarding against fraud and managing the logistics of polling day operations, the list can be an endless one. As if they were not enough, legacy systems and disjointed technologies often complicate these challenges further. Our bespoke software development solutions are designed to address these issues directly, offering a seamless, integrated approach to managing every aspect of the election process.


Customizable Solutions for Every Aspect of Election Management

Our expertise encompasses the full spectrum of election management functionalities, including but not limited to:


Voter Registration

Secure and efficient management of voter lists.


Election Planning

Comprehensive tools for candidates, measures, & ballot management. 


Polling Management

From absentee voting to day-of polling operations.


Security and Compliance

Secure and efficient management of voter lists.Ensuring your election meets all regulatory standards.


Data Integration

Seamless interfacing with external agencies and databases.


Analytics and Reporting

Insightful analysis for post-election review.


Real-Time Monitoring and Support

Continuous oversight of election processes with real-time updates and dedicated support. 

Every module and feature is fully customizable, designed to accommodate the specific needs and preferences of your election authority.

Proven Expertise

We created a tailored, HAVA-compliant election management software for eight U.S. states. Designed to be enterprise-class, fault-tolerant, and scalable, the software offered a centralized voter registration system that complied with the Help America Vote Act of 2002. It featured robust, automated tools to help administrators streamline workflows and enhance the efficiency of election functions. The software addressed several challenges such as duplicate voter registrations, fraudulent voting, and compliance with state and federal laws, by integrating with external agencies' databases for maintaining accurate voter lists. We created a fully customizable module for various election management functions that aimed at providing a comprehensive solution that improves service delivery, efficiency, and the adaptability of election laws across geographical areas. Seasia Infotech, then an offshore partner of EDS (an HP company), positioned itself as a technical expert capable of developing customized solutions for managing elections effectively.


Why Choose Us?

Choosing Seasia means partnering with a leader in custom software development. Our tailored solutions are built from the ground up, with an emphasis on scalability, security, & user-friendliness. We're not just developers, we promise to be your partners in ensuring the integrity and success of your electoral process.

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