5 Tactics To Boost Your Organic Social Media Reach


When we talk about social media reach, Facebook is the first platform that comes up in all our minds. Let me tell you something which will blow your minds away. “Facebook is also the first platform that comes up in our mind when we talk about declined organic reach.”

That’s a bummer.

Next question on which you must ponder is, “What about other social media platforms like Twitter & LinkedIn?”

These two questions are the one which we will address in this post. Why it is happening and what you should do to improve it will be our major area to cover.

By the title, you can guess that you will get some tactics which can help you in increasing your organic social media reach. Before we go any further, read the below lines carefully,

“For small businesses, it is not always a smart move to opt for a paid social media campaign. For other enterprises, it is always about simply balancing their paid reach with organic reach.”

Interesting, isn’t it?

That is the motto of our post today. We will help you in finding that balance and maximize your reach on social media.

So, without any further ado, let’s get you started.

What Is The Real Cause For The Decline Of Your Organic Social Media Reach?

Once a wise man said, where we are going is entirely depends on our understanding of where we came from. Before you go deep in the tactics to improve your social media reach, you need to understand why it is happening to your social media presence.

You must have seen many experts who always tell you that all these social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn only wants to make money.

At first go, it also sounds quite right. They are businesses and business is always about making money somehow!

But that is not the case every time!

A famous Reddit user Brain Cristiano explains logically how complex motivation is changing the course of social media content.

Yes, he does mention in his post that Facebook is pushing as a robust advertisement platform. However, he also explained in his post that how this so-called change is in line with the vision of Mark Zuckerberg owned Facebook.

Are you confused? What is the vision of Facebook?

The vision is simple. With Facebook, Zuckerberg wants to engage users on his platform. It is as simple as that.

Facebook and every other social media platform only want to show you the content which is engaging and drop all the content that is not engaging at all. It is well known among the marketers as News Feed Algorithm.

Are you confusing it with the other algorithm, i.e. Google’s Algorithm?

Well, you’re not entirely wrong. Social media’s news feed algorithm does mirror the algorithms of Google.

Social media platforms are now adopting a new form of guidelines to promote engaging content and user experience. The process is quite simple. Read the below lines carefully; you will understand how it works.

First, the platform will put your content in a smaller pool, which comprises only 1% of your total followers. Once the audience there is engaging with your content, then slowly but surely your content will get introduced in larger pools. The effect seems slow, but if you are serving engaging content, you will get the exposure it deserves.

Yes, it may seem easy in one go. However, you cannot leverage this information if you don’t know which content is engaging for Facebook and other social media platform.

Let’s increase your understanding regarding the definition of engaging content according to all social media platform using below mentioned five tips.

5 Proven Tips To Increase Your Social Media Reach

1.    Focus Only On The Right Places

The major drawback a business faces in the case of social media is they want to get featured on every platform from Facebook to Pinterest. This simple misunderstanding proves to be catastrophic for their social media campaigns.


The reason is quite simple. There is no way that your audience is present in every social media platforms. Targeting everything is simply a waste of energy for you. The question you must ask yourself is how to target the right platforms.

The best practical solution I found is by asking your audience directly. You can get answers by online surveys, shooting multiple emails to your audience, or you can simply have a quick call with your audiences. According to HubSpot, while you caught up with your viewers, you can simply ask them which platform they prefer for business and personal use.

You can also leverage the analytics by observing where your content is mostly being shared. You will not only get the answer to who is sharing your content but also where they are sharing it. This information can be crucial for your decision-making process.

Another simple way is to look where your competitors are active and what they are posting to keep their audience engaged.

2.    Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles

Remember, when I connected the dots between social media’s news feed algorithms and Google algorithms?

When we create content for search engines like Google, we optimize the content based on all relevant on-page SEO tactics.


That same step goes for social media platforms.

You can leverage your social media profile as it can be tweaked & optimized for better visibility. There are some elements you need to know if you want to be a social media rockstar.

Some ins and outs of these elements include an easy to remember social media username, a recognizable photograph or the logo of the brand, a keyword-rich description which must sound natural, and a backlink to your business or personal website.

When you work on these elements, you also need to focus on how you are posting content too. Use these same elements there as well. For instance, while posting, try to focus on which image you’re posting, which keywords are you including in your post, and how you are phrasing your call-to-action. This rule is uniform for all social media platforms.

3.    Evergreen Content Is The Key To Success

You must have heard this point in ample of content marketing 101 guides. If that is being done while blogging; then why not focus the same while posting on social media?

I know it is easier to say “evergreen content” than actually creating such content. If you take data from social media platforms such as Twitter & Facebook, the lifespan of any typical post on these platforms is widely varied.


These typical posts on social media must be engaging (Just repeating this point!!!). The best approach to make a social media post boosting is by making it evergreen. I know, you may be working in a dry industry, but if you open your eyes and ears, you will find something interesting every time.

There is always an area of opportunity through which you can make your post stand out.

The easiest way of achieving it is, never to make a post with an expiration date. Always consider solving a specific problem, or you can post something informational yet funny. If you succeed to trigger emotions (such as humor, awe, or shock) of your audience, they tend to share it more.

People always tend to share positive posts more than negative posts.

4.    Social Media Is All About Working Smarter

The stats released by Facebook shows that an average user scrolls up to 1,500 stories in a single day. To increase the engagement, the news feed algorithm subject the user with only 300 of those posts which are relevant to the user.


So, what is the getaway from the above point?

Posting more on social media is not a solution. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience by showing the same thing again and again. Imagine how you will feel if you see the same post in a day for over sixteen times. Creepy, isn’t it?

Keep your focus on posting relevant and high-quality content if you wish to engage your audience. Always remember one thing, quality always triumphs quantity. Spamming your social media page will never get you anywhere. You will see the adverse effect instead.

There is no hard and fast rule; however, if you agree with buffer, posting high-quality content over social media twice is quite sufficient to get audience engagement.

Always treat your business as unique so that you don’t get afraid to experiment with different frequencies & approaches.

5.    Posting The Right Type Of Content

There is a fascinating study recently revealed by Social bakers which showcase which type of content has the potential to give you boost on social media channels.

As you can see from the above figures, video content tends to engage more audience and expand your social media reach. The margin is over 3% from other content types.

Social bakers

Yes, it is a fact that you shouldn’t misuse the usage of video content. There are things you need to take care of before you go for videos. Always remember that only a quality video tend to engage the audience (We will address that some other day).

In addition to that, you should not only use an intelligent mix of images, links, status updates, and videos, but you should also track the posts by using Facebook Insights and look for areas of opportunities where you can enhance the reach of the posts.

Winding It Up

So, it is clear that the secret to high organic reach in the social media platform is similar to ranking well on search engines. The game is all about optimization, timing, user engagement, and high-quality content.

Start thinking about your social media campaigns in the same way as you think about your SEO efforts; you will see positive changes in your organic reach.

Adios for now!!!

About Author

Diwas is a self-professed ‘writer by birth’, and holds a Degree in Journalism and a Diploma in Integrated Marketing that complement his innate abilities. He is also a Hubspot certified Content Marketer and has worked with numerous publications in the print-media before switching to the digital world. He is a firm believer in team work; for him, it is not just the idea, but also the team’s buy-in into the idea, that makes a campaign successful!

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