Everything you need to know about apple new operating system IOS 9


iOS 9 is the latest IOS version of apple for iPhone & iPad devices. This iOS update comes with improved functionality ,subtle design changes, refined features and performance enhancements. This update is expected to be loaded with new features like intelligent search & split screen multitasking for iPads. Here I am sharing some well-known features of iOS 9 that you would love to know.

Apple maps improvement:

With this update apple is improving its maps for iOS devices but these maps are still not comparable to Google maps.

Apple has rumoured one major improvement for its iOS 8 but it didn’t came actually which is transport directions which would add bus, train & subway routes for its users to easily navigate around. The reason for not coming this feature in iOS 8 is not clear yet but may be apple is planning to bring this feature to iOS 9.

Moreover rumours have been around that apple is working on Augmented reality concept which uses camera to highlight point of interest on your screen.

Apart from that it traces your area of interests and starts making suggestions regarding what to do next.

Intelligent search & Siri:

Siri is the main focused area of the changes and users are now able to create contextual reminders and there is a new way to search photos and videos .On swiping left from the home screen houses Siri suggestions and photos that allows your favorite contacts and apps right at your fingerprints.

Enhanced search capabilities:

This feature allows users to fetch results like sports score from news sites and from third party apps .

Apart from this many more built in features have been introduced like apps now include transit directions, another feature is we can add attach file while emailing.

Split screen multitasking:

This functionality allows two apps to be used at once , means users can view video while doing something else on the tablet. The keyboard of iPad has new functionality, ie. a new toolbar has been added to it, there’s new two finger swipe gesture which makes it easier to cut, paste & move the cursor on screen.

Battery optimization:

It provides additional hour of battery use. New power saver mode allows battery to extend further 3 more hours.

Ability to default to third party apps:

Apple has abundance collection of apps for its iOS devices . Although there are not third party SMS apps but there exists alternatives to mail app where there is no built in functionality in the iOS to let you make one of the default email app.

So we'd love it if iOS 9 let us switch to third party default apps and we'd love it even more if Apple opened up more APIs to developers, enabling them to make alternatives for other Apple apps.

The ability to hide apps that can't be uninstalled:

Android devices have app drawer that lets users to hide apps that can’t be deleted simply by clicking on hide button then after you can always go back in and unhide them when you want them to use again. Because apple doesn’t want people to delete its default apps.

Apple pay powered wallet:

In iOS 9, Apple passbook built in app has been replaced with apple pay powered wallet ,another is stagnant newsstand is replaced by news which is a personalized reading app.

iPhone 9 security updates:

iOS 9 brings security updates that should keep your date safe & secure. Six digits pass code has been replaced with four digits with an additional two factor authorization when user tries to sign in from another device.

Move to android app:

With iOS 9, there is flexibility for android app users that they can shift to iOS 9 with this app. Users can easily transfer their contacts, history, mail accounts, calendars, photos, videos & free apps to their new phone.

Robust search engine:

With iOS 9 users will be provided with more robust search engine which will surface deep links to your downloaded apps right in the search results as a result of this apps like you tube, vimeo & vevo will allow users to directly play video in the search results.

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