4 Useful Things Mobile Application Does To Take Small Businesses to Heights


Mobiles these days are be all and end all. It not only tailors to all our needs but also enhance the thinking power and communication skills. Whether it’s creating and sharing presentations on the go or buying a favorite shirt from the online stores, Useful Things for Mobile Application has assisted the consumer to make life simpler and better. Pervasive computing has acted as a catalyst in realizing the large businesses the need to develop a mobile application. This has helped the large businesses to reach its potential consumers and hence revolutionized their businesses. While all this has been happening, the market share of the small & medium retailers has shrunk and they are struggling to find a way to their success.

Mobile and Business are complimentary and supplementary to each other. If mobile and businesses are amalgamated the results could be exceptional.

Let’s find out how the amalgamation can prove to be fruitful for small businesses.

1. Consumer Involution

With mobile application in possession, small businesses are more likely to engage with their potential customers in real time, by location and complete their profile information. With their involution they could pick up their shopping trends and share with them their choicest products. If this is done in the right direction, they can subsequently be turned into revenue generating ones.

For example, Kraft’s iFood Assistant mobile application offers more than 2000 recipes most of them using Kraft Products with shopping lists, coupon features and intriguing deals to incentivize the shoppers. Apart from this the application allows to share the recipes socially with friends on various
social platforms.

2. Showcasing Products & Services

The application could be used as a canvas to showcase the products or services your business offers. Within the app, business owner can keep updating the products catalog or services every once in a way. Users using the app will have instant one-stop access to the products and services.

3. Consumer Service & Support

Consumer service and support will smoothen up the contact process; it is an efficient and simpler method to get in touch with the company. You could offer them tools to make their life easier while using your products or services.

Digital Federal Credit Union, based in Marlborough, Mass., has launched an app called Mobile PC Deposit. The iPhone and Android- mobile application allows user to do important money related work while they are on move. This makes the consumer’s life easier and enriches their banking experience.

4. Responsive Websites

The other option for the businesses not willing to spend hefty in the development of mobile application is to go for Responsive or Mobile Friendly websites. Responsive websites will work well in their budget and also solves the primary purpose of reaching to their potential consumers, increasing their revenue and grandstand their products or services.

There are many examples where small and medium enterprises have extended their offerings to consumer who wants to shop on the go or look out for child care or health care services. If you are a service company, you can capture a large share of the market just like Drop box did. The only step to reap huge benefits from your small or medium business like large businesses did, one needs to think of creative ways, enrich the user’s shopping experience, entice people to buy and there you reach the pinnacle of your business.

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