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Fortify Your Digital Defense With Advanced Security Testing

From guaranteeing enterprise safety to safeguarding customer data, and ensuring uninterrupted application availability, choose comprehensive security testing services with Seasia. Be it maintaining data confidentiality or digital integrity, we keep you armored against cyber-threats.

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Services That Complement Hack-Proof Technologies

At Seasia, we bring you a team of top-tier security testing experts who help you secure your business against unauthorized access. Whether you need assistance reducing the risk of data loss for your web app or gain resistance against DoS attacks, we bring you security testing solutions that can save you from costly cyber incidents.

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Penetration Testing

Rigorously locate exploitable vulnerabilities to refine the security measures for your business solution

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Security Assessment

Evaluating the internal code using a line-by-line approach for a comprehensive security assessment

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Vulnerability Scanning 

Thoroughly scanning software products to identify and assess potential threats posed by malware  

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Regulatory Compliance Assessment

Verifying regulatory standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS/SSF, GLBA, and GDPR for security control

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Cloud Security Assessment  

Delineating the AWS, Azure, or GCP security parameters to evaluate the security of your cloud ecosystem

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IT Security Audit

Aiding IT security measures, including cybersecurity policies, security solutions, and employee awareness.

Our Benchmark Approach For 360 Degree Security Testing

Our adept security testers employ cutting-edge tech and industry standards for web and app security, ensuring full defense against cyber threats. More importantly, we stick to a well-defined approach to security testing fostering trust amongst clients.

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Verify Requirements & Objectives

Ensuring software aligns with specified needs, validating features, and confirming compliance with security standards before development.

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Software Testing & Quality Assurance

Conducting systematic tests, validating functionality, and upholding quality standards to identify and rectify defects before deployment.

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Maintenance & Support

Sustaining software post-launch, providing updates, addressing issues, and offering ongoing assistance for optimal performance and security.

Need Help Working On Your App Or Software Security Objectives?

Our Proficiency In Security And Penetration Testing Services

Our dedicated security testers excel at delivering secure and resilient solutions. We ensure you a solid business reputation while pertaining to all the necessary and required security testing practices.


System Security Assessment

Evaluating and analyzing the security measures and vulnerabilities within a system or application.


Cyber Attack Resilience

Ensuring the system's capability to withstand and recover from cyber-attacks or breaches effectively.


Extensive Process Documentation

Thoroughly recording and detailing processes to provide a comprehensive understanding of operational security measures.


In-Depth Security Defect Descriptions

Providing detailed explanations and information about identified security vulnerabilities or weaknesses in a system.


System Enhancement Suggestions

Offering recommendations for improving the functionality, performance, and security of a system or application.


Unauthorized Access Prevention

Implementing measures to restrict and prevent unauthorized entry or usage of a system or application.


Security Enhancement Recommendations

Implementing measures to restrict and prevent unauthorized entry or usage of a system or application.

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Why Choose Seasia For Security Testing?

Massive Industry Expertise

From retail to healthcare, edtech, banking, insurance, gaming, agtech, real estate, transportation, and many more, we have proven record of serving excellence.

Tools & Technologies

With our team of skilled and certified experts, we bring proficiency on leading tools like AppScan, CheckMARX, HPWebInspect, NMap, Acunetix, etc.

Dedicated Process & Approach

From using agile methodologies to using shift-left testing, BDD, and our very own hybrid models, we ensure you effective and timely project deliveries

Proactive Threat Intelligence

We deploy proactive threat intelligence techniques to anticipate emerging security vulnerabilities, keeping your systems secure against evolving cyber threats.

Transparent Reporting and Communication 

Our security testing process involves sharing detailed reports providing clear insights into vulnerabilities, their potential impact, and recommended remediation.

24/7 Support

Security threats don't follow a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither do we. We offer round-the-clock support and incident response to address security issues as they arise.

Unleash The Power Of Advanced Security Testing With Seasia

Ask Questions


Seasia offers a range of security testing services, including penetration testing, code review, vulnerability assessment, threat modeling, and more. These services are designed to comprehensively evaluate the security posture of your application.

The duration of a security testing engagement depends on the complexity and size of the application. Seasia provides detailed project timelines during the initial consultation, ensuring transparency and alignment with your development schedule.

Yes, Seasia provides a comprehensive report that outlines the findings of the security testing, including identified vulnerabilities, their severity levels, and recommendations for remediation. This report serves as a valuable resource for your development team.

Yes, our team of experts works closely with your development team to implement the necessary security fixes and recommendations identified during testing. We provide guidance and support to ensure that your application is secure.

We can handle almost any digital software or application, irrespective of industry. Some of our key clients belong to healthcare, banking, finance, Edtech, manufacturing, retail, travel, and more than 10 other domains.

Client Satisfaction is Our Goal

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