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Cloud Solutions that Expedite Time to Value 

By establishing cloud capabilities that best meet your needs, we create a strategy that increases productivity, drives cost efficiency and creates transformative potential. Our approach puts your business needs first, designing industry-specific cloud services to get you moving quickly. 

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To help you get the most out of your investment, Seasia Cloud offers a comprehensive range of Cloud Development Services. Given that cloud computing entails more than just updating software, as a cloud computing services provider, our recommendations take into account the people and mindset shifts that must occur for long-term success.

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Cloud migration

Combine industrialised cloud services with proprietary tools and automation to hasten the process, guarantee data sovereignty, and lessen the likelihood of failure.

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Infrastructure services

Use hybrid clouds or reimagine your networks and working environments to maximise the potential of the cloud.

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Data transformation

Using cloud industry-specific data models, enterprises may generate industry and function-specific data as well as AI insights and intelligence.

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Sustainable IT and technologies

One of the most important facilitators of sustainability is digital technology.

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Cloud security

With our cloud security services, you can protect your IT estate.

Our Cloud Consulting Prowess 

Seasia promises to be your strategic partner in leveraging AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud – the triumvirate of innovation, scalability, and transformation that are reshaping the way businesses operate in the digital age. 

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

At Seasia, we recognize AWS as the trailblazer that reshaped the cloud landscape. AWS isn't just a platform; it's an ecosystem of services that empowers businesses to innovate without constraints. With our guidance, you'll harness the power of Amazon EC2 for scalable compute, leverage Amazon S3 for seamless data storage, and navigate the AWS Lambda serverless realm effortlessly. Let us architect your AWS environment, and together, we'll propel your ambitions into reality.

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Azure isn't just another cloud; it's Microsoft's masterstroke that seamlessly integrates with your existing technology ecosystem. Partner with Seasia to unlock Azure's potential: Azure AI for intelligent insights, Azure IoT for connected innovation, and Azure App Service for rapid application deployment. With our expertise, Azure becomes your bridge to the future, seamlessly merging your present with your aspirations. 

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Google Cloud

Google Cloud isn't just about computing; it's about tapping into Google's innovation DNA. At Seasia, we bridge the gap between your business and Google's cutting-edge technologies. Imagine using Google BigQuery to uncover data treasures, deploying applications on Google Kubernetes Engine for unparalleled scalability, and embracing the transformative power of AI with Google AI Platform. Our mastery of Google Cloud ensures you don't just adopt technology; you pioneer it. 

Seasia’s Cloud Solution Approach

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Cloud Development Services


Cloud transformation is unique for every organization. Our first step is to understand the different aspects of the operations involved in your business.

Cloud Computing Services


Assess the structure of the organization and operational flow for an effective cloud transformation strategy.

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Identifying the key performing areas and the gaps in-between the process for holistic growth.

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Our aim is to create a simple digital infrastructure for organizations while maintaining the breathing space within the operations.

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Our cloud engineers go the extra mile to bring your vision to life. Their skill in problem-solving comes in handy while executing the cloud strategy.

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Our belief in market evolution is reflected in our approach to problem-solving. We design our solutions in such a way that they operate with minimum friction and are inclusive of change.

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Cloud consulting involves expert guidance on how to leverage cloud technologies to optimize your business operations. Our team at Seasia helps you assess your needs, devise a customized cloud strategy, and implement solutions that align with your goals. Whether you're starting your cloud journey or looking to enhance your existing setup, our consulting services ensure you make the most of cloud capabilities.

Cloud computing offers numerous benefits, including scalability to accommodate changing workloads, cost savings by eliminating the need for upfront hardware investments, enhanced collaboration through shared access to resources, improved data security, and the ability to access applications and data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Data security is paramount in our cloud solutions. We implement robust security measures, including encryption, access controls, and regular audits, to protect your data from unauthorized access and cyber threats. Our team follows industry best practices to maintain a secure cloud environment.

Absolutely. Cloud cost optimization is a key focus of our services. We continuously monitor your cloud resources, identify inefficiencies, and suggest adjustments to ensure you're getting the best value for your investment.

Certainly. We have expertise in designing and managing hybrid cloud environments, allowing you to leverage the benefits of both worlds while maintaining seamless integration and data flow.

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