Best AR/VR Apps to Stay Entertained During this Lockdown

6 min read May 22, 2020

Today, almost one-third of humanity is under self-isolation since the world is battling with a serious threat. People are spending most of the time indoors while getting access to the essential services at their home itself. So, there is no scope of venturing outdoors for anything, unless it is an emergency.

Undoubtedly our lifestyles have changed while staying confined within the house, and people are keeping themselves engaged with workouts at home, DIY activities, reconnecting with old buddies online, catching up on the pending web series, trying new games apps, best AR VR Apps, and more.

The digital technology is portraying its true potential and proves that even during the lockdown, we can access everything online and keep ourselves engaged all the time. And one term that has gained momentum recently is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Amidst the global lockdown, best AR/VR apps can connect individuals and acts as the best mode of entertainment to help people stay positive during tough times.

How AR/VR can Improve the Quarantined Lifestyles?

Augmented Reality specializes in mainly three things- visualization, annotation, and storytelling. As the pandemic grounds millions of people worldwide, AR/VR can enable online learning, giving access to experience cultural events virtually, watch product demos, or you can simply walk into a conference with the AR/VR solutions.

Collectively, we can expect a lot out of the AR/VR technology during this lockdown period like- immersive streamed events, virtual reality conferencing, virtual reality games, immersive hangouts, venues and attractions, VR fitness, augmented reality shopping, and so on. It is simply transforming our usual surroundings into work, learning, and entertainment spaces.

AR/VR Apps You Must Try During this Lockdown

While most of us are locked down inside our homes having boring lifestyles, there are numerous best AR/VR apps that can keep us engaged and entertained throughout this lockdown period.

Since we can’t think of stepping out of our homes, here’s my round-up of the popular AR/VR apps that are worth trying during this lockdown!



Many of us wish to be a master of all languages but never get time to learn a new language. Right? Today, we have got ample time and access to platforms to learn the language we always wished to be a master at. Mondly app is equipped with an AR teacher that provides informational lessons on a respective language you want to learn.

The app offers more than 30 languages to choose from and the app is full of great activities, drills, and daily exercises to make learning interesting and keeps you entertained throughout the app journey.

The app has an augmented reality-assisted spin with a module for ARKit and AR Core-enabled phones. The visualization of words and objects and the animated chatbot ensures that the user enjoys a dynamic learning experience.

Download Mondly App: Android, iOS.

Pokemon Go

pokemon go

Pokemon Go is amongst the most popular and best Android games that bought AR games into the crowds. It is an adventure game that brings the battlefield on the real surroundings and overlays virtual animate objects into the player’s environment. Pokemon Go has gained a name since 2016 and still continues to be one of the best game apps.

Download Pokemon Go App: Android, iOS.

Star Chart

Star Chart

Star Chart turns out to be the best game for Android for the children who have a great interest in astronomy. Star Chart is an augmented reality astronomy app that is specifically designed for students and is used by more than 20 million people. The user needs to point the smartphone at the night sky and can learn about constellations, planets, and space discovery in real-time.

With GPS technology, an accurate 3D simulation of the universe can be seen in real-time, and you can see the present location of the stars, planet, and moon even during the broad daylight.

Download Star Chart App: Android, iOS.



Many of us had plans to get inked just before the lockdown began. However, since we have plenty of time now, we can try the tattoo designs and get an idea of how it would look like before getting the permanent one. Inkhunter is an augmented reality app that lets individuals preview the tattoo and get an idea about how it would look in Reality.

One needs to simply draw the pattern on their skin, point the camera, and the app will show a dynamic preview of the tattoo, with the ability to rotate and customize the design. You can try dozens of preset designs or even upload your own design and try any tattoo design in real-time.

Download Inkhunter App: Android, iOS.

Sketch AR

Sketch AR

If you are a sketch lover and wish to learn drawing sketches, you can turn your smartphone into an AR drawing assistant. Sketch AR is an AR-tracing app that plots a specific shape on a sheet of paper and selects a sketch from the phone. The app will project the image onto the paper and enable you to trace it. It can help you practice and enhance your eyes for shapes and forms.

Not only can the beginners who are interested in art, but even professional artists use this app to trace sketches onto any preferred surface.

Download Sketch AR App: Android, iOS.



For the ones who love VR games, Incell is one of the best mobile games that is a multi-colored action and racing game. The entire Incell VR game presents an educational perspective too since the player rides along the capillaries with a mix of science in a micro world of the carefully recreated human cell.

Download Incell App: Android, iOS.

Google Lens

Google Lens

When we talk about the AR games, Google Lens is always at the top. We all have heard of it, but the majority of us don’t know how it works. Google Lens is the recent iteration of the Google Goggles concept, implementing the power of cloud computing to identify images, text, landmarks, and objects in a picture so as to grab more information about it.

You can do many interesting things over Google Lens such as- scan QR codes and barcodes, detect flowers, paintings and animals, find organizations by scanning the business cards, scan URLs from PC to open in a mobile device, get restaurant reviews and ratings, and so on.

Download Google Lens App: Android

YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is one of the best VR apps which has an AR-assisted selfie camera acting as a makeup and fashion assistant, allowing you to try numerous beauty products from great brands in real-time backed by Augmented Reality.

Apart from makeup, accessories, and selfie cam editing features, the popular pic makeup app even accompanies an animated social element that enables the users to follow other users, share looks, shop, and even review featured products.

Download YouCam Makeup App: Android, iOS.

Giphy World

Giphy World

Giphy is one of the well-known augmented reality apps that integrates animated GIFs and AR, transforming pictures and videos into canvasses for 3D graphics. The app enables people to record videos and offers a platform where gamers can explore through GIPHY’s wide library of looping video content and paste them as stickers.

Download Giphy World App: Android, iOS.

Lockdown is the perfect time for you to try these apps and realize the true potential of apps and the best games for Android that are backed by the AR/VR technology. Keep yourself engaged and entertained throughout this lockdown period by trying these apps until the time things get back to the normal once again.

Being an appreneur, if you have an idea in your mind to develop an AR/VR gaming app, you can share your ideas with our experts anytime. Seasia has a team of expert game developers that have built incredible AR/VR gaming apps and can assist you with the best gaming app development ideas!

Till then, stay home, stay fit, and safe! Time will heal everything!

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