Seasia’s CTF Supports Employees during the Pandemic

2 min read May 20, 2021

Everyone is facing the storm of the second wave of Covid-19 which is more deadly and dangerous to deal with. Amidst this crisis, Seasia Infotech is working at the forefront to facilitate an agile response to this pandemic. Their rapid-action COVID Task Force (CTF) is working diligently in order to support not just their employees, but other people in need as well. The team has manifested excellent measures to cope up with these tough times. As most people have known the fact that the business landscape has been unpredictable since the Covid-19 unfolded last year. Sadly, it has ruined the happiness of many families, and Seasia is trying its level best to use unique strategies to support people pass over this difficult time.  

California-based Seasia Infotech, having its Development office in Mohali, has highly dedicated and passionate team members on board who are doing their continuous efforts to help the covid affected people throughout the Tricity, and beyond. The Sanjeevani Society of Seasia has set up a Covid Task Force (CTF) which is introduced with the aim to support all during this pandemic. The team is dedicated to make arrangements for doorstep delivery of Covid kit for their employees and focus on ways to protect and support their workforce during this tough time.     

Seasia’s coordinators also guide their employees about the immunity boosting measures for self-care during this crisis. They are providing natural remedies, like herbs and knowledge to the teams and their families to keep them safe. Using natural remedies helps to enhance the body’s natural defense system which plays an important role. The company has various healthcare trackers and apps to monitor the daily health status of the Seasians. Along with maintaining the health records, if anyone requires any other medical advice, the team is available 24/7 for the same. The leading software company, Seasia pays close attention to the well-being of its employees and hence offers free on-demand home delivery services of grocery, food, medicine, or any other essential commodities to the COVID patients. 

The initiatives taken by the Seasia are unmatched and useful. In case you have any queries, you can contact the members of the Covid Task Force Squad. Whether you are looking for medical assistance or administrative support, feel free to call them anytime on the given numbers.

The guidance provided by professionals can make a profound impact on every individual or family. Seasia is a promising platform which never compromises with the health of their employees. During this coronavirus pandemic, the services provided by the company are commendable. Seasia aims to shield its employees and other citizens from the Coronavirus. 

About Seasia 

Seasia offers outstanding strategic consulting, bespoke app creation, & data-driven transformations for small and medium scale businesses. Services provided by the Seasia will definitely blow your mind up to an extent. It also provides a wide range of services that includes front-end framework development, cross-platform software development, artificial intelligence, and data warehousing. Seasia Infotech gained popularity as it provides enticing site designs along with high-end web growth.    

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