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Seasia Tracker

Product Description

Seasia Tracker allows organizations to accurately track their employee's work hours on a project. We perceive a task as the heart of a project, and its successful completion is integral to the ultimate outcome. Everything stems from and revolves around a task. Recognizing that each task is pivotal in steering the project towards its desired goal, we've engineered Seasia Tracker for effective task management. It empowers organizations by tracking the exact duration their employees spending on tasks or projects.

Main Features

  • Work Diary
  • User Activity
  • AI-based Tracking
  • Background Activities tracking
  • Lead Categories and History
  • Security
  1. Work Diary The Tracker periodically takes screenshots of the work during their tracked hours. This allows manager to visually see the progress and quality of the work being done.
  2. Activity Level Monitoring The Tracker also records the employee's keyboard and mouse activity. This helps in verify that the employee is actively working on the task during the tracked hours.
  3. Productivity Insights Organizations can use the Tracker's productivity insights to analyze their employees' work habits, identify areas for improvement, and optimize their workflow.

Technologies Used

  • Java 17, Java FX, Spring boot 2.7.1