Apple Watch with Incredible features - Launching in 2015

Apple Watch

Apple iWatch also titled as Apple Watch is not just a time piece. Its success can be slated as there are numerous Apple fans and tech-savvy folks who are eagerly waiting for its launch in 2015.

This amazing gadget will be available in two sizes - 42 mm and 38 mm, multiple colors and offers endless options to support both men and women styles. You will also be able to switch over six different strap options and colors which add to its versatility thus complementing your apparel and personality. The square shape and curved edges give an elegant and sophisticated.

These incredible features of the Watch have gathered the lime light from both developers and individuals. It modestly boasts the class and value of Apple craze. The attractive and advanced design, superior functionality and a host of options make it stand apart from the others.

Provide its users with an Enhanced User Interface

Apple Watch has redefined the trend of watches by saying goodbye to the grid of icons. Apple Watch may not look dissimilar from its opponents in physical view, but the embedded iOS and UI will definitely add to its credibility. It features a galaxy of icons that can be rearranged as per user desires. You can expediently scroll the list of icons via touchscreen of the Watch and zoom in the screen via the Digital Crown incorporated on the side, as it was impractical to use pinch-to-zoom feature on such a small screen thus, for added ease the Digital Crown is used. Moreover while designing, it has also considered both the right-handed and left-handed users. Therefore without adding to the manufacturing complexity it allows users to simply invert the UI by connecting the straps accordingly.

Unlike the Android devices and wearable’s that enable the long press recognition, the Apple Watch will also be able to measure the pressure applied on the Watch screen along with the time duration. Developers can use this feature for developing more functional and impressive applications for the Apple Watch.

Designed to make sure you stay fit and healthy

Apple Watch is intuitively designed to make you stay healthy. On the back of the watch, a ceramic cover with sapphire lenses protects a specially designed sensor that uses infrared and visible-light LEDs and photo diodes to detect your heart rate.

Apple Watch uses this sensor, along with an accelerometer, GPS and Wi‑Fi of the iPhone, to measure all kinds of physical movement, from just standing up to actively working out. This allows Apple Watch to provide a broad picture of your daily activity, suggests customized goals, and rewards you for achieving personal fitness milestones.

Offers Advanced Functionalities for developers

The superior features and function of Apple Watch will open a gigantic door of opportunities for the third party developers. Apple's development kit will offer developers with advanced tools that will enable them to create apps. Thus they can offer apps equivalent to the phone and tablet apps. As technology excels at swaying opinions, you never know if the distinct approach of Apple makes its gadget stand ahead in the race.

The integrated Siri support will facilitate users to perform actions promptly, it can be instigated by pressing the Digital Crown.

Make your payments in a fast and secure way

Apple Watch supports Apple Pay, thus facilitating its users to pay bills. Apple Watch creates a Device Account Number for each card when the user makes a purchase this number is used to process your payment, along with a transaction-specific security code. If you wish to pay using the Apple Watch, double-click the button next to the Digital Crown and hold your wrist up to the contact less reader. You will hear and feel a confirmation from Apple Watch once your payment details are sent.

Not just to watch but displays Time Intelligently

Unlike traditional watches Apple Watch is not just going to display us time but it is going to be context sensitive intelligent time display. Supposing, if you are moving from one time zone to another it will change your clock timings accordingly by tracking your location using GPS.

It will also get synced with your calendar to show you the significant alerts. For example, if you have a lunch scheduled for 5 PM Wednesday on October 1 it will alert you accordingly.


Though Apple has launched four products this year with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. It is the Apple watch that will transform our life like never before.

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