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Major Projects
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Seasia Agile Model (SAM)

With the expertize of CMMI Level 5 processes and Agile methodology for many years, we researched the best framework and models, analyzed their output, and rectified their gaps and we created our own framework, SAM (Seasia Agile Model)

Proprietary Tools that Set Us Apart

  • Tools
  • Process
    • Discovery & Client Onboarding
  • Activities
    • KICK Off
    • Stakeholder Introduction
    • PRISM and Seasia Connect Introduction
    • Agreements (NDA)
    • Requirement Elicitation
    • UX Analysis
  • Value Addition
    • AI driven Lead Scoring
    • 90% + Potential Spam Detection
    • 40% Plus Time Saving Using Smart Autoreply Engine
    • 30% Sales Increase with Data Driven Insights
    • Planning & Design
    • Project Planning
    • Security Planning
    • QA Planning
    • Tech Evaluation
    • Architecture Design
    • Domain Modelling
    • 2X Efficient Execution Using Seasia Connect as Multitude of Apps.
    • 30% More Optimized Resource Allocation
    • Project Execution
    • Define Backlog
    • Sprint Planning
    • Task Assignment
    • Daily Scrum
    • Sprint Review
    • Sprint Retro
    • Client Engagement through PRISM
    • 2X Efficient Execution Using Seasia Connect as Multitude of Apps
    • Managed to Stabilize Effort Variance to 10-15%
    • 20% Performance Improvement with AI Enabled Tracking Tool and Recommendations
    • 5X faster test script creation
    • Accelerate execution by 10X
    • 5X incresed efficiency in Manual Testing
    • 10x faster UIUX testing
    • 3X increment on traditional locator creation for automation scripts
    • Automatic POM File Generation
    • Increases efficiency of a QA by 8X
    • Increases the bug reporting speed by 3X
    • Monitoring And Controlling
    • Task Tracking
    • Activities Tracking
    • Screen Shot
    • Time tracking
    • AI/ML model implementation for resource behaviour and time spent on screem
    • Payment Tracking through PRSIM
    • RISK Mitigation through PRISM
    • Client Escalation through PRISM
    • Dev Ops
    • Data Migration
    • Upward Trend in Client Satisfaction Index
    • 30% Rise in Client Retention
    • Managed to Stabilize Schedule Variance to 5%
    • Early Detection of Unethical Activity with the Help of Tracker Results in Higher Security
    • Deployment
    • Dev Ops
    • Data Migration
    • Comprehensive Overview of N Number of Production, Non Production Environments
    • Smart Database Snapshot and Clones Enabling Better Backup Recovery and Testing Scenarios
    • 100% Decline in Incorrect Code Deployment Due To Human Error
    • Detailed History of Deployment Process Helps in Better Decision Making and Tracking
    • 90% Less Production Issues by Enabling Post Deployment Validation
    • 0% Unwanted Cloud Charges with the Help of Infra Auditing
    • Support And Maintenance
    • Dev Support for stipulated Time
    • Yearly Maintenance support
    • Server and Infrastructure Maintenance
    • 25% Faster Ticket Closure
    • Dashboard and Reporting
    • Task Report
    • Resource Allocation Report
    • Milestone Reports
    • Attendance Report
    • Work Diary
    • Reward Points report
    • Activity Reports
    • Hawk’s Eye Progress View at All Levels
    • Upward Trend in Client Happiness Index By Tracking KPI’s to Evaluate Project Health
    • 30% Better Decision Making with the Help of Data Driven Insights
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Lesson Learnt from previous projects
    • Effort Variance report
    • Schedule Variance Report
    • Various performance matrices derived from Seasia Connect , PRSIM and Tracker
    • 20% Faster Risk Mitigation Using AI Based Recommendations
    • Enables Continuous Feedbacks and Reviews