Best Automation Testing Tools of 2022

5 min read Aug 29, 2020

Every moment we come across new software development practices, tools, and technologies in the digital world. This rapid evolution and advancement in the existing practices are carried out for improving quality, user satisfaction, productivity, ensure quick delivery timings, and deliver superior services. And to achieve these goals, automation testing tools plays a direct role.

In the present tech-driven world, everyone is aware of what automation testing is and the automation testing tools are proving their true potential by assisting developers in building robust products while ensuring high quality and speed. And in recent times, the prime goal of automation and software testing tools has made a switch from emphasizing on shortening testing times to operational usage of test cases and improved coverage.

Over to Automation Testing Tools

For assuring that you get superior quality outputs, it is necessary to use suitable automation testing tool at the right time. So, prior to looking for website testing tools or mobile testing tools, it becomes necessary to be aware of what are the different types of testing tools. And since there are numerous automated testing tools and free automation testing websites available online, it is important for you to choose the best suitable tool that suits your business needs perfectly.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s explore the automation testing tools list that has gained the spotlight in 2022 and is expected to remain for quite a long time in the digital world.



When we talk about mobile automation tools, Appium is the best open-source testing framework because it supports Emulators, Simulators, real device, hybrid, native, and web app testing of Android and iOS. Appium has a large open community and makes it easy for new automation engineers. Solely based on server architecture, Appium utilizes vendor-provided automation frameworks.


Why Count on Appium?

  • Uses any WebDriver compatible language

  • Open-source testing framework

  • Uses standard API

  • Cross-platform test automation

  • No requirement of app code recompilation

  • Testing the framework of choice



While we talk about web automation testing tools, Selenium seems to be on the top of the list. Selenium is an open-source automation testing tool and assists in customizing the code for better code management and improves the functionality of predefined functions and classes. Selenium offers the ease to generate test scripts for validating functionality and this is why people love using Selenium.


Why Count on Selenium?

  • Open-source availability
  • Language and framework support
  • Multi-browser support
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Ease of implementation
  • Support across numerous operating systems
  • Flexibility
  • Reusability and integrations
  • Less hardware usage
  • Faster Go-to-Market

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Cucumber is an open-source testing tool that is popular for providing a method to write tests that can be easily understood by newbies and support Behavior Driven Development (BDD). It makes use of Ruby programming language. Cucumber runs automated tests that are written in BDD style and its executable functionalities encourage closer collaboration. Cucumber makes use of Gherkin language for defining test cases and is human readable.


Why Count on Cucumber?

  • Support numerous languages such as Ruby, Java, .NET, Scala, and so on.
  • Acts as a bridge between technical language and the business.
  • Enables test cases to be written without any prior knowledge of coding.
  • Allows end-to-end test framework.
  • Offers code reusability because of simple test script architecture.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio

When we talk about automating the common functionalities of mobile and web apps with no coding experience at all, Katalon Studio turns out to be the ideal automation testing tool to bank on. It allows us to automate with full efficiency and ease by making use of the built-in features. Katalon Studio can be integrated with numerous tools like qTest, JIRA, Git, Slack, Kobiton, and so on. It helps in running automated tests of UI elements such as iFrames, pop-ups, and wait-time and it can be launched on Linux, macOS, and Windows as well.


Why Count on Katalon Studio

  • Integrated with CI/DevOps workflow
  • Intuitive analytics dashboard and reports
  • Supports several types of testing
  • Wide toolset and integrations
  • User-friendly GUI



WorkSoft is a popular automation testing tool for SAP that provides the next-gen Agile and DevOps continuous automation platform for addressing the most complicated and toughest issues. WorkSoft provides code-free continuous test automation platform that caters to the requirements of businesses dealing with mission-critical business processes, whose testing is important across numerous systems and apps.


Why Count on WorkSoft?

  • Automated discovery
  • Object action framework
  • Runs end-to-end continuous tests of mobile, desktop, web, and packaged apps anywhere, anytime
  • 100% codeless platform
  • Scale agile framework
  • Flexible architecture
  • Integrates with popular CI/CD tools

Best Automated Testing Software

Automated testing solutions can assist enterprises in standardizing and fasten the repetitive processes that are associated with quality assurance traits of software development. Let’s find out the popular and reliable automated testing software that can suit your business needs perfectly!


AppLoader is a popular tool that assists to simulate user actions on all sorts of apps for a countless number of users. AppLoader enables to load stress apps and test the app quality. It can test all kinds of applications by reproducing the customer experience from all the access points. AppLoader allows in testing the entire business flow that includes third-party apps without the need to add plugins or writing codes. It is compatible with versions of Citrix, hybrid infrastructure, cloud-based infrastructure, custom apps, EHR systems, and so on.


CloudQA is a QA automation tool that provides Web Automation tools and automated web application monitoring solution. It is an effective codeless regression testing platform perfect for the ones who wish to become automation experts. CloudQA has the functionality of running regression tests against multiple browsers and supports for data-driven testing. It has unique support for complicated web apps that are developed with the help of JS frameworks such as Ember, Angular, Backbone, Express, Knockout, React, and so on.

Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is test automation for GUI testing and offers an all-in-one test automation solution. It helps in performing end-to-end testing on web, desktop, and mobile platforms. It helps in automating even the toughest and challenging apps with a wide set of comprehensive tools. Ranorex Studio increases quality and shortens release cycles, has budget-friendly and flexible licenses, and is easy for beginners and powerful for experts.


No matter how many times you have tested your software, there are bugs and issues that go unnoticed every time. For this, you’ll need to invest in an experienced and professional automation testing firm that has expertise in the latest automation testing tools and helps you find the minor to the major bugs and, thus, helps you come up with an ideal and bug-free software.

It will help you launch an ideal software early in the market and impress your target audience with an outstanding and bug-free software!

Want to explore more about automation testing tools? Have a discussion with our automation testing experts who can guide you throughout your testing and business journey!

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