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Data and Analytics Services

Build an Insight Driven Organization by Utilizing Data Management and Analytics Services

big data and analytics services

Revolutionize Your Work with Data and Analytics Services

Data-Led Innovation Delivered to You!

Seasia leads analytics initiatives of enterprises to quantifiable business outcomes by tapping into data you didn't even know you had. And presenting a 360degree data visualization, enabling them to formulate strategies and decision-making at different level.

Build agility and resilience in your business operations with data science and analytics services while your workforce focuses on creating value for your customers.

Reimagine your business with an integrative approach to business intelligence.

Data transformation
Enhance Your Strategic and Technical Capabilities Using Data and Analytics

Data Discovery

To analyze data, first an enterprise need to know what all data can be captured. A thorough assessment of your data spectrum with the help of a data discovery workshop helps us create an analytics roadmap and ensure personalized data analytics solutions.

Big Data

Our adept experts offer a complete range of big data services, including consulting, implementation, infrastructure support, and maintenance. Leverage their skill-set to generate crucial insights from structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data sets.

Data Migration

Solve the logistical challenges of selecting, extracting, preparing and transforming data by applying focused expertise, mitigating impact to operations. We handle Cloud Migration, DB Migration, Enterprise System Migration, and Data Migration.

Data Visualization and BI

Experience the power of functional representation of data through interactive apps and dashboard designs. It will help you pinpoint the key takeaways critical for business assessment and innovation.

Data Analytics Modernization

Upgrade your existing data and analytics solutions to maximize your return on investment and prepare your operations for the new data analytics needs. We help you leverage the latest technologies to improve your functions.

Data Engineering

Transform data from multiple and various sources into usable and actionable information with the help of various ETL/EL Techniques, and create a Data Warehouse...

How we work

We believe in bringing business challenges to appropriate resolutions requires out-of-the-box thinking and creating viable solutions through a blend of digital technologies. We use big data analytics, cloud, predictive analytics, and business intelligence to deliver long-term value for every client.

Why Should You Hire Seasia
for Data Science and Analytics

Highest Quality Products, Rapid Delivery, Collaborative Process

  • Agile Data and analytics development and delivery methodology.
  • Competitive pricing for all available services and timely delivery.
  • In-house specialists with a rich skill-set and extensive experience.
  • Collaborative and transparent client-focused approach to work.
  • Complete quality assurance through thorough testing before delivery.
  • Cost-effective and communicative approach for every project.
Data and analytics services

Our Approach to Data and Analytics Services

Data and Analytics Services – The Drivers of Growth

With appropriate ecosystem, data and analytics help create strategic and technical capabilities that turn a company’s vision into value. At Seasia, we offer end-to-end project flow for Data and Analytics to create a final product that meets all your business needs.


Start the project by understanding your requirements through discussions. Here, our team will explore your data, ask questions, and set goals for the project.

Data Analysis and Preparation Work

In the second step, we examine the data sets available in your database. Our experts will use Agile methodology for data mining and analysis.

Data Modeling

The third stage comprises of efforts to build and train the model with the help of prepared data. Here, we focus on creating data analytics models that meet the business vision.

Evaluation and Adjustments

Once the first model is complete, data engineers and scientists will work on adjusting and optimizing the model for better results. Here, they analyze metric values and model performance to improve accuracy.

Integration and Deployment

Our team will first deploy a model on test servers to monitor results through real data. Once the product runs successfully in the testing phase, we deploy it in production.


We also offer post-deployment services. Here, our experts will ensure that the model runs successfully and you get constant technical support when needed.

Technologies in Play


Languages in Use

Microsoft sql
R Programming

Leverage Data Analytics to Drive Your Business’ Growth

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