Is Node.js App Development The Right Choice For Your Application In 2022?

8 min read Jul 12, 2021

Are you the one who came after exposing to so much hype around Node.js worldwide? 

Not just the big enterprises, even the small-scale enterprises have adopted the way and migrated to Node.js app development. Undoubtedly, Node.js mobile apps power up businesses with high speed and performance.  

Now, the way you stumble makes you research more about Node.js application development. 

  • Do you know the world-known giants like Uber, Netflix, and even NASA use Node.js?  

  • Ever thought of how your applications can win with this technology? 

This technology has been introduced to the market after 13 years of introduction to Javascript. It is almost 12 years old technology. It has been gaining popularity now, and the demand is getting too high. It is not just limited to web applications. It also works in many other areas such as Backend and Servers, Microservices, Development of API, Front End and Script, and automation. It enables the change as well as the addition of the newest of the functions. This is turning to be an influential server in the tech industry today. 

Are you curious to know what Node.js app is capable of? 

It can boost speed and performance and support real-time applications. It consists of unified database queries and depicts easy and fast coding. Any business owner can get amazed with its proxy server ability, Non-blocking I/O, and rapid development cycle. In fact, it is best for the applications where a continuous connection can be maintained between the browser and the server. 

So, to understand this and the trend, it is crucial to know how Node.js backend and Node.js frontend acts have solved the company's issues and come up better with the challenges. 

For this, let us have a detailed lookout on the popular applications written with Node.js. This will also help you understand why you should move to Node.js. 

1. Netflix: 

No example is better than Netflix who leveraged Node.js in their production and surpassed the already set benchmarks. 

For those who are unknown to this beautiful term, Netflix is the topmost world's largest media streaming provider and recently discloses that it has around 74.38 million paying streaming subscribers in the United States and Canada. In fact, the number of subscribers in that zone made around half the number of paying customers in America, but during 2020 and 2021, Netflix's subscriber base in APAX get doubled. 


Coming to its technology front, Netflix was using Java development on the server-side and Javascript on the front side, so this was a two-way coding. Everything has to be performed twice error handling, debugging, or activity tracking. 

We explored that Netflix moved to node.js development because of the common language for the server and front side both. The acceleration time drops to almost 60 seconds.  

They hold much more future goals with Netflix. Node.js supports non-blocking, and they are planning to use the microservices such as AWS Lambda to build the serverless architecture. There is no company that doesn't want the reduced rate of errors and saves valuable time. So, it builds the self-managing IT infrastructure and replaces ineffective operations with more efficient ones. 

2. PayPal:  

PayPal is no more behind and also comes under the companies that shifted to Node.js applications for better performance. They moved its entire backend working environment to Node.js backend while taking the risk in that time when it was not such a popular language, i.e., in 2012. In fact, its Director of Engineering, in one of its interviews, revealed that PayPal's websites were under technical debt. They were in search of the tech-filled stack free from this that would have gained them product agility and creativity. 


It was a face-off between the teams which were developing a feature in Java and another small team that was developing the same feature in Node.js. So, when the same product was built with Node.js development and that would be successfully done in very little time with few people. This is how they put a thought on migration from Java to Node.JS. 

This experiment further disclosed the decrease in the average response time, and the time of the page serve was 200 ms faster. In fact, the PayPal Account setup, PayPal wallet, PayPal LogOn, PayPal Funding Source earn user experiences set by Node.Js. 

3. Linkedin: 

You know Linkedin mobile application backend is built upon Node.js. The company has shifted from Ruby on Rails to Node.js due to the best scaling and performance efficiency. 


So, Linkedin is the biggest business-oriented social platform dedicated to networking. One can better get an opportunity to connect with the professionals out there. 

Node.js development has shown up an excellent performance on Linkedin matters as compared to Ruby on Rails. Looking onto this, the company came up with the decision to build its Node.js mobile app. So, the success has jumped from running 15 servers to have just four servers to take control of the traffic, and that is too double. So, this way, the traffic capacity got increased, and servers got a huge cut. The Node.js backend and Node.js frontend got to work with a single unit. Therefore, it got 20 times faster on the server-side and ten times faster on the client-side.  

Node JS App Development Services

4. Uber: 

Due to the increasing number of connections on Uber, they had to create a real-time architecture. For the people unknown to Uber, it is an ever-growing platform that expands the number of users every quarter of the year and is currently serving a number of countries worldwide. It is the ride-hailing, food delivery, package delivery, couriers, freight transportation app through different rental vehicles. This way, the rising number of people who wanted to make connections with this company ran the advanced analytics on the data to perform smoothly. So, they make use of the Node.js production and, in return, received abundant benefits for using it. 


