3 Pillars to Build a Strong Quora Marketing Strategy


Do you know building an audience and bringing the right traffic requires a considerable effort?

I bet you already know that!!!

There is no doom & gloom in the content marketing arena; however; there is one platform right under your nose that can direct you to the relevant audience without much trouble.

Fellas meet Quora.

Let me give you a brief introduction if you are living in a cave!!!

Quora is a Q&A website where users ask questions, and the Quora community (which includes the other users as well) answers and upvote the most useful responses.

With whooping traffic of 500 million users every month, Quora is no doubt a big deal here for content marketers like you and me.

Some Notable Profits You May Get By Using Quora

Why is Quora marketing different from other Q&A platforms? Let’s know deeply below,

I.  Users get answers from highly knowledgeable sources. A user can ask a question, and he may get a response from the POTUS (President of the United States) himself.

II.  You get a golden opportunity to communicate directly with your target audience and ask questions.

III.  Quora is a proven goldmine of new content ideas. The range of topics is immense.

IV.  Quora answers tend to rank high in Google search results.

V.  If you are right at planning and generating high-quality content, then you can build a strong follower base with ease.

See, there are many reasons to use Quora. I don’t think you need more ideas than that for sure!!!

Now, since the WHY is addressed, let’s dwell deep on how you can leverage such an excellent platform.

How to Use Quora Marketing: The Right Way

There are some secrets through which you can create authoritative and promote content on Quora. So, let’s build your base of strong Quora presence with the help of these three pillars,

#   A Solid Profile Page

If you are looking for a cornerstone in creating a strong Quora presence, then you need to have a well-established and optimized profile.

Your profile section is the section where all the details about you are mentioned. It is the very part where your reader will get to know you. So, that is the reason you need it to be robust.


Let’s start with your profile picture. You need to use an accurate and professional display picture. Casual images can convey the wrong message about you and your business, so make sure to use professional photos only.

Then there is a bio section which you can leverage to create a compelling copy. You can use everything here, be explicit about what you do, how you do, and why you do. You can also include links to your work. In a nutshell, it is an excellent opportunity to showcase your expertise. Make it credible, and you will get the maximum out of it.

#   Finding Right Questions

Understand this before proceeding; Quora is a saturated platform. That means you will find the competition on the excellent and relatable questions. Also, there are some questions which have no point at all, so you want to avoid those.

If you think that randomly picking questions and creating half-baked answers will work, then you got it all wrong. You need to choose questions wisely on which you decide to spend your valuable time.

Write answers for the community, not for your business. If you have nothing (in terms of value) to add, then you can skip the question because Quora moderators will remove redundant answers.

The question you pick must be relevant to your business. You can start targeting your keywords directly. Just type your keyword on the search bar and get on with it.

Remember, Google loves Quora. If you are targeting long-tail keyword, then Google tends to rank the answers.

Experimenting with different keywords will have a cascading effect and will lead you to success.

Another thing to note is if a question has a lot of answers but less number of followers, then you should leave them out of the equation. It is highly unlike that your response will add any value further.

So, is there any magic number for that?

Yes indeed, according to Josh Fetcher (one of the top Quora writer), 7:1 follower answer ratio is the sweet spot. So, yes, there is a magic number.
If you have a temptation to answer a straightforward question with no followers, then you are doomed. You should fight the urge.

Quora marketing strategy loves resourceful answers woven with the fabric of an insightful story.

That takes to our next pillar, i.e.

#   Evergreen High-Value Answers

In general, answers in a storytelling way preferred a lot by the Quora audience. It may sound intimidating, but it is not. All you need to do is follow the breadcrumbs below and rest assured, you will find an easy way of answering delightfully.

Evergreen High-Value Answers

Never Leave Your Style

As a matter of fact, a writer always has a unique style of his own. If you leave it, you leave your originality. Refrain from such diversion and always stick ‘em with the pointy end.

It is understandable that your first draft will be a collection of some horrific mistakes. Once your draft is ready, take a break from work and go out and take a walk. The editing phase needs your fresh eyes.

Quora marketing is targeted for more off in a personal way. Stick with your unique writing tone and make sure to use power words.

Sprinkle Some Images In Your Answer

Quora feed consist of an intimidating and notorious chunk of content. If you sprinkle some relevant images in between the content, your answer can work wonders.

There are many Quora heavyweights who leverage images to add personal value to the answers. It pays them off quite well. If you don’t have exclusive photos, you can use stock photos or screenshots.

Never Be a Salesman

It is the third and the final pillar of the firm Quora stronghold.

If you shamelessly promote your business in Quora, you have sinned.

It will not only make your answer boring and annoying at the same time, but moderators in the Quora community are quite active. They will not hesitate for a single minute to mark your answer spam.

You can use contextual links, but direct promotion will never help you in the realm of Quora.

Let’s Wind It Up

So, how do you like the tips above for Quora marketing?

I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me all about it in the comments section, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Adios for now fellas!!!

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