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Beyond Blueprint: AI in Construction

With every step forward in the context of evolution of technology unfolds a whole new set of concerns regarding AI safety. Even though there has been a significant shift in how we perceive AI, a large chunk continues to believe that artificial intelligence is probably hurting the workforce more than it benefits them. Some concerns […]

How is AI in Banking Transforming the Industry for the Better? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the white knight redefining industries by revolutionizing how the businesses operate. This new technology is already transforming a range of legacy businesses. Therefore, it comes as no surprise as AI in banking has also become the norm. Currently, AI is used by 80% of banks worldwide for fraud detection. It is not without […]

AI in Real Estate: Predictive Analytics and Investment Opportunities

The real estate industry, historically characterized by traditional practices, is undergoing a significant transformation. The introduction of advanced technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence, is reshaping the landscape of property buying, selling, and investment. What’s more interesting is the market for AI in real estate is expected to reach a staggering $1335.89 billion by 2029, exhibiting a […]

ChatGPT vs Bard: Do We Have a Winner Yet? 

Technology is evolving at such a fast pace that we are witnessing several innovations each day. Given the fact that ChatGPT was the first of its kind AI application, it certainly made some waves and was under the limelight for a fairly long time until Google announced a rival – Bard, and once again, all […]

GPT-4 : OpenAI’s Latest Gift to Humanity

After making waves with ChatGPT a few months ago, OpenAI has once again initiated a series of discussions in the technology world with its latest release. On March 14, 2023, the company announced its most capable language model so far – GPT-4. This latest milestone is one step further in OpenAI’s vision of scaling up […]

ChatGPT Explained: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Features and Limitations

Developed by the great minds at OpenAI, ChatGPT is the first and best-of-its-kind language model. It is capable of generating human-like text and has been trained on a massive dataset of diverse internet text, making it a versatile tool for various natural language processing tasks. As a result, the tool has the potential to be […]

12 Lesser-Known Metaverse Dangers

Metaverse has been the talk of the town for a very long time now. It offers several new and exciting features that were beyond anybody’s imagination until a few years ago. But what most people often tend to forget is this technology comes with its own set of threats and challenges. Let us take a […]

How Amazon Uses Artificial Intelligence?

One of the biggest conglomerates in the world, Amazon has been around and touching lives for almost three decades now. From being a book-selling platform in 1994, the company has come a long way to offer a plethora of products and services to its customers worldwide. And now, Amazon has managed to establish itself as […]

The MetaVerse-Building it Together

What we imagine is possible, the experiences one wants to have, the creative economy we want to build along with the technology that is yet to be invented-everything can be done over a single virtual space! The fundamental outline of technology in our lifetimes is that it has given us the full freedom to express […]

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