The Node.js enabled Uber to process a large amount of data quickly. This way, Uber has the capability to process many rides every day and has successfully increased its connectivity. 

5. Twitter: 

Twitter can also be seen among the social networking platform that used Node.js. For the people unknown to Twitter, it is an American news and social networking platform for sharing thoughts on different discussions around the world. In 2017, Twitter re-wrote the Twitter mobile website, i.e., Twitter Lite, to make users receive a much better and faster experience sharing the messages onto the platform.  


Twitter was developed with Javascript on the client-side and connected to Scala on the server-side. Their inter-connection undoubtedly provided speedy data connectivity over the backend, but there were some downsides to it. That includes slow compilation, tough to maintain, complicated to develop the stack, and difficult to implement frontend on the backend. 

Therefore, to improve the user experience, Twitter replaced Scala with Node.js and got the best speed, network efficiency, low-quality networks, and decreased implementation time with the best Node.js app development

Now let us have a quick summary of why big companies have preferred Node.js for their businesses. 

  • Uber made ride processing easy with Node.JS app development. 
  • Linkedin enhances the performance of the application with Node.JS Mobile app tactics. 
  • Walmart improves the website performance with Node.JS.
  • Twitter secures 5 seconds loading speed with Node.JS app development.
  • Netflix lessens the startup time with Node.js development.
  • NASA successfully boosts the database access time with Node.js.
  • Yahoo eases feature releases with Node.js development.
  • GoDaddy showed up better end-user performance with Node.js. 
  • Medium would be capable of speeding up the content processing with Node.js development. 

See how Node.js app development and tactics have solved quite a long list of the top organizations that were in the middle of something to achieve heights. Some of them made relevancy with the platforms, and some of them have a focus on resource utilization. 

So, what do you think when it is best to use Node.js development for your business? 

1. For Building Chat Applications  

This is obvious for a business to expect lots of short messages on the application that needs low latency. If you are finding such a feature, then you certainly need to go for the perfect tool like Node.js. Many companies prefer live-chat and instant messaging applications on their list as these will draw high traffic and consist of multi-user applications. So, such kind of typical combinations can be easily achieved through Node.js. Always consider Node.js as the highest effective tool for the development of real-time applications. This is going to simplify the number of client requests. 

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2. For Media Streaming 

If you want to build the best video conferences and web streaming applications, then nothing is better than Node.js. 

You might want to explore the data streaming applications that use Node.js in this is so healthy. This is because it can solve heavy processing easily. The data streaming over the applications is highly complicated and certainly needs the uninterrupted streaming of the data with different sources. Here, Node.js doesn't store the temporary data or caching as its connection stays open. The most popular example of media streaming is Netflix that uses Node.js, as explained above. So, in order to stream lots of data and at a quicker rate, Node.js is certainly required in this era. It has severely increased efficiency. 

3. For Server-Side Proxy 

You know that a third-party proxy can create chaos in web applications. But the two servers, i.e., Nginx and HAProxy, are not scalable or flexible to handle the requests coming multifold. So, Node.js occurs as being the most relaxed and better server proxy. Node.js is employed as the server-side proxy that is capable of dealing with the number of connections. It can effectively allow the requests to pass in a non-blocking manner. 

It clearly shows how Node.js uses the input/output processing and permits the next processing before the whole transmission. In place of dedicated proxy servers, node.js is extremely helpful if one needs a cheap and effective solution, and all you need to find is the Node.js web development company

4. Big Data Analytics 

Big data analytics involve identifying the problem, designing the data needs, pre-processing the data, performing the data analytics, and visualizing the data. It is really difficult to deal with the large amounts of data in a single browser. Especially when it is Big Data, you make users' experience down by making them wait a lot, which is really not acceptable. The frozen browser can actually annoy the user. Node.js ensures the flow of data between the browser and the server with more accessibility. It permits the data flow without any break by splitting the data into small portions. For instance, Amazon, the online shopping/retail site, consists of large amounts of data. Therefore, they made use of Node.js, which pushes the data to be more accessible and makes the website's uptime very high. 

You know running the topmost companies is actually not a new thing today but running along with the era of technology is what matters the most. Over the board, companies have recorded up to 60% of loading time saving with Node.js.  

Therefore, to uplift your business in every sense, it is important to take support of Node.js and find the best Node JS Web Development Company

As a result, you should engage a Node JS web development company that is well-versed in the use of these resources. Seasia Infotech comes to the rescue in this situation. We are a top online and mobile app development company with a team of skilled Node.js developers who create engaging and unique mobile apps. 

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So, the signal is loud and clear that it is the market need that you need to change your business tactics, and the adoption of Node.js app development has gone much more upwards. 

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