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The Mobile Game Development Company Your Need! 

Amusing Users With Rich & Immersive Gaming Experience 

As a game app development company, Seasia specializes in crafting top-tier 2D and 3D interactive mobile games for both iOS and Android platforms. Our games are renowned for their breathtaking graphics, seamless gameplay, captivating narratives, and numerous other exceptional features.

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Unlock The Best Of Game Development Services With Seasia 

Bringing You Top Of The Line Mobile Game Developers

The mobile games industry is an exceptionally diverse realm, encompassing everything from multi-billion-dollar 3D gaming behemoths to non-profit educational initiatives. It's our extensive experience and unwavering dedication to game development that has propelled Seasia to the forefront as a leading choice as an android game development company as well as iOS game development company.

Having hands-on expertise in accouching and deploying cutting-edge mobile game development, we build customer-centric product design to create an amazing experience that makes the users go Wow! Above all, we characterize our games with an appealing storyline making you shine at the top of download charts.

mobile app development services

Our End-To-End Mobile Game Development Services

Our comprehensive mobile game development services are tailored to create games compatible with various operating systems and screen sizes. Our approach centers on optimizing the gaming experience for each platform, ensuring users enjoy a seamless and unforgettable encounter. We understand that our clients demand nothing less than a deeply engaging, top-tier user experience, and that's precisely what we deliver. 

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Unreal Engine Game Development

Everything from 3D modeling and animation to pipeline integration and cross-platform gaming development, we bring you the best  

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Virtual Reality Game Development 

With virtual reality making waves everywhere, we understand every detail of creating a captive gaming experience through VR power  

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Metaverse Game Development 

Metaverse is believed to be the future and so a metaverse game! Reach us to know how we can help you drive an unending exposure  

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Android Game Development

Engage our Android game development expertise to create multiplayer, battle royale, and RPG Android games that captivate users  

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iOS Game Development 

Utilize our iOS game development services to craft real-time, interactive gaming experiences tailored for iPhone and tablet users 

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Web Game Development

Harness our web game development prowess to construct highly addictive, real-time games optimized for web browsers  

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AR/VR Game Development 

Leverage our AR/VR game development capabilities to bring multiplayer virtual environment games akin to Pokemon Go to life 

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NFT Game Development 

Explore our NFT game development services, designed to produce highly rewarding interactive games reminiscent of Axie Infinity  

Experience The Seasia Difference

When you are looking for high-quality game development, we bring you project-based resource scaling and market-leading expertise, allowing you to foster full-cycle development. From flexible outsourcing to your rapid development objectives, our proficiency in technologies always makes us a reliable choice. 


Unity, boasting an integrated physics engine, robust scene editor, and cohesive architecture, has firmly established itself as the industry's premier game engine. Leveraging Unity, Seasia excels in crafting mobile games that have the potential to earn accolades and captivate users. Collaborate with our team to transform your gaming vision into a vibrant reality, whether it's in the realm of 2D or 3D. 


HTML5 and JavaScript have risen to prominence, offering enhanced security and superior browser compatibility. Seasia excels in developing not only 2D but also 3D games using WebGL technology, creating a versatile framework accessible across most web browsers. Many web-based games, like slither.io, are built in these development languages, offering easy access and play with just a web visit and mouse use. 

Google Play & iOS Game Center 

App stores provide access to diverse APIs, enabling real-time data integration from various sources in apps. Such connectivity, including Apple and Google Play tools, is pivotal for multiplayer game success. Our experienced mobile game developers seamlessly integrate your game into iOS and Android ecosystems, providing guidance through submission, app support, and management.

Dedicated Animation Team 

Our proficient in-house team comprises skilled artists, 3D modelers, and animators adept in industry-standard tools. They excel in character modeling and animation using Maya and Blender, crafting UI/UX designs with Autodesk products, and producing traditional 2D concept art using Adobe software. Learn our extensive skills, creative prowess, and years of expertise by reaching our team. 

Our Toolkit

We leverage the following languages and tools to develop apps that are engaging and interactive.

Cocos 2D

Cocos 2D

As a leading video game development company, we equip ourself with a team of qualified Cocos2D game developers who deliver high-quality games that keep the users hooked for a long time. Our Cocos2D programmers can make exciting games that are a joy to play.

Unity 3D

Unity 3D

Our Unity 3D game developers specialize in providing 3D character modelling, and building multiplatform compatible game applications.

Scirra-Construct 2

Scirra-Construct 2

With Scirra, our experts aim to bring your ideas into existence, and offer you a gaming application that can leave a mark in a competitive market. The applications we build will meet all the requirements in terms of modernity as well as advanced characteristics.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Add augmented reality (AR) capabilities to your games for a cut above the rest. Our skilled team of game developers can create the most unique and engaging gaming experience for your target audience.

Have You Got a Game Idea that You
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Why Choose Seasia To Hire Mobile Game Developers? 


A Stellar Team 

As a committed mobile game development firm, we boast top-tier developers whose expertise spans mobile game development, art direction, and UI/UX design. 


Varied Engagement Models 

Choose from Fixed-cost, resource-based, T&M, and more. Our business team tailors an engagement model to match your needs, even for varying requirements. 


Agile Practices

We embrace agile methodologies. Our product managers, designers, and engineering teams engage in sprints, ensuring project milestones and stakeholder communication. 


Transparent Communication 

We use JIRA, Basecamp, Teams, Slack, and Zoom, fostering open dialogue with clients and efficient project management during all our collaborations. 


Diverse Game Portfolio 

With 100+ games across Android, iOS, Web, VR, and more, we cover genres like casual, hyper-casual, arcade, sports, action, RPG, RTS, and MMORPG. 


Global Reach 

As a leading mobile game developer, we've collaborated with giants like Amazon, Sony, Disney, and Warhammer. We maintain strong ties with cutting-edge B2C & B2B brands. 

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We hold proficiency in developing games for all platforms including iOS, Android, PC, consoles, VR, etc. Besides, our specialization in technologies includes everything from Unity, Unreal Engine, HTML 5, etc.

We offer a wide range of services including game design, development, art and asset creation, testing, and deployment across various platforms.

Game development timelines vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. We'll provide a detailed timeline during the project planning phase.

Yes, we have experience in developing multiplayer and online games, including server infrastructure and matchmaking systems.

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