How Designing a Logo and Brand Name Strengthens Your Identity

How Designing a Logo and Brand Name Strengthens Your Identity

At Seasia Infotech, we believe that shaping or creating an organization’s brand is usually the first step in getting the best from the marketing effort.

People usually think of a brand as just a logo but it embraces much more. A logo is just a visual representation of the brand and a base on which other branding elements, such as the visual style, color scheme, tone of voice, or tagline can be constructed.

Without an effectual brand, it is quite difficult to strengthen a positive message in people’s minds about an organization. Hence, it is important to think strategically about your brand and ensuring that the brand you are creating is the need of your target market.

Decked are some strategies to help you get your brand right:
1. Your Brand Should Match your Vision for the Business

A mission statement defines what an organization wants to do now, while the vision statement summaries what an organization is prospecting to be in future.

If you are planning to create a new brand for your organization without knowing its visions and missions, you are probably routing the risk of ending up with a brand that does not make sense as it is disconnected from the core of the organization.

Make sure that you have a concrete mission and vision and communicate it clearly to the designer who can then design a logo that serves you well for years.

2. The Name is Decisive, Get it Right!
What’s in a name?

We often have seen organizations that do not consider the choices of their business names seriously and start a branding process from an already weakened position. They often ponder why they don’t get desired results even after putting in the best efforts. However, it’s not their efforts that don’t fetch the results; it’s their business name that has problems.

A brand name should highlight the key elements of your business, should be easy to spell and pronounce and be free from negative connotations and double meanings.

The name should be as unique as possible, so it is recommended to have a thorough online search and do an audit for your local competition, and across states and seas, to ensure that your name is the best choice for your chosen market.

Look for a name that allows an ideal website URL and same social media account names. It is also important to check for trademarks.

3. Be Customer-Focused

When starting strategic marketing plans with our clients, we focus on prioritizing the needs of the customers and discovering how well equipped the organization is at meeting those needs.

This is because, a significant part of successful marketing is ensuring that the customer sees your organization as a solver of his problems, while the brand needs to accentuate that it has ‘the answer’.

Businesses usually select on a business and brand name based on their personal needs rather than the needs of their customers.

Don’t just follow the herd by creating a brand based on your own tastes and preferences. The team at Seasia has an extensive experience in creating brands and is competent enough to understand the needs of their customers.

4. Be Visually Bold to Induce Emotions and Be Memorable

Your brand needs to be a memorable one. Depending on your desired brand positioning and target markets, you may consider a brand that is visually daring and that initiates emotions for the customer.

All things considered, your brand should be something that induces an emotional retort in your customers; an emotion that is conjunction with how you want them to feel when they purchase and use your products and services.

If you want people to feel excited about your organization, then your brand needs to be thrilling. If your organization is about compassion and care then your brand should induce the feelings of empathy.

Color and shape, and the ingenious use of images with multiple meanings, are inordinate ways of creating emotion. Trust your designer, and consult others to make a decision, consider asking your customers to help you choose.

5. Use your Brand Consistently

We believe being consistent with your brand is what makes it work across different medias. Consistency says a lot about how proficient your business is. It says ‘we are stable, credible and trustworthy’.

Consistency doesn’t mean you have to be ‘boring’. Think of your brand, a part of the blank canvas that gives you room to be creative in other ways.

Once you have decided on your primary brand, create a ‘Brand Style Guide’ that spells how it can be smeared consistently. It should also be able to demonstrate how NOT to use the brand.

Perhaps, you need more than one version of your brand logo – a version for black and white newspaper, a version for social media icons, and the like. You will need to document all of these but make sure that you don’t end up too many versions.

Follow the above mentioned strategies and we ensure that the brand created will be as per the needs of your target audience.

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