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Seasia Prioritizes Your Security Needs & Expectations 

Development is one part of building high-quality software, ensuring security is another. At Seasia, we prioritize security as the cornerstone of our operations with a proactive and robust approach. With a dedicated focus on safeguarding your digital assets, you can trust Seasia to fortify your defenses and maintain the highest standards of security, always!


Certified Promises of Security & Quality 

ISO 27001  
ISO 27001/
ISO 9001 
ISO 25010 

Safeguarding Projects Against Security Threats for Over Two Decades 

Security takes center stage on any project we work on. Each deliverable is underpinned by a meticulously crafted charter that aligns with your business nuances, security imperatives, and compliance mandates. Our team of certified internal auditors is poised to rigorously assess the efficacy of our security management processes throughout the project lifecycle.  


Cutting-Edge Protocols

We employ the latest security protocols and technologies to fortify your defenses. From encryption to access controls, your data is safeguarded at every juncture. 


Vigilant Monitoring 

Our dedicated security teams maintain a 24/7 watch on your systems. Intrusion detection, real-time alerts, and rapid response are second nature to us. 


Compliance Assurance

We adhere to industry-specific compliance standards rigorously. Your regulatory requirements are met with precision. 


Proactive Threat Mitigation 

Our proactive threat assessments and vulnerability scanning ensure we preempt security risks before they become threats. 


Expertise at Scale

With years of experience and a vast talent pool, we scale our security solutions to meet the unique demands of your project. 


Ongoing Training 

Our staff undergoes continuous training and education to stay ahead of evolving threats, ensuring your protection remains unwavering. 

Seasia Agile Model for Increased Efficiency and Security 

Building upon our understanding of Agile and expertise as a CMMi Level 5 company, we have developed our own framework – SAM. 

This comprehensive toolkit includes a plethora of products that streamline processes across various phases of software development lifecycle. Developed in-house and optimized for time saving, smooth execution, and enhanced security, Seasia Agile Model empowers us to deliver superior results, streamline operations, and drive innovation in all our projects.


When you choose Seasia, you can stay assured your data is secured and your privacy valued. 

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